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[ Edits LOG]

06/04/2017 - Placed onto the new sheet
12/03/2017 - Application art finished
11/03/2017 - Written application finished

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Milo
Nicknames || None (yet)
Age || 21 (Born late winter ; 523)
Sex || Male
Gender || Male

Faction || Children of the Witch
Rank || Eidolon
Status || Nach-mór
Faction special || -

Skill(s) || -
Gift || -

.:: Appearance ::.

Species || Common horse x Unicorn halfbreed (Unicorn dominant)
Body type || 25% Zebra x 25% Donkey x 50% Mustang x Arabian
Height || 12.1 Hh (125 cm)
Color ||  Red dun

Milo is quite the average equine. In terms of height he isn't the longest around, standing around the height of the average jenny rather than a jack. He has some lean muscle to him from training, but can be considered on the weak side. His hair is well enough kept to be acceptable but still leans towards the messy side. He doesn't spent much time on his looks. If found wearing something it will most likely be of practical use or on more rare occasions of sentimental value. Milo's movement are rather jitterish out of insecurity and you might find him stumbling over his own hooves in his haste to get a job down. When alone, you may find him calmer, his movements slower and coördination beter calculated. It is the only time you may find him completly relaxed. In company Milo's voice is generally either too soft or too loud, being talked over by more confident horses or feeling like he needs to yell to be heard. When talking to animals you will find he can regulate his voice just fine, clear and carrying and in general different than talking to horses. 

Accessories ||
  • None yet

.:: Personal Information ::.

Though Milo's loyality to his faction is not to be questioned, he feels very out of place. Set to do a rank he feels not fit for, he is left awkwardly seeking his way in life, with the neccasary doubts that come along with it. Not quite knowing how he fits into his position, makes him insecure and impulsive in his need to fit in. This can make him so things without really thinking things through, showing reckless behavior. He searches for approval and acceptance, wanting to feel like he belongs. It also makes him secretive, preferring to do things, like training, on his own least he look stupid in front of the eyes of others or earn their disapproval. He isn't used to stand into the middle of attention because of this, let alone positive attention. As a result if he does find something he is good at and praised for, such as winning from another, he is at risk of becoming overconfident in that talent and even gloating towards others.

Though Milo gives off the general air of incompetence, he is quite the intelligent horse. He is quick to lay connections or solve new problems. He is able to think strategically, making plans and alternate plans while also flexible enough to make adjustments to them as obstacles appear. He is not afraid to take the path not walked before either and is inventive, able to think outside the box. In his want to discover the new, his curiousity can make his adventurous nature also quite dangerous. He can be quite foolhardy, keeping up trying after he failed, sometimes multiple times. Furthermore Milo is observant, quick to notice when something isn't right and with an eye for detail.

In the face of conflict, Milo is one to preach peace and he will always try to talk before fighting. He is strongly persuasive, though if reason fails, he will do what is neccasary. It is then you will see a darker side to Milo, turning cold. He won't shy away once that point is reached, showing a brutality and lack of remorse that can be frightening. His protective instinct will take the forefront, doing whatever is needed to provide safety for those he loves. In general however Milo is a greatly compassionate horse. To the point of naïvity even, wanting to see the good in others and willing to give second chances. He wil give strangers the benefit of the doubt, leaving him vurnerable for dishonesty and ill intentions.

When looking at a social level, Milo can be awkward. He isn't used getting a lot of attention so when he does, he isn't always sure how to behave. As such, he has armed himself with a good portion of sarcasm.

Fearless Milo is not, having a sound portion of fear to keep him alive. He will act the part and be scared when the situation is, but he is also brave, his fear and worries not generally able to keep him down.

.:: History ::.

[ Pre-group history ]
As with any foal within the children, my fate within my faction was concluded at my birth. I was born a halfbreed, my mother Ellayne a unicorn, my father Sam a common horse. My father told me when I was younger, that our line tracked back to the very beginning of the children, my grandfather adopted by a mare named Amber and my grandmother by a donkey named Ozzer. They were the orphans on which my father's line was built. Ozzer was a messenger, one even say the first. Amber was as well before becoming a soothsayer once the rank was introduced, passing on the history and knowledge of the children. The idea of messenger was something that spoke to a younger me, especially since my mother was one as well. On many one occasion I could be playing on my own, exploring the territory of our faction as if I was crossing borders and watching creatures as if I were trying to steal their secrets for our own. I cannot remember being unhappy. Still there's a time where play makes way for duty and fantasy needs to make room for reality. As so came a time to do away with mine and face my destiny. My future had been sealed at my birth as I had been bathed in the aether pool and our diviner Merodii had thrown her bones. I would grow up to be an Eidolon. There was no way around it.

I know that knowing what you are supossed to do should give you purpose, should make you feel safe and should give you belonging. However for me, it did not. At the start I could not understand why I could not go along with my mother. I whined to my father, quickly chatisized that it was not the way how things worked. I was destined to be an Eidelon like him and that id what I would be. Good behavior was promoted, inappropriate behavior frowned upon. Though I soon came to understand and accept it as the way of my faction, I did not find my way. I grew from an active kid into an awkward teenager and possibly one of the worst Eidolon ever seen. It didn't matter what I tried, I was left feeling utterly incompetent. First it was fighting skills, hoof to hoof combat. I however lacked the brawn to take another own and found myself loosing time and time again. A gift to deploy I had not. The only thing I got decent at was evading, but far and foremost taking a hit and getting up again. Seeing my training going nowhere, I was ushered towards the softer side of things. All the treatments however where not my thing, not getting past basic procedures, and getting sick at the more unsightly wounds. Switched back to combat, where I could at least escort, I was left trying to do at least some things right. It stands to say I was not feeling great, often receiving negative attention from the less pleasant of my peers. I took to training my skills in secret and could be found away from the bulk of the children on more than one occasion. I found myself observing the animals around me, initially trying to get inspiration from them for fighting moves, but soon just becoming interested in how they did things. What I learned I kept for myelf, least I be told off for doing something so unfit for an Eidolon by my dad. I made not so smart decissions at times, like that time I tried to lure a bear away by using myself as bait. What I did to try and prove myself in my rank brought me and my fellow equine in danger and it was so I was seen as irresponsible. It made them put of my soul voyage, time and time again.

My 22nd birthday is slowly drawing closer now and I know of next to no equine born in the children who was sent on their voyage after that age. I am hopeful that soon my time will be there and that I will finally learn just what life has intended for me. Just how I fit in.

[ Group history ]

.:: Relationships ::.

*If anybody wants to be family on his mother's side (Unicorn) I'm totally up for it. I'm not too sold on breed yet.

[-| Family |-]

Mother || Elayne (Unicorn)
Father || Sam (Common horse)
Sibling(s) || -

Great-grandmother(s) || Amber (adoptive)
Great-grandfather(s) || Ozzer (adoptive)
Grandmother(s) || -
Grandfather(s) || -

Aunt(s) || -
Uncle(s) || -
Cousin(s) || Benny

Significant other || -
Offspring || -

[-| General |-]

Milo's relationships can be found on his relationships tracker. (TBA)
If you are interested in having a particular relationship with him, note me or drop a comment here.
Particular relationships I'm looking as well existing characters tied to him for adoption for can be found in this journal. (TBA)

[-| Romantic |-]

Orientation || Heterosexual
Relationship status || Single 
Open to ||
( x ) Long term relationship
( x ) Short term relationship
( x ) Open relationship
( x ) Quick fling
( ✔ ) Unsure
Note: Will crush big time but is too insecure to do anything more than throw sideways compliments and admire from a distance.

Preferences ||
( ✔ ) Be driven
( ✔ ) Be strong
( ✔ ) Be intelligent
( ✔ ) Be supportive
( x ) Humiliate him
( x ) Be rude
( x ) Act like an idiot
( x ) Hate animals

.:: Additional information ::.


     [-| Other|-] 
Likes || New things, nature, animals, succeeding at something, drawing, exploring, ...
Dislikes || Failiure, dangerous situations, mindless or mean equines, ...

Drive || Purpose & Acceptance
Goals in life ||
[ ] To find his place in life 
[ ] To discover and investigate
[ ] To feel accepted among his faction
[ ] To be of worth to his faction
[ ] To find a girlfriend *cough*

Facts ||
  • Milo animals. Can be found talking to birds and such as if they were other equines and they could understand him.
  • His relationship with his mother is better than with his father, even though his mother is a messenger and thus out a lot. His father is an Eidolon like himself and pushes him a lot to become like him.
  • Despite their difference in breeds Milo's parents are very loving to one another, the occasional argument aside. 
  • Milo has a very double standard in terms of destiny. He believes strongly in it and that every horse has one, yet he also feels like his is somehow wrong.
  • Milo finds pride in the fact that his (adoptive) great-grandparents were amongst the first of their faction, though he rarely if at all mentions it.
  • He is quite interested in how the world and magic works.

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
 * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
:bulletgreen: Notes: Preferred
:bulletyellow: Google Docs: Never done this before, but I am willing to try
:bulletyellow: Forum: If there is one, yup.
:bulletyellow: Skype: Maybe, but probably slow (it glitches)
:bulletorange:  Comments: Rather not*
:bulletred: Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork specifically for the RP or for group RP's

[Maturity level ] I'd like to be able to submit things in the group. Please don't up and traumatize/mangle my horse or me without giving me a headsup/asking.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from KrosFox

Mao rubbed his snout with his front paw. This was difficult. He wished he was a better teacher. "What... -uhm- what it feels like is entirely up to you. You are your own energy. It matches your being, emotions and so on. It's in motion and it can change entirely in time. It might feel different in different circumstances, but it is and always will be yours. So I cannot define how it is supposed to feel for you. However, you are still trying to concentrate on different parts of you. It does not work that way." Mao frowned slightly. How did you explain something, you didn't fully understand yourself?

"Try not to puzzle different aspects of yourself together. There will always be pieces missing. They are unseen by yourself or just not discovered yet, therefore trying to piece things together will not work."
 Mao padded closer again, eying his sitting 'student' . "Now let's try it this way: close your eyes again and I want you to just feel. Try not to think. Just be calm and reach out. Don't panic and if you still don't get it just say it. I'll figure out another way." He smiled softly. It was strange to teach another aeniama, while he was still so young and inexperienced himself. He was acting and speaking in a way so unlike him. It was unsettling, but also thrilling.
 "You do remind me of Domino a little. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Now, can you follow what I'm saying?"


Art and character (c) moonlightwalk 
Reference used (c) FireFlightStables 
Reference sheet belongs to the group Tales-of-Wanderlust 
BlueUnicornJ13 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omgosh I absolutely adore Milo! :heart:
I loved reading through his history and personality~ Your writing style is so fluid and wonderful to read.
Hopefully Milo and my girl will cross paths sometime!~ ;D
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