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Here's a waterfall I made for our game ^^
isn't peacefull as the previous, it's interesting how water turns white depending of it's speed.

I'm designing everything to Patreon my movie, but I have many doubts in the main moment; more clearly, I have
doubts of what kind of content does my Patreons wants to see; I designed some kind of stuff which
can be interesting, but isn't that easy as show for example, Rain in a Patreon account .
So about a Movie's develop:

What should you "like-love to see"?  or well, what kind of Rewards you'd "like to get"??

I'll be thankfull by reading your answers ^^
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Cómo los haces?, conoces algún tutorial?
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Wonderful ♥
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this is so beautiful it kills me
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So pretty, very lovely ^^
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This is really amazing
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this is so cool!
good gob moonshen!
love the colours you used as well!
keep up the good work! 
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You're really inspiring, thank you so much for sharing your work like this <3
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It's a very beautiful scene!
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Wow it looks pretty realistic!
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that waterfall looks totally amazing! :wow:
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omg this is amazing, I love it so much. Great job! 
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I think this is sooooo cooool! I have always loved the old pixil art work in games. It was always told more of a story to me, because it left more detail to my imagination! :D
Ohhh! Now that's a waterfall. Now that i think about it, maybe part of what the previous one was missing was the ''spray cloud'' at the bottom. Also, I dunno why, but when I see the rocks and bushes, I start thinking of that old LucasArts point-and-click game, ''The Dig''. It's a weird feeling...

On what I'd like to see.... oh boy, there are so many things.... but one thing I'd love to see more than anything is a sequence similar to that of RAIN 34-38; that transformation sequence followed by the cat-and-mouse chase. It must be something beyond amazing to see such a scene animated, although I also get the feeling it'd be quite a challenge to animate.
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Thanks ^^ yeah the previous waterfall needs a cloud impacto so badly..

about Patreon, I mean about what people expects to receive after their pledges.
Ah, I thought you meant if there was anything in particular we'd want to see the movie itself. Oopsie, my mistake.Wink/Razz 
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Looking good buddy! =D It makes the scene feel really dynamic. I am not sure with your Patreon I think you could go several ways with it. You do wonderful watercolors, character creation and you are great at animation. That is like so many levels of awesome.
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Thank you ^^ I'm not sure too, maybe I'll need a lot of concept art.
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This is a really beautiful scene. However, there is one problem with the image... Not every pixel is the same size.
Did you scale up the image?. When you scale up a pixel art image, you should double its size exactly. So, for example, if the image is 400 x 300, you should only scale it to 800 x 600. 
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Exactly my words! Great advice here!
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haha yeah sounds like your usual suggestions C:
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ups, yeah I didn't scaled up properly, thanks for ur advice C:
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I don't know what you already have planned but you could do wallpapers, icons, tutorials, WIPs, early pages, or speedpaints as rewards.
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