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Inktober 19-20: Scorched, Breakable by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 19-20: Scorched, Breakable :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 4 0 Inktober 18: Bottle by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 18: Bottle :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 5 0 Inktober 17: Swollen by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 17: Swollen :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 5 0 Goofy expression meme by Moonlit-Comet Goofy expression meme :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 5 3 Inktober 14, 15, 16: Clock, Weak, Angular by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 14, 15, 16: Clock, Weak, Angular :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 8 0 Inktober 13: Guarded by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 13: Guarded :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 7 0 Inktober 12: Whale by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 12: Whale :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 7 0 Inktober 11: Cruel by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 11: Cruel :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 4 1 Inktober 10: Flowing by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 10: Flowing :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 6 0 Inktober 09: Precious by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 09: Precious :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 4 0 Inktober 08: Star by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 08: Star :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 5 0 Inktober 07: Exhausted by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 07: Exhausted :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 4 0 Inktober 06: Drooling by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 06: Drooling :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 3 0 Inktober 05: Chicken by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 05: Chicken :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 6 0 [Fake screenshot] Flyby by Moonlit-Comet [Fake screenshot] Flyby :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 10 3 Inktober 04: Spell by Moonlit-Comet Inktober 04: Spell :iconmoonlit-comet:Moonlit-Comet 6 0


Inktober 18 by Whisperspirit Inktober 18 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 5 2 Inktober 17 by Whisperspirit Inktober 17 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 4 3 Inktober 16 by Whisperspirit Inktober 16 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 7 4 Monkolithi by gabbycat17 Monkolithi :icongabbycat17:gabbycat17 5 8 [C] Lolita-Reishi by PotatoKoko [C] Lolita-Reishi :iconpotatokoko:PotatoKoko 45 20 SPECIES CONCEPT + ANIMATION + FULL PERMS (CLOSED) by NorthernRed SPECIES CONCEPT + ANIMATION + FULL PERMS (CLOSED) :iconnorthernred:NorthernRed 93 14 Inktober 14 by Whisperspirit Inktober 14 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 7 3 Inktober 13 by Whisperspirit Inktober 13 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 7 1 A Design-Hamfisted Terra by AssassinKnight-47 A Design-Hamfisted Terra :iconassassinknight-47:AssassinKnight-47 49 24 Anchiornis squabble by RavePaleoArt Anchiornis squabble :iconravepaleoart:RavePaleoArt 107 6 He stretch his leggy out real far by comixqueen He stretch his leggy out real far :iconcomixqueen:comixqueen 75 16 Darwinopterus modularis by Kana-hebi Darwinopterus modularis :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 236 14 Aywas RCC: Jurassic by KiRAWRa Aywas RCC: Jurassic :iconkirawra:KiRAWRa 544 99 Inktober 12 by Whisperspirit Inktober 12 :iconwhisperspirit:Whisperspirit 4 0 Dinosaur Stickers by Paperiapina Dinosaur Stickers :iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 329 17 maybe we can put our differences behind us by AssassinKnight-47 maybe we can put our differences behind us :iconassassinknight-47:AssassinKnight-47 59 31
Journal dolls and stickers other people have made for me:
Pancake JD by Whisperspirit
Hou and Dugger by Whisperspirit Arytiss JD by Whisperspirit
If you want to watch me for my Kirby art, don't do that and follow my Twitter instead.
I'll be posting some art there that won't go here, mainly to not clutter up the place.
And if you want to see ALL OF MY ART, go to my


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Just a people-eating gremlin that lives under your bed.

Awesome peepos:
:iconehgivar::iconwhisperspirit: :icongabbycat17: :iconwarthogwarrior: :iconpoyostar: :iconcreativetammi: :iconxhoshibuttx:




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Thank you Gigimon666 for the CORE! You're very generous!
small brain: "this person is better than me at art so I feel like I'm a bad artist"
big brain: "this person is better than me at art but that's okay because they inspire me to get better!"
Would anyone like a invite code? I currently have 21 available and will only get many, many more until June next year.
7c606245-73fb-407a-ad03-ba620e15c511 by Moonlit-Cometowo? what's this! That's right babies, I'm redrawing one of my more well known pictures from when I still went by MoonlightPuffball. Four years and eight days ago, I drew a piece called "The Snake Versus the Sand", depicting Akihiko (then known as Sir Deathwing) fighting the Overseer Fane. Back then I liked that drawing and now I still sorta do. However, it needs a big update. This'll be my first new deviation since my computer died.
my "canon lore sucks so I'll make my own" mindset is probably what turned me into an original content creator in the first place


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baconthedestroyer Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
idk when and why i watched you but i dont interact w your stuff enough, i really love it! keep up the good work, and idk why im commenting on your profile have a nice day
Moonlit-Comet Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back in 2016, supposedly. Thank you very much.
GuyBronson Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
What’s the deal with Kevin?
Moonlit-Comet Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's a dick. That's his deal.
GuyBronson Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Does he have a story, or is he just an asshole?
GuyBronson Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
If you play Starbound with FU installed and use admin mode to execute the command /spawnitem moonlit-comet, you get a placeable Vinalsj. Did you know about this?
Moonlit-Comet Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah? I made him and put him in the mod. Sayter named him moonlitcomet in the files.
GuyBronson Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Just wondering, because that's where I recognize the name from. I poke around on the github from time to time out of curiosity.

Also, I really want to create my own race mod, but I suck at spriting. Too bad, too... I wanted to make the Illithids/Mind Flayers from D&D. They're kinda like starspawn except they're not related to Cthulhu or elder beings at all and they eat brains.
linux-rules Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hello! :happybounce:

A year ago, you used this icon Patreon Icon  (Thank you very much! :D)

I write you just for 3 things:
1. You can use my icons as you please. Like showing which medium/program you used to make a deviation or your social media.
2. If I don't have a icon, tell me!
3. Have a llama! :aww: and if you need anything, here I am :D

:wave: Greetings!

ps1. I hope this comment don't bother you. 
ps2. I can do a icon of
ps3. Here are some tips: Final: extra tips
ExhaustedGiraffe Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait a sec.. Moonlit Comet? *The* Moonlit Comet? Dude I love your art so much omg
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