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Magic Once Stirred Here

By MoonsongWolf
This is a photo-manipulation, not a painting. Credits linked at the bottom of the description.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were likely 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today, there are fewer than 5,000. There are more tigers in captivity now than in the wild.

Three of the nine tiger subspecies are extinct: the Javan, the Bali, and the Caspian. A fourth subspecies, the South Chinese, is believed to be extirpated in the wild. The remaining members of this subspecies are kept in captivity, but may not contain the genetic diversity needed to survive.

For more information on tigers, tiger conservation, and things you can do to help what is arguably world's most beautiful apex predator, please check out Save the Tiger Fund's website here: [link]

Stock credits:
Tigers: My own stock [link]
Frame and snow: [link] by =night-fate-stock
Sky: [link] by ~RiskALittleLight
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like dis if u cri evri taim

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I try to donate to conservation research foundations as much as I can and there are amazing reproductive techniques involved but the success rate is only around seven percent for tigers.  Being that the tiger is an overall indicator of environmental health and performing a task to all species to maintain that environment, I think its becoming quite obvious that humanity is not apart from the world outside.  Thank you for a reminder of forms that are most beautiful and most wonderful.
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aawwww!!! THIS MAKES ME SAD!!! but it still EPIC!!!
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. :)
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this is beautiful!
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Water-spirit109's avatar
WOW! Amazing! :+favlove: Reminds me of the movie two brothers.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks! Ha ha, that is a wonderful movie. I have it on DVD and like to watch it from time to time. The human actors are not so great, but the tigers are just beautiful. :)
endless-insanity's avatar
That's so pretty... and so sad. I love tigers and I hope we can save them.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
I hope so, too. They are my favourite cat species! :)
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Beautiful picture and I love the message, it's so sad to me that people would rather exploit and inbreed the remaining gene pools for monetary gain than try and preserve their habitats.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thank you. I agree completely, it's a worthless (and very selfish) gesture to preserve the tiger if you can't preserve his home as well. Luckily, there are many good people working to preserve the tiger's habitat. I hope they will succeed. :)
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Thank you for calling this to my attention. I'm really quite broke, but I will see just what I can do to help. Thank you.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
:lol: No worries, I'm perpetually in the tank when it comes to money, too! Every little bit helps, though, even if it's just spreading the word.
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It looks beautiful! It carries quite the message... Loved this one :)
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Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it. :)
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This is a very poingnant piece showing the plight of the tigers, with the photo of the cute little tiger cubs in what appears to be such a desolate landscape showing how such a beautiful species are dissappearing right before our eyes. I like how you've combined the parts to make this piece.
MoonsongWolf's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one and the meaning behind it. It was a little depressing to work on, but the charming cubs made it worth it. ;)
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I'm not usually one for the pinks-and-purples color scheme but this is lovely. C:
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