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Vintage Watercolor Paper Texture



Not the most exciting title, but it is what it is. As a thank-you for 15k pageviews I thought I'd upload some of my own resources that I made and have been using.

Just made this one today =) Finally getting the hang of this texture thing, though I always say that and I always learn something new and better than what I'd been doing.

This texture was made by scanning a piece of 300lb Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper that can be purchased here: [link]

After scanning it I uploaded it into photoshop, cleaned up any scuff marks with the Heal Brush tool (the one that looks like a bandaid) and then tinted it yellow-orange

I then duplicated the image 2 times onto 2 seperate layers
Right-click background layer - Duplicate Layer
I then set each layer to multiply.

I then flipped each layer a different way so that the color tone and texture was more spread-out and textured.

AND WALA! A nice vintage-y looking texture

You may use this to your heart's content, but just make sure you fav this and credit me in the description.
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