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I had this strange, deep-seated desire to create something involving one of the seemingly random things that I really loved as a kid, the water wheel.

And, because I also love tigers, I made it into a little gift for =Enaxn (who was nice enough to gift me a subscription a while back) and =PearlEden of their characters Switchback (left) and Shizuhellig. Who needs enemies when you have really annoying friends?

For those too lazy to use google or a dictionary, sibilance is the use of hissing sounds (usually referred to as such in a literary sense, here I wound interpret it in the literal sense).

Stock photos used:

Tigers: [link] by =Della-Stock
[link] by Alikai on Flickr (creative commons license)
And a few of my own photos for extra tail and patches
Sky: [link] by *AmethystDreams1987
Frozen lake: [link] by ~vixen-stock
Water Wheel: [link] by ~sannys-stocks
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Interesting looks like a poster for a very interesting movie, because i love Fantasy, involving animals
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Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. :)
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Love the concept here!
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is great!!! i love it!!
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wow~ O_O this is amazing! really cool!
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Yup. I like to use a lot of dream-like imagery... which is usually weird. :lol:
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It is awesome. End discussion.
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Aw, thanks! I'm gad that you liked it. :)
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Awesome work ! How did you get it to look as if you actually painted it?
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I have a two-part text tutorial on how I do these in my journal, starting here: [link] I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
fascinating setting
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Well made. The patches on the feline are eye-catching, and because I personally LOVE felines, ten out of ten stars.

The water wheel is a beautifully-made thing, but random. I was surprised to see it, and the bottom of the blue tiger seems to blend in with the water. Not hard to see, though. It's beautiful.
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Thank you! I love felines as well, especially tigers. Along with rats, they are my favourite animals. :D
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Hello! I featured this piece of art in this journal: [link]
Hope you don't mind!
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Amazing. Absoloutly stunning! I love the patchwork on the tiger on the right... LOVE IT!
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Thanks! I'm really glad that you liked it. :)
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Wow. This is fantastic work. Excellent use of lighting! Beautiful.
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