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Ganesha Padmapriye

Another lovely ganesha edited on adobe. I'm thinking of doing a whole series of these, as I loved making this one and the last one so much.

Ganesha Dancing on the World [link]

images from [link] and msn learning center.
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lovely... i x no other words to this magnificent piece....
marsupila-mi's avatar
yeah u should do more of these!!
good work :dance:
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Sorry for drawing attention to an older piece, but I'm cruising DA for Ganesha stuff and this is awesome. I wish I'd seen it sooner.

I love Ganesha.
The-Fairywitch's avatar
Beautiful- but why does Ganesha have the Nazii Cross on the palm? It ruins it...
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Thats actually not the nazi cross, which is tilted slightly different. This symbol, known to most Americans as a swastika, was actually a holy symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism thousands of years before Hitler. I used to have the same reaction when I saw Eastern pieces with it until I did some research. Thanks for the comment!
The-Fairywitch's avatar
Thank YOU for the explanation- I was inlighted.
Damn those Nazis who used a holy symbol (even if not exactly the same) and ruined it for their evil causes! :frustrated:
Great piece of work!
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In this case, it would be the swastika, which means "it is well" in sanskrit. It was an ancient symbol found in many cultures long before the Nazis got a hold of it. It's often closely associated with Ganesha and the placement on his palm is quite common.

I'm not expecting people to completely accept the symbol anymore, but there are cases when it really is an issue of context, and this would be one of them. ;)
The-Fairywitch's avatar
Thanks for the explaination and for taking the time to explain- I didn't know it...
It's a beautiful deviation! :-)
vishalmisra's avatar
aha - adore ganesha images ... nice work !!!
can you please ... show me the original?
I am very interested in seeing it <3
Awesome work... It inspired my next painting !
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great edit. love the detail of ur work. show me more?!?!/
sixhours's avatar
I normally only see purple elephants when I've had too much to drink, so this is new. :D (Big Grin) Very nice work... esp. with the details!
immortus's avatar
thats fuckin awesome
jedi-harlot's avatar
DUDE!!!!!! COOL!!
gemini26's avatar
I loooooove it!
killer-64's avatar
lol thats very cool :D (Big Grin)
deedlith's avatar
Im speechless...really great...REALLY!
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