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A quick painting to both familiarize myself more with acrylics and to capture one of *Tacimur's adoptable sabers ([link]). I couldn't resist; this handsome devil caught my eye.

His name is Singe, and I imagine that he is (grudgingly) a lady's man.

Medium: Acrylic on scrapbook paper

Artwork is © *MoonsongWolf
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kkroxpie's avatar
is it a wolf or feline? (the fetured in say felin...) still really good no matter what!>.<
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Feline. He's a smilodon populator, which tend to have slightly longer muzzles than most modern felines. :)
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
Ooh, have I invited you to this project yet? [link] I really like your style, and I think your art would be a great match.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
I don't use DA points, so I'm not interested. But thank you for asking! I appreciate it. :)
gee231205's avatar
The background colours look great and I like how it matches with his eye and the lighter orange colours of the fur. I agree he does look like a begrudging ladies man.
GargoyleGardens's avatar
O.O The colors in this are WONDERFUL! Great anatomy...just great everything! lovely.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad that you like it. :)
gurain's avatar
So gorgeous! Your painting skills are just overwhelming, and the colors in this pic are just perfect!
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it. :)
iPawed's avatar
Artist's comments + image makes me laugh: so true; he does look like the kind who would get all the girls and despise (love) every moment of it.

Beautiful work as always :heart:
MoonsongWolf's avatar
:lol: Yes, he only pretends to hate it! Deep inside, his showboat personality is relishing every minute of it.
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TigresaDaina's avatar
Ahhhhh this is too adorable <3
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad that you liked him! I fell in love with *Tacimur's design for him. :D
GreenFreak3339's avatar
I must say that not only do I love the eyes but the abstract, almost finger-paint like style the background is; more specifically the tree. The droopy, wiggly tree branches make me think of a weeping willow (I know this tree is not one :aww:) and I find that very attractive. :D

MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks! I, too, love weeping trees in general. They just have an appealing shape and "personality" to me. I really should draw them more often, because they are my favourite tree shapes! :)
wildebeaste's avatar
Very nice pose, expression, use of colors, everythin'.
I really like this one c:
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PikaRox's avatar
I really like the background. Monochromatic at its best :)
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. :)
wolf-lion's avatar
:wow: fantastic pic .+fav:
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