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Mysterious Book by Moonshade05 Mysterious Book :iconmoonshade05:Moonshade05 2 5
Gaasaku: Hush
The fight was heating up. The three ninjas from the Village Hidden in Sound were taking over slowly, step by step. Seemed like they just wanted to do it slowly and painfully. The odds were against Sakura. Bleeding badly, she took another step backwards to Sasuke and Naruto, standing in a defense stance. No, she won’t give up! If anything, she would protect her unconscious teammates until her last breath. It was time to prove that she wasn’t useless after all. With all the last strength she had, Sakura lunged forward, blocking the enemy kunoichi’s path.
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 8
“Oh, that’s easy. It’s the world he came from.”  The though was still ringing in Luna’s ears as she tried to sit up. The exhaustion and pain were vanishing, little by little. She checked herself. Nothing broken. No blood. Just a few scrapes, and no burns. Her clothes were also in good condition, and her bag was lying next to her.
Relieved that she was mostly okay, she finally noticed where she was lying. The walls were made out of green fabric, formed into some kind of pyramid. She was in a tent! Then, remembering, she realized that the people who had saved her from getting hurt were the Avatar Gang, or whatever it’s called. Suddenly, a voice sounded behind her, and Luna guessed that was the entrance side. “You’re awake! Thank goodness you’re alive! Not many people can escape from the most dangerous beasts on land!” Luna instantly recognized the voice of Katara, a close friend and crush of the Avatar Aang himself.
Fully t
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 7
Everything in Luna’s body was hurting. She mumbled something like ‘ow’, then tried to sit up. Instantly she felt tired like she didn’t even sleep. That was strange. She did sleep and her head had cleared during her ‘marathon’ in the castle. Then why did she feel THAT exhausted? And where was Roku? He certainly jumped in the portal before her, so shouldn’t he land near her? But there was nothing. Standing up she noticed that a blue dress was on her. She wondered where did it come from for 5 minutes before realizing that it was a Water Tribe outfit. Embarrassed that it took her so long to find out this easy fact, she looked around, but her mind was blank and distracted. Luna couldn’t focus.
Just then a roar sounded nearby, and in the next second a bright red and gold dragon walked out. Luna stood there, frozen in shock. But she got even more surprised when the dragon winked and said “Looking at your face I transformed successfully. No
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 6
All was quiet in the castle of the Great Dragon. Everyone were resting after a long, and hard day and now pretty much everyone were in their rooms, resting. Almost everyone, if you count from now on.
A certain black haired girl was stirring in her bed. Her warm brown eyes slowly opened. She then stretched and yawned, scratching her back in a very unladylike manner. The young girl stood up and started to dress. Finally, she was ready. ‘I hope this wouldn’t be too hard.’ the girl muttered, while rubbing the blue, moon-shaped crystal, dangling from her neck. The child opened the door and headed towards the place she and The Great Dragon were supposed to meet.
The girl walked fast and soon she was in the destination. That is, if she went to the right place. But she wasn’t mistaken, and the youngster instantly knew it when she heard the swish of the giant wings above her head.
‘Greetings, Luna.’ The creature acknowledged. Even if his words were simple and
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 5
Luna skipped down the street. She was going to be a Zaap! But she’d better keep her mouth shut! Though The Great Dragon didn’t say anything about that, Luna felt that it would be better keeping this as a secret.
As she looked at the familiar names of the little shops, she wondered if she needed to bring anything with her on her first mission. She quivered with anticipation. Her first mission! She would be a hero! Automatically ignoring all the dangerous thoughts and changing them on the heroic and fun ones, she skipped on.
Of course, if The Great Dragon was here, he would obviously think that Luna was young, and absolutely had no idea what was laid in front of her. She saw the mission as a fun adventure, just like in her TV shows, when each small step you make would really be a matter of life and death. But of course, the younger - the dumber…
Luna had finally reached her home. It was a small house, barely enough to contain 5 residents that lived there: herself, her m
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 4
Luna stood in the throne room, completely mesmerized. In front of her were both Avatar Roku AND Goddess Eliatrope! The Great Dragon that was also in front of her, shifted. He was getting tired that his dear wife, Goddess Eliatrope was still hanging on him. Luna remember that he was older than her world, let alone all the people on the Earth, with their age combined together.
But back to these legendary creatures. Avatar Roku! The Avatar that came up before Aang, a man that had power over the elements, water, earth, fire, and air! And Goddess Eliatrope… Wife of The Great Dragon! A woman that can make portals, and also is the mother of the race of Eliatropes and their siblings, dragons. In front of her were standing the legends that she couldn’t even dream of meeting.
‘Luna,’ A voice returned her back to reality. ‘I believe you already know these people I wanted you to meet.’
‘Oh, yes!’ she quickly answered. ‘It is a honor to meet Ava
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 3
Luna replayed the recent words of the Great Dragon in her head again. How could she become a Zaap? Being a hero was great, but how could she leave her family, her friends, her life, back on Earth, and then travel through the worlds, saving dimensions. Of course, only a few seconds would pass in HER world, but, how will SHE feel, with time still GOING, while spending many years in other dimensions. “Why did I even think of clipping the necklace around my neck!?” She thought. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t take it off. Why did she let curiosity overwhelm her!
Somebody knocked on the door. Luna wasn’t in the best mood to face and talk to somebody, especially if that somebody is the one she is guessed was there. But she still opened the door. The only reason she did this, was that the creature outside was a royal and respected one.
And there he was. The Great Dragon. He looked at her with both sadness and wiseness in his eyes. ‘My chi
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 2
Light was shining from the window. Luna opened one of her eyes. She was in a bed. Wondering how did she get home, she opened the other. Probably somebody who knows me called my parents or something. Suddenly, she realized it wasn’t her bedroom and she wasn’t at home. Luna quickly sat up. ‘How strange.’
She touched her head. There was a bandage on it. She stood up.The room was seeming to be made of the fluffy clouds.Touching the walls she realized it was true, only she didn’t fall through them, but instead she felt a soft material.
Her hat, bag, jacket, and some other stuff were lying on the chair. Luna quickly put on her hat, took the bag, stuffed her jacket in it-the weather seemed warm-and went outside. She soon stood by a little fountain. ‘This must be some kind of park, only its much warmer considering the spring just had started.’ Deciding it was only a coincidence she walked toward the wooden benches.
Somebody spoke behind her back.
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Zaap Necklace Chapter 1
Luna was walking down the street. It had been a long day at school, and now she was happy to get out of there. She didn’t have much of the friends at school, and now it was really popular for the boys taking the girl’s lunch money. She managed to avoid these bullies, but still it didn’t feel right, always being scared, thinking that another lunch-money-taker was waiting for her at the corner. Luna sighed. The only place she feels safe was her house. She has so much stress on her mind right now!
She hurried, in rush to come home and watch unfinished episode of Avatar: The Legend of Aang. It was one of her favorites. Another TV show she liked very much was called Wakfu, a French anime. Sadly, the seasons of Wakfu had ended, and now, Luna was only relying on the hope that the 3rd season would come out soon.At least I still got my Warriors. Luna liked the book series about the wild cats, running through the forest. Too bad she didn’t have all of them. In time, Luna
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The Zaap Necklace: Prologue
Somewhere in another dimension the gods and goddesses were holding a meeting.Each of them represented their own world,but there were some that stood for the same universe.There were powerful beings such as Avatar Roku,Goddess Eliatrope with her partner the Great Dragon, Princess Celestia,Thunder, Swiftstar,and many others.They were discussing very important question.It was about who would be the next zaap.
‘Are you sure this is your choice, Roku?’ A beautiful woman asked.
‘Yes, Eliatrope’ the old bearded man replied ‘She is a good learner,and she believes in magic and in other worlds.’
‘Very well,’ Goddess Eliatrope looked at the other members of their meeting. ‘Does everybody agree with Roku? Celestia?’
The pony shook her head. ‘I believe we should take somebody more experienced or at least, olde-’.
‘No way! I disagree with you,princess!’
Eliatrope could hear gasps.It was very rude to interrupt a god,e
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The Zaap Necklace Trailer
Did you, my friends, ever hear a legend about a Zaap? No? Well then, sit beside me, and I will tell about Zaaps as much as I know.
Zaap... The word itself shows mystery and magic... The Zaaps are lucky people... Who have amazing abilities... They could travel through the worlds! Yes, you heard right, they could do that! A Zaap travels through different dimensions and finds a problem there. It could be big, or small, but it'll affect the whole little dimension. It is a job for a Zaap to save those worlds, and to  make harmony and peace there... You want to know how they were created? Oh well, I believe you don't know who are The Council? They are gods or spirits, or anything else that isn't ordinary living thing. The members are from different worlds, so each one represents its own. They decided to make Zaaps young people, and not adult ones. Why? Because adults of course wouldn't believe in this kind of things... But back to travel. Each Zaap has a different kind of teleportation.
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Spirited Away Poster by arisa-chibara Spirited Away Poster :iconarisa-chibara:arisa-chibara 195 15 Yugo and Amalia 18+ by a9971309
Mature content
Yugo and Amalia 18+ :icona9971309:a9971309 141 36
2014_08_02 wakfu by a9971309 2014_08_02 wakfu :icona9971309:a9971309 282 21 wakfu Short comic_2 -Mirror (2) by a9971309 wakfu Short comic_2 -Mirror (2) :icona9971309:a9971309 146 32 sketch/copy/scrawl in the past few days by a9971309 sketch/copy/scrawl in the past few days :icona9971309:a9971309 34 16 wakfu_say papa by a9971309 wakfu_say papa :icona9971309:a9971309 258 55 Yugo and Amalia by a9971309 Yugo and Amalia :icona9971309:a9971309 83 11 Merry Christmas !!((Hey! toooooo late!! by a9971309 Merry Christmas !!((Hey! toooooo late!! :icona9971309:a9971309 73 11 Wakfu short comic - Brothers're daily by a9971309 Wakfu short comic - Brothers're daily :icona9971309:a9971309 208 62 wakfu short comic - no title by a9971309 wakfu short comic - no title :icona9971309:a9971309 154 45 Doodle_Wakfu by a9971309 Doodle_Wakfu :icona9971309:a9971309 143 33 wakfu Short comic - kiss by a9971309 wakfu Short comic - kiss :icona9971309:a9971309 162 32 Wakfu scrawl and something exercise by a9971309 Wakfu scrawl and something exercise :icona9971309:a9971309 108 15 2017_04 to 11 wakfu Doodle by a9971309 2017_04 to 11 wakfu Doodle :icona9971309:a9971309 94 11 Yumalia doodle by SariaAndFlippy Yumalia doodle :iconsariaandflippy:SariaAndFlippy 21 2 YuAma by Cinnamon6 YuAma :iconcinnamon6:Cinnamon6 64 2



Mysterious Book

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