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New season came here changing everything, warm winds, new feelings and some earthquakes :0

I feel pushed to do another story, don't know what its about, but should be getting more clear while I do the pages, like my previous. I'm not good making structures and scripts.. my work its so organic d: But I'm being carefull to make simple ideas; this haven't texts, and it haven't compromises with any magazine, so everybody can watchhh it C:

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First Page: [link]
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I just spent AN HOUR AND A HALF trying to find this again because I vaguely remembered something about a beautifully drawn webcomic with no dialog about a little boy flying in some kind of dream, except I couldn't remember what it was called and I thought maybe I'd dreamed it myself as it was too good to really exist.

Worth every second.

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How adorable!  I love the watery style!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
He is such a cutie!
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You should prolly click on the 'update' buttom cuz these new improvements are really good. 8-)
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Pictures do certainly speak a thousand words. In each panel, it shares a sense of
interest, and curiosity. The look in his face and in his eyes, seemed as though something
was calling out to him visually. Kind of like how one would feel compelled or drawn by
something of interest. That's the visual sentiment I'm getting from this page.
The title "Rain" is a very interesting name. And many adventures can imaginably step from
this. great visual story telling. :)
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The beauty of rain.
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What style of paneling is this? Is it aspect to aspect?
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i really like your work!
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pas besoin de mots pour saisir la scène tellement le dessin dit tout. c'est ce que j'aime dans ces images.
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holy crap, the scenery, the mood, the telephone wires, the face, DAT DINOSAUR
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Es tan bonitooooooo ;O;!!!!
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esta super bello!
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Moody and beautiful colors.
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