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Artist & Writer || Fan-art artist || Multi-fandom My Discord Server: My bestie forever: Spectra-Shift

"... That's how I realized: why should we hold onto the past, when we can create a better future?" - King Ashton

DO NOT use, edit, trace, steal, sell, re-post my drawings in any way, shape or form! You are allowed to draw my characters however, just don't forget to mention me in the description!

I've changed my username a few times, don't get confused with the different watermark names on older drawings. Thank you!

Hello, as some of you know I used to draw Chibi Pokemon a while back and I want to come back to this again from time to time. Sometimes I just do not know which Pokemon I should draw next, so I have decided to "take requests" on that matter. There's some rules I'm asking for to respect when suggesting a request: - Do not rush me whatsoever. I can take a long time to actually post a drawing or to draw in general, due to life n' stuff. - It is still a fanart for the general Pokemon fandom, I ask you NOT to use, trace, steal or repost ANY of my drawings, be it fanart or personal art. - Please try to request simplified Pokemon designs for the beginning! I think that's the rules for now, you may now suggest your Pokemon in this journals comment section! Thank you very much for your never ending support! : D CHIBI POKEMON LIST 1) Wooloo 2) Keldeo 3) Kangaskhan 4) Appletun 5) Petilil 6) Giratina 7) Snom 8) Ninetails 9) Jigglypuff 10) Female Pyroar 11) Glaceon
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