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Now with this the beginning its complete, more coherent and with a stronger meaning C:

There are so many ways to find freedom... and people fight with each other by their differents paths, when they have the same truth saved in differents containers.

My spirit feels healed with the nature, specially with the water.
While more I reach a certainty my concepts turns more flexible. But I know, so much people needs a more solid way.

In all the cases, I hope my work could be used to heal people's hearts.
I paint what makes me happy

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" In all the cases, I hope my work could be used to heal people's hearts. " Thanks dude , I think I have already said that , but that comics remember my children some times and relax my heart , I hope this comics could continue 
Reminds me of me as a kid. :) And an adult.
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Your work has certainly done it's visual magic. Nature has always instilled
that sense of healing. There's just something about it, that helps you forget about
the immediate situations and how you would take a moment to lose yourself into
the elements of the world. I see the binding chains, and how a single drop of water,
can change everything, through a ripple effect. It's a very powerful analogy that testifies
to how our realities can change at a single drop. The reality of the moment, may seem binding,
but there is much truth to be discovered in our natural surroundings. As surely as light can
penetrate the darkness of captivity, is how one can break out of any environment. The ceiling
and the floor with the chain in the middle could very well represent where the difference can
be made within the inches, between the mind and the heart. :)

Pretty cool interpretation huh? Interpretation is a cool perk I picked up in mid commenting
back when I first joined Deviant Art. Since then, I've enjoyed sharing feedback this way to
almost every art work. It's allot of fun and enables me to really dive deep into a whole unique
world. It's also therapeutic for me, since it sharpens my wits in the same way cross word puzzles and
chess games do. It's how I also get my sudden epiphanies, and I often run off to resolve my personal
life issues. I tell ya, it's never a dull moment for me. Hehe. :) Anyway, great visual story telling once again. :)
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that lighting is amazing.
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This one is definitely moment to moment... I'm currently studying an art program and one of my classes teaches about drawing comics. It's a lot of fun. The art in yours is breathtaking.
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theres so much in this I don't have words to describe.

I find it amazing.
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Love the magical, emotive mood in this page - simply beautifully done (:
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aww thank you :aww:
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wow, lovely style and colours :)
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very welcome <3
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Love the comment that went with the picture.
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aww thanks ^^
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You're welcome. :)
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geniaal, greaaat.
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muchas thanks :p
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The style of it is so awesome :)
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This is just so pretty!
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For me, it's wind, especially the warm summer one coming from the sea. :)
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