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Insidious is...

okay, so I went to see insidious yesterday and it was one of the best horror movies i have ever seen! that was the first time i was actually SCARED by a movie! I would highly recommend it and i can totally see it become a lassic horror film like 'the exorcist.' theres no gore and it deffinately plays with your mind 0_0
anyway, this is the main evil demon guy. idk his name, but i call him Red Face. cuz, well, he has a red face. the rest of his body is completely black and he has hooves for feet and really long fingers and a tail. I will probably post more pics of him later ;p
btw, in the movie, he jumps out a lot.... so be prepared to be startled XD
I painted this whole picture on photoshop, and keep in mind that i ONLY USED A MOUSE so it may not look the best...
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nice hair bro
it is scary haha
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It's everybodies favorite love child of Darth Maul and Freddy Krueger (oblige quite terrifying love child)

Also it's official name is Lipstick Demon which... makes no sense, Red Face is better but I call it Mr. Insidious my self (lame name I know).
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Awsome drawing. Scary looking, love the movie
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I was looking through photos saying god dont let this one be scary then bam! of course!
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been a year since ive seen the movie and this thing still scares guessing bad dreams tonight
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It was my first scary movie!
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Insidious made me giggle..
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omg when i first saw this in the movie Theaters in got soo scared i threw the whole tub of popcorn everywhere!!!!
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watching iy now

nice job!
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I honestly couldn't sleep for.A.FUCKING.MONTH. After seeinf this guy...omg...great picture and all, but man did i give me a scare just now!
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Good to now that im not the obly one
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This guy, the old lady and the twin ghosts scared me the most...I had the crap scared outta me at this scene!
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Finally some good sense. That movie was awesome. Had everything in it, Poltergeist, Phantoms, Demons, Sayonce, Other-World, Possession. The only thing it was missing was a ouji board, but the door was already open so there was no need.
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omg my friend and i were SCREAMING at this scene. but the scariest part for me was when the paranormal investigator guy was using the color camera and caught the twin ghossts
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i wached it and my eyes started to tear at the creeoy lady smiling
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I never get scared during scary movies... but this one scared the shit outta me >_>
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oh god this thing had me fearing sleep for like a week
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That picture of the demon looks really realistic and I agree that was one of the best horror films I've ever seen. Even the ending makes you wanna keep watching. I still laugh at the fact that the demon looks like Darth Maul and Freddy Krueger combined!
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I honnestly dont understand why people liked this movie. The music was forced they actually used the loud "dun dun dun" music at what they thought were scary parts, the main "villan" looked like a mix of darth maul, freddy Krueger, and a goat. The diolouge was terrible "This is something insidious" Then the character stopped talking they had a deafening "dun dun dun!" that sounded like a piano falling down the stairs. The plot was so predictable, including the so called plot twist at the end. This one one of the worst movies I'd seen, right up there with hide and seek.

Now listen I'm just stating my opinion, if you liked the movie and if it scared you then great I'm glad someone enjoyed this movie I just didnt, I mean maybe i'm a little desensotized on stuff like this who knows.
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You. Are. So. Right. Everyone says its the scariest thing they've ever seen, but it's just campy and overly pretentious crap. It's like they think it's creepy because everyone one else seems to. The plot seemed like they made it up as they went along, especially the dad's sub-plot. And the music was so damn annoying.

And the ending was one of the most forced, predictable, and down right insulting to my intelligence. Dragon Wars had a better ending. Dragon Wars.
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The reactions to the ghosts were terrible too, they got freaked out and started crying like when friendly ghosts wandered around wtf? like the little kid.
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Yeah really. If I saw that one ghost that was swaying back n' forth, I'd probably be scared, no, surprised for a second. But I really don't see what made them so scary to so many people.
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