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Paypal by Th3EmOo and Donate Points by LauNachtyr

In case you have lots of points you can pay that way. Remember, 1 dollar is worth 100 points. However, DA takes 20% from every transaction, so the prices will contain these 20%. So, instead of 200 points (2$), the price will be 240 points. This way I can get full price of drawing.  Always contact me ahead.


10 $ /  1200 points

(One character, Fully colored, background)

+ 5$ / 600 points for every additional character

SN: Hello by MoonRayCZ SN: Guardian by MoonRayCZ

SN: Sunset meeting by MoonRayCZ SN: Dragon and soon to be dragon by MoonRayCZ


5$ / 600 points

(One character, colored)

+ 3
$ / 360 points for every additional character

Cynical bird by MoonRayCZ


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 6:37 AM
Hey guys,
It’s here, end of another year. And this was a strange year, at least for me. It wasn’t as horrible as 2016, you would have to really try to be worse than that year. Still, it was not easy. I lost two dear family members this year and it’s something I am still getting over. The school was difficult; my family situation was also hard to overcome. However, we visited my hometown and I am glad my relationship with my siblings is better. I was really angry in the summer, disappointing, but it sorted out till the end of the year.

I learned a lot during this year, in my personal and work life. I feel like I really start to have some direction and start to feel some kind of community around me. I want to thank you all for that. My friend over here, sor-ree, was kicking my butt for the whole year, trying to help me and keep me moving. Big props to her. I hope I could help the others. I know several people around here who don’t trust their own skills and are also often lost in their own lives and I try to guide them. We can all do it guys.

The next year will be the big one. I need to finish the school. Only half of year left and I become a bachelor, so I can leave the school, find a job, get my own home and start to enjoy life as much as I can. That’s my goal for the next year and I believe I would succeed. I will continue to make the comic and I hope you will all enjoy it. There is so much waiting for us, both in comic and real life. Don’t let anyone stop you, go after your dreams and I will do the same.

Happy New Year 2018, guys, and let’s make it better year than the previous ones.

Commission info - OPEN -

Thu Oct 12, 2017, 12:46 PM

Ultrablue Orb by kayosa-stock Accepting PAYPAL Ultrablue Orb by kayosa-stock

Paypal by Th3EmOo

In case you have lots of points you can pay that way. Remember, 1 dollar is worth 100 points. However, DA takes 20% from every transaction, so the prices will contain these 20%. So, instead of 200 points (2$), the price will be 240 points. This way I can get full price of drawing.  Always contact me ahead.

Commissions are mainly Pokemon based, but I am willing to draw anything you suggest, as long as it’s SFW.

Blue-orb by kayosa-stock Simple pencil sketch – 2 $ / 240 points

SN: Sketch collection 2 by MoonRayCZ Commission -  PitchBlackEspresso by MoonRayCZ Commission - Neru-chan95 by MoonRayCZ

Blue-orb by kayosa-stock Full digital picture 25 – 50 $3500 - 7000 points (depends on number of characters, background and complexity)

Fully colored, shaded, background

SN: Autumn by MoonRayCZ SN: Time alone by MoonRayCZ SN: Don't forsake this life of yours by MoonRayCZ

Blue-orb by kayosa-stock Bio style picture – 20 $ / 2280 points

One character, no background, fully shaded and colored, perfect for bios


Blue-orb by kayosa-stock Chibi style – 20 $ / 2280 points

One character, made in cute way, fully colored, full shaded

SN: Cute little crocodile by MoonRayCZ SN: Cute little swallow by MoonRayCZ

Blue-orb by kayosa-stock Flat colored picture – 15 $ / 2100 points

Simple picture with basic colors and colored line art, no shadows or lighting

SN: Starry night by MoonRayCZ Please help :) by MoonRayCZ


Violet-orb by kayosa-stockSpecific Pokemon commissions

Violet-orb by kayosa-stockTrainer with Pokemon - 25 $ / 6000 points

Picture of trainer with a single pokemon

SN: Evening snack by MoonRayCZ

Violet-orb by kayosa-stockPokemon team with background- 50 $ / 6000 points

Picture of 6 pokemon and trainer, no background

Violet-orb by kayosa-stockPokemon team with background- 60 $ / 7200 points

Picture of 6 pokemon and trainer with background

You can help me with the comic, so read this

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 7, 2017, 7:05 AM
Hi guys,

writing a journal after long time, so this is important. Right now I am busy with school and sick, yeah, I got cold, my head hurts and I’m damn tired. So, that is my situation right now. Sucks, right? However, school doesn’t wait, so I have to do all that stuff, so don’t expect too much activity from me. At least until I get better with health, cough, bleh.

Anyway, that was not main reason for this journal. If you follow the comic, you should know that the second chapter is ending. Yeah, only one page to go. After that we hop into third one. And this is the point of this journal. You see, the third chapter takes place in the city, it is very urban based, because of this there will be many people on screen, or paper, or how you say it. Because of this, I want to ask you all for a little favor.

You have a chance to appear in the comic. In case you have some pic f yourself as pokemon trainer, you can sent them to me and I will add you to background. I want make the city look alive, so we need a lot of people and you can have your little cameo. So, if you have any interest, send me stuff.

Now I need to drink another warm tea.

Contest results and about last month

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 10, 2017, 11:16 AM
Hey there guys,

I have some new stuff to say. The first thing is the contest. I announced contest near the beggining of July, so there was like more than one month to post an entry, This is not really that good to say and I don't know how to feel about it, but in the end there was one single entry. I don't know what to think and maybe I rather won't, because it might not be pretty in my own head. I just want to say, thank you for at least that one entry. I don't have anything to judge, but at least one person decided to draw something for me.

So, Jufnaty, you won, with this beautiful piece

Calm day on the Beach by Jufnaty

Just tell me, what you want me to draw as your reward.

What is also important, I want to thank you all for support in the last month. This July was not quite right. I am still trying to deal with the fact my grandma is gone, it still needs some time. I want to thank all those people who were so kind and showed their concern and support. I may not respond to everyone, but I read all the comments that was sent, regarding my grandma. It means a lot to me. I also want to tahnk everyone for all birthday wishes you sent me, thanks so much. It was quite a rough month when it came to emotions and mental state and I am happy to see you were concerned about me.

Goodbye grandma

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 18, 2017, 11:44 AM
My grandma died today. I was expecting it. I don't live in my hometown anymore, but I know she was sick and suffering for some time now. I just hoped she will live long enough for me to see her one last time. We were very close and she was always there for me since I was a small child. I really loved her, but I know she feels better now. I'm sure we will see each other again, in the future. My grandma was intelligent and elegant lady, that taught me a lot and always got out the best of me. I will miss her deeply, but I am sure she will watch over me, even like this.

Summer Night 2nd contest! JOIN NOW!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 28, 2017, 9:24 AM
Hey guys, the exams are done, so I can finally do this. I wanted to announce the second contest for some time, now I can do it.

This time, your task will be to draw anything Summer related, since this amazing time of the year finally came. The rules are practically the same as last time. I hope we get as many entries as possible. Good luck to all :)


- Picture can be done in any format, digital or traditional

- You can add as many characters as you want, so you can do picture with one character, or with a group , you can also add human characters, like me, lol

- No gore, and other nasty things, I don’t want to see that with my characters

- You can do as many pictures as you want, they will be judged individually


- 1st place- Free full digital picture, all in color and with shading, lighting and background

- 2nd Place – Free digital picture, simple shading, no background

- 3rd place – Free pencil sketch

- I will draw you anything you want, as long as it is SFW, also, one character on the pic


I’ll give you time until the end of  July, good luck everyone ;)

 If you don't know where to find the comic, go here……

Summer Night's 1st birthday!

Journal Entry: Mon May 29, 2017, 8:53 AM

It’s almost hard to believe how time flies. Exactly one year ago, I uploaded the first page of Summer Night. Ironically, the first pages were sent before a shitty situation happened and the last summer was horrible. If you were around back then, you know what happened and I don’t like that the beginning of the comic will be forever connected to that horrible time of my life. However, the comic survived and look; it is celebrating its first birthday.

It’s wonderful, because I started Summer Night, hoping people will notice it and it will expand and I will get to tell new story. I learned many things during that year and hilariously, the early pages look almost nothing like the newest ones. That’s because the style was changed in the second chapter. One thing that I really like about making a comic is that it gains its own community. At least that’s how I view it. Every comment that you give me on my comics is very important and always makes me happy. Overall, you guys were very nice, not just to me, but also to each other. I just hate stupid comment wars and don’t say that’s how internet is, I still have right to hate it and I’m glad you act mature.

I have a wonderful time with this comics, but what about you? What was your favorite moment? Who’s your favorite character? What do you think will happen? Since it’s anniversary, tell me about your own experience and feelings about the comics. I think that’s least you can do for me as thank you, for entertaining you.

I know some people are newer around here, so just for a reminder, you can follow Summer night on other sites. Follow the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

FB: [link]

And also, I want to give BIG THANK YOU to my patrons. Even though I have only two right now, it really helps me mentally. Someone actually considers my work being worth of financial support and you all know I am a student, so every smallest amount helps me. Thank you so much for helping me. If anyone of you consider supporting me and the comics, you can got o my Patreon and support me over there, or donate on Ko-Fi. Every little help is greatly appreciated.


So, happy birthday my little creation. Here is a picture for all of you who reads it and enjoy it :)

Summer Night - First anniversary by MoonRayCZ


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 26, 2017, 10:01 AM
STREAM GOING ONLINE IN 45 MINUTES! Streaming on 20:45 or 8:45 PM of our Central Europe time. Everyone is welcome to the stream : D

Stream link



Journal Entry: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 12:50 AM
First, I am so sorry for being so late. This should have been done almost two weeks earlier, but school and also my sick ear kept me from doing this. I need to be in right mood, when I decide about contest results.

Second, thank you all so much for entering the contest. We have 3 entries, but I understand this is a first proper contest and over time there will be more people entering future contests. We have to start somewhere, so I am very eager to see how next contests will go.  So yes,  there will be more chances for everyone.

Contest Entry by kinknetic

- 1st place- Free full digital picture, all in color and with shading, lighting and background

To the Sky by Vallany

- 2nd Place – Free digital picture, simple shading, no background

Sunset by Jufnaty

- 3rd place – Free pencil sketch

- I will draw you anything you want, as long as it is SFW, also, one character on the pic

Congrats everyone, be sure to tell me what you want me to draw :D


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 11:45 AM
Hey guys,

I may have interesting news for you. I made a small poll and after seeing results, I decided to do what I was planning. For some time now, I wanted to make a contest related to Summer Night comic. So, let me tell you what is this all about.

I want you to make a picture of any character that appeared in the comic up to this point.


- Picture can be done in any format, digital or traditional

- You can add as many characters as you want, so you can do picture with one character, or with a group , you can also add human characters, like me, lol

- No gore, and other nasty things, I don’t want to see that with my characters

- You can do as many pictures as you want, they will be judged individually


- 1st place- Free full digital picture, all in color and with shading, lighting and background

- 2nd Place – Free digital picture, simple shading, no background

- 3rd place – Free pencil sketch

- I will draw you anything you want, as long as it is SFW, also, one character on the pic


I’ll give you time until the end of February, good luck everyone ;)

 If you don't know where to find the comic, go here……

My look at 2016 and have a happy 2017

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 3:27 AM

So, 2016 is ending, finally. I guess the majority of people would agree with me that this year was horrible, and I don’t said that just in the worldwide meaning. This was a hard and challenging year for me. My boyfriend had again problems with his eye and it was horrible, my grandma hurt her leg, my friend get into deep emotional shit, I failed my exam and had to repeat it, argued with one of my friends and more. It was just very unwelcoming experience in my life.

Still, it taught me few things. This was the first time I filed at exam and I finally understand it’s not the end of the world, if you have to repeat it one more time. It was hard, but it made me understand failure is just part of life. We managed to get through some hard times this year. Summer, my favorite season of the year was hardly affected by health problems of my boyfriend and that just sucked. Yet, we managed to have some enjoyment of it. This year just kept on challenging me, asking me to be strong more than I wanted.

Before summer, I was arguing with one of my friends, a lot. Back then, I didn’t understand, but it was needed. She was going through very hard time of her life and later she told me. Before, I didn’t really know how good terms we have, but over the time and in the second half of the year, she told me that she is glad she met me and I am one of the most interesting friends she ever had. I helped her a lot, and that was one of the best moments of this year, getting to know I helped someone and she really considers me as a friend.

On the other hand, my other friend found out about his true sexuality and boy I had some wild ride with his emotions. What pisses me off is the fact that I told him what to do and how everything will end, he didn’t listen and things happened badly. Lot of time, I hate it when I’m right, but I hope he understood where his place is and that will always be behind his ass, telling him what shit he should avoid.

When it comes to world, this was the year, when I really started to be frustrated about the situation in Europe. I hate that no one is still doing anything. People also whine about Donald Trump, but as I said earlier, I think he was a better opinion and saying his victory in election was the worst thing of this year, is just plain stupid. People got too overdramatic this year, focusing mainly on media, gestures, but not real actions. Look, a terrorist attack, we will just talk about it and be sad, but nothing more. Look, Trump won, let’s all cry and whine. I hope that next year people will finally wake up and realize what is important, but that’s just my wish.

I guess this year also taught me an important lesson. Don’t wait for things in your life, enjoy it as much as you can. Because of this, I finally got 3DS, something I wanted for such a long time and got Pokemon Moon. My boyfriend also got more into Pokemon and the game gives us so much joy. We never bought a game together before, because we need to save money, but sometimes you just need so make yourself happy. I also finally figured where I am happy, when it comes to art. For many years, I was trying to find a good place for me, and now I finally know where it is. For some of you this may sound sad, but it’s not in pony fandom. I stopped drawing ponies, I stopped the comic and I draw them only as commissions. I understood that ponies were slowing me down; you can’t improve if you draw only one thing. You need variety to evolve. I started new comic in summer, I improved in so many things, because I learned how to draw humans thanks to Chappie, I started to draw more Pokemon and I truly enjoy it. I feel like there are no restrictions on me now. My friend also told me that I helped her too, because I move to Chappie last year, she also moved away from ponies and now draws and writes things that make her happy. I remember us bickering all the time, when we were drawing ponies sand now we have a good time with art. If you like ponies, its okay, but I finally figured out how to be happy with my art.

I think my writing also got better and I’m happy with how my stories progress. Chappie became my all time favorite universe to be in, when it comes to writing. Unlike TFP Ponies, the story really moves and I think I managed to create a great universe.

Yes, 2016 was a hard year, very hard, but I’m glad for everything good we got, even if it’s not much. I’m glad I can celebrate its end with friends, family and my boyfriend. Now I hope the next year will be better, that things will go right, I will continue school studies, be a good friend and be better at art.

As the last note, I have an advice, be like tortoises. Don’t hurry when it’s not needed, be calm, and enjoy your life.

Happy 2017 everyone, let’s make this year better.

Hello everyone,

It’s 23rd December, and because I won’t be able to write this journal tomorrow, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas today. We still have some time till 2016 ends, but I guess we can all agree it was not a very happy year. Because of this, I hope next year will be better and we gather here next Christmas with better memories of the year.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time, spend it with your family, friends and just be happy. That’s what Christmas should be about, being happy, being with your loved ones. It’s once year, so have a blast.

Also, I want to thank TechTalkPony.

Because he was the one petting me new tablet for this Christmas. He also got me wireless adapter, it’s a great thing. Also, this new tablet just has some neat design, I named it Chappie. So, thanks again Chris, I really
love my new tablet and Merry Christmas to you too, you weird Canadian, lol.

C0DOffwXgAAQ9TX.jpg large by MoonRayCZ
C0DOsgRWEAIVOnG by MoonRayCZ C0DOtVaWIAATtv  by MoonRayCZ

Well, I guess I still have some things to say. Some things that really bother me and I’m starting to get sick of it. This election showed me that feminism is getting too far and it only gets worse and worse. Let me explain what I mean. I am a woman myself, I am proud of being a woman, and I am not afraid to show it. Yes, I wear army boots and I don’t use make up, but that’s because I want to do so. I just don’t think woman should be determined by what she wears and is she uses make up.

The most important thing, however, is that I never felt inferior to men. For my whole life, I have had friends who are both men and women. I know people were rude to me, downright mean, but they belonged to both sexes. The point is I never saw a barrier that separated sexes. We all should be equal, yes, but I think the world is getting this message wrong, very wrong. Feminism started as a positive thing, it was supposed to help woman gain rights for themselves, but today, it’s bastardized at the highest level. I sincerely cringe, when I see people saying that since Clinton failed, the sexism and racism won. No, that’s not true. She lost because she was not capable to win in fair and square democratic political contest. It’s about skill, not about your sex. If you are not capable enough, you lose, it’s that simple. However, some people refuse this logic and think that just because someone was born with vagina, she should be in advantage and automatically win. And it’s not only about Clinton, it’s about the whole world. People think that if you are a woman, you should get privileges over men. The sad thing is, women don’t even realize how much damage this behavior can cause.

Because of this, people think that women don’t have to try and get everything from a get go. We should be equal, we should all get the same chance at the beginning, but after that, we should try and work hard. It’s that simple. I’m actually glad that Clinton lost, because she promoted these stupid methods. She thinks that when she is a woman, she is above the others and a lot of her supporters do the same. She is doing something that offends me as a woman. I think it’s disgusting. Also, you feminists, if you are so strong and independent, why do you have to talk about it all the time? Talking about something just shows that you are not sure about yourself and you need to reassure yourself. The real strength is being sure of yourself, love yourself and acting like that. A real woman is loving wife, caring mother, supportive friend. She could also be a brave policewoman, skilled nurse, patient teacher, decisive soldier, original artist and much, much more. What do you do? You just whine, cry and bitch about how the world is unfair to you. How are you helping someone? You are weak, you are pathetic and you are the sexist one here, because you think you are more than men. Men are part of our life, they belong here just like you do. I was bullied by men and I understood that it’s always only about individuals. I know men who were cruel to me, I know men who are my friends and family. Damn it, my own father terrorized my family and I gave him revenge for it, but I don’t hate men. What is your excuse? Whining just because someone called you slut? Well, you call men perverts and sexists, so what’s the difference?

And this is the big problem that I have with feminism and this election showed it in its true colors. I saw a post on Tumblr about a woman, who lived through years, when women could not vote, and she was devastated by Clinton not winning. I’m sorry you are sad, miss, but your sex doesn’t give you right to win something. I am also very saddened and disappointed by what was happening after the election, because some radical black woman were calling white women “traitors”, just because a lot of them voted for Trump. They are not traitors, they just have their opinion. If you do such thing, you are disgusting, because you have no right to guilt trip someone like this and take advantage of their emotions.

If you are going to do a job, you must be qualified for it first, and Clinton simply isn’t. Let me give you one example, from my favorite movie, yes, this again. In Chappie, the company is run by a woman. You can clearly see she is there because she has skills for such position. She is strict, disciplined and decisive. She commands the men and they obey her, because they respect her, not because she was put there by someone else, just because it “right”.  Even a tough male soldier is respecting her. That is a strong woman, she does her job and doesn’t whine. There are many more examples of this, but this one is the closest one to me. I grew up playing games and there are many strong women. Look at Warcraft, for example. Since I was a child I adored Jaina or Tyrande. Those characters told me how to be a woman, not be ashamed about it and get things done. You should do the same.

Now, I don’t know about you, sisters, but this is my point of view, what is yours?

I guess it‘s time for another stupid journal, because internet is crazy these days. Trump winning the election made people shit crazy and I should say something about it. This is not going to be really about Trump or Clinton, but rather about how easily people are fooled and manipulated.

What I understood very quickly is that people hate Trump and love Hillary. You know the main reason behind this? The media. I’ll give you little explanation. The task of media is to give news, nothing else, but these days, media are not happy about such status. They want more. That’s why they are no longer just messengers, but rather make news by themselves. The dangerous thing is that people listen to them. We always have. No matter the form, for centuries.

People are crazy these days. Just because they think Trump would start a nuclear war, would beat women and homosexuals and anyone he would look at. On the other side, Clinton is the angel in people’s eyes. Isn’t it just a little suspicious to you? It should be. Since the beginning, media did everything to demonize Trump, satanize him and that created a mental image of him. More like a caricature that is seen by people and they forget that even though he has many flaws, he is still a human. Now I will tell you one funny thing. It is very clear Trump knows about this, he clearly knows how human mind works. If you make controversy, people talk about you, that’s how his words spread so quickly. In short, he trolled the whole America. He used humanity’s natural behavior to his advantage, quite genius, if you ask me. What makes me sad is that people started to forget how to recognize what is real, and what is just an image made by someone else.

I was never really into politics, so I was never really influenced by media when it comes to this subject. I know about Trump just because of jokes that were made of him at the internet. Then I heard him and Clinton talk in the English class and he was immediately more likeable, why? Because he acts like a human, Clinton is like robot that could any second say: DOES NOT COMPUTE. So I started to look things up.

Everyone says Trump is homophobe, I looked up some info by myself and saw he isn’t actually a homophobe. He was actually talking quite well about gays, in terms of today’s political view on them. Clinton on the other hand showed many times she doesn’t respect LGBT people. Also, Trump is allegedly a sexist, that’s what everyone says. I looked at Clinton’s speech and she is also sexist in that case, because it seems like she only cares about women. I am a woman, and I find her very insulting disrespectful towards men. When she was dealing the speech after she lost the election, I didn’t hear her talking about men, she mentioned only women and little girls. If I just trust the media, I would still think Trump is the only sexist here, but in real he is just a normal guy. Feminism has become a horrible thing these days. It started as a right thing, but today it is a tool to insult anyone who was born with penis.

You see where I’m getting at? I am more and more sad that people don’t even try to think anymore. You just obey and that’s sad. Just because someone is in TV, it doesn’t mean he is right. I call this kind of people that just listen and don’t think for themselves as mindless sheep. Stop believing everything that you see or hear. Also, people clearly forgot what does the word SHOW mean. The election is one gigantic circus, where everything is bombastic, extreme and action packed. It’s a show for people and candidates say things that are extreme, because they need to get attention. So stop thinking that when Trump talks about war, that he would nuke the world. We are not in Saturday morning cartoon, this is a real world, and there is a thing called common sense. Just because people say something during election, it doesn’t mean they would really do it, remember, it’s an entertainment. I’m sure Obama also didn’t do many thing he said he would.

In short, calm down, people, the world is not ending and you should stop being so scared. Also, Clinton supporters, please don’t block streets while protesting, that’s quite selfish of you. People need to go to shops, jobs or pick up kids, be more respectful, please.

Those are my thoughts, and I hope I won’t have to talk about it ever again.

Being a writer is an amazing thing. You get a chance to project your own thoughts and point of view on the world. For me, the best thing about writing stories always was the fact that I can explore and experiment with characters, their minds and also relationships. Relationships are the most complicated thing in the whole world. Trying to emulate the real feeling of friendship and love in stories is a very complicated process and demands a lot of effort and time. When I was younger, I tend to write stories where characters fall in love and never get separated; I still like to keep that tiny aspect. Showing that a real love can survive ages, but now I started to realize I do something like never before.

You see, for more than a year I write stories for Chappie. A movie that stole my heart and soul and refuses to give them back. Stories takes place from slice of life style, action, suspense, even some drama. The focus however stays on characters and their inner struggles. Some time ago, I also decided to finally let my inner shipper invade the story and show that Deon may have feelings for Vincent. And like this, I entered the territory I never did before. For the most of the time, love is in media presented as something that develops very fast and glue two characters together, even if it takes just few days. It is not very often when you see characters that loved each other for years, but didn’t get together.

At this point, I started to think about this subject. I positioned Deon into very unwanted situation. Imagine you fall in love with someone, but you know you can never be together. One thing is that Deon thinks that Vincent would never want him; he had a wife after all. And second, the worst fact is that Deon is trapped in the body of robot. I know it’s hard to imagine such situation, but try it. You would know that you have to be alone, you know you can’t reach to other person you want. Also, imagine you see that person everyday and spend much time together.

This is the kind of situation that we don’t see very often in stories. And I realized I am even worse person, when it was made clear in the story that Deon wants Vincent to find someone else. A woman, to be exact. And why would he want such thing, when he wants Vincent for himself? Simple.

He wants Vincent to be happy. In this story, Vincent had a wife and children, but he is not with them anymore, because he got divorced. Long story. You can never forget such thing and healing takes a lot of time, but he knows being alone is destroying him inside. We all want someone who will love us, who we can return to. On the other hand, if something like this happen, people get very careful and don’t want to start new relationships.

This is where I realized that Deon may do one of the most selfless acts in history of my weird writing career. He wants Vincent to be happy, even if it means resisting his own needs and feelings, he wants his friend to find someone with who he can find happiness again. He would give up on his own love and rather watch from distance, knowing at least the one who he likes lives a better life.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is one of the biggest proofs of love that you can have in this world. Giving up your own happiness, to help the one you love. This is rather dark theme and I think that’s why it’s not used very often in media. After all we want to see the characters getting together and have that happy ending. And even if such thing appears, the characters get together in the end. I still think most of those stories are rushed. They get together in matter of days.

Imagine you would be in the same situation. Imagine loving someone for years, but knowing you can’t be together and you just try to burry the feeling in your own heart.

What do you think of this subject? What would you do? I just know I am a horrible person for writing such thing… Yeah.


Hey guys,

after some time and pages I decided to finally set up a fan group for my Pokemon comic. I created month and something ago, but I wanted to wait for a shile, when comic has more pages and gets more attention. So the group is now finally ready to be shown. You can join the group, the gates are open. Have fun :D


Hi guys,

Sorry for not be very communicative these days, but a lot of things is going on right now. My friend was over here on a visit for few days, I needed to make some commissions and let’s be honest, Pokemon finally took over my life. I didn’t tell you yet, but I finally got my new 3DS. That means I am going to get Sun or Moon, when those games come out. I’ll probably go with Moon. Because of this I started to prepare my Pokemon team. That means catching Pokemon and getting them ready to be transferred. I think I was never so passionate about games before. This is caused by the fact, that I never had Pokemon games of recent generation and couldn’t join community. Now with Sun and Moon, I finally get that chance and its exciting thought.

When Sun and Moon comes out, you can ask me for my friend code, in case you want to be a friend with dork like me. Also, most of my Pokemon are caught in Moon balls. To be exact, I catch female Pokemon in Moon balls and then I will breed them in seventh gen to pass those balls. And I will do that until I will get the Pokemon I want when it comes to nature. That means I will have many Pokemon stored in my PC boxes with those balls, so I will be willing to trade them or give them away.

Last thing, I have little problem with my tablet, because it seems like the cable and port starts to get worn out. Let’s hope I get that solved.

 ~ MoonRay

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday. I know I am quite late, but there was aquite a lot of things to do now.THANK YOU ALL! It'S very nice to know people care :)
Hey guys,

I usually don’t talk about such serious real life stuff, but my patience is getting very thin and short. I am overall very disappointed and even disgusted by how Europe acts these days. People over here think they are safe and that nothing bad will ever happen. After all, we are Europe, war and such problems happen elsewhere, not here. That is how our politicians think, how people over here think. The terrorist attack that came recently, or the previous ones are called as shocking and unexpected, but to be honest, that’s total bullshit. People in Europe think that one attack happens and then it all goes away, so we let our guard again. Then another attack happens. Yes, some people die, media talk about it for few weeks, but nothing changes. They still think terrorists will just leave us all alone. No, they won’t. Their goal is to destroy us, not just annoy like a small fly that fly around our thick skulls.

You know what EU does instead of doing something useful? They talk about how the bananas should look… I’m not joking, that’s their main concern. Politicians over here are so distanced from reality, that they don’t understand how reality works right now. People act the same. They think that when you put a France flag on your profile pic, you save the world. No, no, you don’t, you just talk about it. The best example for this the pic of Ralph Wigum with the France flag, saying: I’m helping. That’s you. You’re not helping, you just think so. You think that people that are affected by the tragedy care if you put a flag on your profile? No.

I deeply regret every human life that is wasted because of terrorism, but it becomes more and more evident that something big must happen, to make Europe move its lazy ass. Single attacks like this won’t do anything. We will shrug it off in few months, thinking we are safe. We are not god damn safe! They will always return! People can be naive idiots, because if you say that we should fight back, you are suddenly racist and they start to compare you to Hitler. Right, so if we fight back against someone who attacks us and kills people, we are racist. NO! What’s wrong with you, people? I wonder, what if someone you love dies in such attack? Would you still say that the people that want to fight back are racists? I don’t think so, because suddenly someone harshly entered your personal bubble.

I know we should be accepting of other cultures, nationalities, religions, sexuality, but there is a frontier where we must stop. It was proven over and over again that terrorists can’t be reasoned with. How do you want to reason with someone, who is willing to put bombs on his own body and explode?  Stop being naïve, people.  We are at war, don’t you get it? How many people must die, before we all realize it? What must be destroyed, to make people defend themselves?

Please, start to do something. It doesn’t matter whether someone calls you racist. Remember, these people may not be alive for very long, because they’ll be the first target.