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You were the first.
Before the others,
before I was me,
before my life
was anything but dragons
and spiders in snow.
I’ve been awful
a horrible excuse
for a friend, but you
somehow stayed quiet.
Never breaking
when I left
or snapping
under the fragments
of the promises I broke.
You don’t know how much I need
and appreciate you
because I can’t tell you.
You don’t need me.
You’ve become radiant
and beautiful
without me.
In spite of me.
Thank you
my gorgeous shirtless drummer.
You taught me I could love
that romance
wasn’t impossible, and you
never once broke my heart.
So let the cymbals crash
and know that the flash
of happiness you brought me
was the best gift.
You were the savior of my universe.
Broken and strong
my fragile rock
I don’t know the pain in your blue eyes,
only that you stayed,
holding fast
with Lana and blue mascara and Britney,
while your own body turned against
you and your world crumbled.
I’ve b
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Overextending the Metaphor
”Crayon neon all about the jiggy-sparked inside!”
- Breakfast on Pluto
Sometimes, I’m a 1920s black-and-white film star in a Technicolor world. I watch the vibrant people around me, and my responses are thought out as if scripted. The words appear and hang in the air in front of me in curling type, flashing away in the blink of an eye. Everything goes on around me, but I’m not part of it. When I sense that the camera isn’t on me, I stop, I sit quietly, and I wait for my next line.
I get locked out of my own head. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s a very peculiar feeling. I know I’m thinking about something, and I know my mind is somewhere else, but all I can summon to mind is the emotions caused by whatever I’m thinking about. I can’t tell what that is, exactly, and if anyone were to ask what was on my mind, I’d be forced to reply that I don’t know.
It gives everything a bit of fog, being locked out of yo
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A Dangerous and Eager Fatalism
I live a hopeless glamour
Wrapped in discoloured motley
Thoughtlessly alive and blazing without
An extraordinary and incomplete
Spirit, a blank mind.
Rotten brilliance and hollow joy,
I have no love for me.
In my essence I am empty.
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"For she had eyes, and chose me."

The United States of America has spent a good chunk of its time as a country at war or in some sort of conflict. Similarly, it's more rare that my best friend and I are on completely friendly terms than that we are fighting about something. We clash constantly, and are almost always on opposite sides of whatever argument is going.
But gods help whoever we team up against.
Before Misty and I became friends, we hated each other. In fifth grade, she was the wannabe popular girl who dumbed herself down to fit in, had the right clothes, and was accepted by the in crowd. I was the weird kid with two friends who ran around the playground fighting imaginary demons and visiting other worlds. I hated the "popular" kids, and they hated outcasts, especially intelligent ones. We eventually got over that elementary pettiness, but those roots show a major reason we clash so much. We're too different to ever work as friends.
In seventh grade, she didn'
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On Useless Angst
Why do we all care
so much?
Why do we pour
our emotions
onto blank pages,
let our hearts bleed
our thoughts?
Everyone caring,
For what?
Because we all end up in a tiny pine box...
I'm not exempt.
My own writing drips
with pointless
A mighty small drop in a mighty dark plot
Moments of clarity
or moments of madness,
I lift myself
and see truth,
or perhaps I slip
beneath the waves.
It's getting hard to tell.
Sometimes I wonder why we all don't move on...
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Bloody Mary
The girls whispered in the schoolyard of
A furtive, spooky tale
A woman who killed her love
It turned each of them pale
Children, look into the mirror
Murmur softly to the glass
Then lean in a little nearer
And this breath will be your last

The girls huddled until midnight
Then crept into the bathroom
Their voices were hoarse with fright
Their candle fought the gloom
Children, look into the mirror
Murmur softly to the glass
Then lean in a little nearer
And this breath will be your last

They finished their chant and the mirror went black
One girl whimpered, there was no going back
They stared at the darkness in a daze
A woman appeared through a smoky haze
The lights flashed
The mirror was smashed
And silence fell once more
There was nothing but blood on the bathroom floor
Children, look into the mirror
Murmur softly to the glass
Then lean in a little nearer
And this breath will be your last
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Diary of a Passive-Aggressive Pushover 2
I don't hate you.
I can't. It's impossible for me.
But god, I wish I could.
We were friends for so, so long. The best of friends, or so I thought. I thought of you all the time, we played Pokemon on the playground and ate ice cream together sometimes during recess. You sat next to me in band class. For a year, we were the only two flutes in the entire band. We shared sheet music and flute tips and irritation at the trumpets.
I was in love with you.
Looking back, I know that now.
And when I think of how you looked at me at the beginning of freshman year, I want to be sick.
I was a disease. I was a pest, vermin, the gum stuck to your shoe. I was disgusting and irritating and clingy and horrid. I hadn't seen you in so long, and I gave you a hug, and I embarrassed you. You didn't want me around. Uncool, unpopular, ugly, spazztic me.
Why couldn't you have said it?
Maybe if you had, it wouldn't've hurt so badly.
You started to avoid me. You ran away in the halls when you saw me, turned the o
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Diary of a Passive-Aggressive Pushover
There is only one person I've ever hated more than you.
But they know how I feel, so I have to start here.
For once, you're second-rate.
And doesn't that just burn you?
But don't worry. No need to exert any effort for poor little me. Well, any more than you already have. Besides, you will never know this exists.
Unless someone manages to get me pissed as hell. Or drunk.
Or both.
But this here, this is important. So listen up, because I mean this. I will never forget what you've done to me. I will never forgive you, not completely. And while I may not take my revenge now, I swear I will get you someday. Even if it's something as insignificant as yelling in your face and accidentally spitting in your eye, or sabotaging your already dismal reputation.
You are the reason I couldn't say no for so long.
You are the reason I cannot open up to anyone.
You are the reason for so many of my problems, though I can't blame you for all of them.
When your dog developed a liking for biting my s
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The Guardian and the Naga
     As the sun went down over the rooftops of the city, Toma glanced out the window. He watched the light bleed across the sky and then recede, the color draining away to let the stars shine through. Once the sun had fully disappeared over the horizon, he closed his laptop computer and stretched in his comfortable chair. His cat, Quetzacoatl (who also answered to Coat, Tzar, and Beastie, or at least answered as much as cats generally do), came around the corner into the room. She leapt up on the window and meowed questioningly. Toma got up and stroked her silky calico fur.
     "Easy, Coat. We've just got to wait for a little while longer." Man and cat stared up at the stars, for once unobscured by clouds, and waited in silence. There was a flicker of light at a window, then again, and a third time. Toma grinned. "That's our cue." He opened the window of their apartment and leaned out into the night, inhaling deeply. "Smell that, Coat?
:iconmoonlitjester:moonlitjester 1 5
Poetry Wordle by moonlitjester Poetry Wordle :iconmoonlitjester:moonlitjester 4 6
A Necessary Conversation
     Daffyd pushed away from the desk in his rolling chair with a heavy sigh. The college conference room was empty apart from himself and his friend. "I don't want to talk about it, Kaz."
     Kazimir rose his eyebrows. "I will send James over to get the information out of you, and he will bring Kenneth."
     Daffyd grimaced. "Thanks, but I doubt having Isiah around will improve my mood at all."
     "I will cut your hair."
     "You wouldn't dare!" Daffyd gasped and brought a hand up to protectively pat his dandelion puff of blond hair.
     "I should, it's almost a…" Kaz trailed off and his jaw twitched, but he grinned.
     "Oh, you did not just almost call my hair a 'fro." When Kaz's grin only grew wider, Daffyd smacked him on the arm. "This is a Goblin King inspired hairdo, and it is a hell of a lot mo
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Zen 1 by moonlitjester Zen 1 :iconmoonlitjester:moonlitjester 1 6
Losing Patience
I love you.
understand that.
I forgive
More or less.
I am patient
and shy,
I don't want to confront
There comes a time
when my patience runs out.
When I cannot stand it,
when you make me furious.
When I needed you the most
I've needed you the most,
you turned away
and dismissed me.
I forgave you.
I still forgive you.
But I'm counting down,
keeping tallies.
My patience is running out.
:iconmoonlitjester:moonlitjester 2 14
Where Were You?
     "Where were you last night?" Kenneth muted the commercials on the TV and shifted on the couch so he was less sprawled out. He fixed his flatmate with a stern gaze. It was his "you'd better tell the truth" face, according to James.
     The brown-haired man shut the door and shrugged. "I got married."
     Kenneth blinked. "Are you serious?"
     James shrugged again. "Dunno. Someone spiked my margarita with something a lot stronger, and the next thing I knew I was carrying a bouquet down the aisle." He grinned. "My wife looks good in a suit, whoever she is."
     Kenneth rolled his eyes, fighting a grin. He stood and walked over to James, and brushed some glitter from his hair. "You're ridiculous, Jamie," he said.
     James smirked. "But you love me~"
     Kenneth rolled his eyes. "So come on, tell me more a
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A Conversation Over Warhammer
Hey, hun.
You realize I find this boring,
I only ever watched because you
were the one playing.
Which is real pathetic.
I'm amazed you didn't smack me.
But whatever, that's not
important anymore.
I miss you, but not
the way I used to.
And damn,
it feels so good.
No offense, but he's
   so   much   more
than you ever were.
I'm not trying to be mean,
just stating fact.
But hey, thanks
for everything.
Thanks for still being my friend
even when I was obnoxious.
Thanks for the good times
and even the bad ones.
I'd say thanks for the memories
but someone beat me to it.
So go play Warhammer,
but I'll stay here,
curled up in the chair with him.
Love you,
but not like that.
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So hey, it's been a while since I was here... ^^; I've been spending most of my time on tumblr, honestly. Well, the time that I have.

Uh, since my last post, I've sort of moved to the East Coast for college. Like, not actually moved. But my college is in New York (state, not city). Scarecrow and I are still together ( :heart: ), though it's been really tough doing the whole long-distance thing. I went to visit my grandparents in southern California over winter break rather than going home, so I haven't seen him since 18 August, which was the day I left. He's coming to visit over spring break, though. I get to see him in 35 days~! :iconeeeeeplz: I'm really excited.

Anyway. College has been one hell of a ride, and I'm loving it. So for any of my friends who are still checking dA regularly, hi~ Y'all should check out my tumblr.
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Latnixa Tisballex
Hey there~ My name (or close enough) is Latnixa, but you can call me Latni. I'm more of a writer than anything else, but I am armed with a camera. I might harvest some pictures from my flickr (…) and a photography class I had a while back, but I'll try to have some more recent stuff up as well. :meow:


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Spread the word! Tell your friends! =w= Have some fun with it~
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Ooh, sounds awesome~ I don't play a lot of video games, mostly due to my lack of consoles. :saddummy: But I'll check it out anyway~
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