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TBS | North | Warrior | Abraham by moonlightwalk TBS | North | Warrior | Abraham by moonlightwalk

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My though boy with the soft heart x3
His history wasn't supposed to be this... full of bad luck, but it happened :shrug:

[ Edit LOG ]

:new: 21/07/2016
- Updated history and relationships

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Abraham
Nicknames ||
> Just call me, Abe. Got it?

Gender || Male
Age || 35 moons
Orientation || "I am not attracted to the body, I'm attracted to the soul.' Or so he claims
Companion || None

Region || North
Rank || Warrior
Guide || N/A
Rookie ||

.:: Skills ::.


Element || Fire
Amount of Ability Stones|| 5/6
Spells ||

Safe Flame || Fire || 0/5 || Description - Essential for almost all fire elemental, this ability allows the user to reduce a large flame in size, making it smaller and more controllable.

Warm Heart || Fire || 1/5 || Description - A very useful move that can last for a decent amount of time, Warm Heart can warm up the body of the user, and maybe even surrounding cats if they sit close enough.

Smog Breath || Fire || 2/5 || Description - Usually used to get away, this spell allows the user to breath out smoke through their nostrils and/or mouth to create a foggy screen of smoke. This can also choke the enemy.

Burst || Any || 3/5 || Description - The user shoots whatever element they possess out of their mouth and/or paws. Only cats experienced with this move can perform with both at the same time.

Fire Walking || Fire || 4/5 || Description - A very useful move, it’s not necessarily powerful, but it is massively helpful in times of need. Mainly only senior cats can use it, for it takes great control to cast correctly. It allows the user to walk through any NATURAL, non-magically caused fire. This proves useful when rescuing trapped region-mates, for it can be cast on them as well.


Strength || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Speed || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Attack || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Tactics || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Stamina || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Defense || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:


Energy points || 20 points (24+ moons)

.:: Appereance ::.

Breed ||
Major breeds: Norwegian forest cat x Li Hua Mau x Maine coon

Height ||
Quite tall

Weight ||
Above average

Eye color ||

Build ||
Heavy built with a lot of muscle and a comfortable layer of fat.

Pelt ||
Has a thick dark brown semi-longhaired double coat that shields him well from the elements. It has a silky texture to it and requires remarkably less care than an average coat of this length does. His tail is rather bushy and tabby markings adorn his side. You may find that a piece of his ear is missing as well as he has a scar that starts from the corner of his eye and runs downwards.

Voice ||
Deep, calm and sometimes rough sounding. If he's around someone he's fond of he'll automatically switch to another tone of voice, with less edge to it. He's the type that can yell while whispering.

Accessories ||
Has his ability stone strapped to a cord along with some feathers. He wears it either around his neck or his tail.

.:: Personal Information ::.


[ Tenacious | Loyal | Sensitive| Gentle | Cautious | Chivalrous | Arrogant  ]

Tenacious ||
Abe has a hard time letting go of things that are in the past, whether good or bad. Those who have wronged him will always be remembered, but also good actions he keeps in mind. This can get difficult for him if someone does both of those things. He also throws himself into tasks with full vigor and setting forth even when there's bumps on the road, even when the cause is long lost. It takes a while for him to just let it be, he has difficulty accepting not making it.

Loyal ||
Loyal to a fault, that's surely what Abe is. His a strong sense of loyalty, may have to do with his tendency to give his all to things. It can definitely play mentally on the tom, when his loyalties lie divided. It can however also give him great strength, not bowing to whatever obstacle on his path when defending his cause.

Sensitive ||
Underneath his gruff and though exterior, lies a soft and tiny heart. Though he hides so from the outside world, choosing to look intimidating and strong to keep himself safe, Abe is a sensitive soul. He pays much attention to other's actions and reactions and even a small gesture may make him feel hurt. He can be especially insecure when it comes to matters of the heart.

Gentle ||
At first sight you might not take Abe as a caring cat. Nevertheless he is. He cares for the one he loves, for his region and for his region mate. He can show this gentleness at random times, turning the fierce warrior into a big plush ball of fur. Younger cats in particular are more likely to see this side of Abe. Loved one make Abe's defenses melt away, though it can be a challenge to get to that point.

Cautious ||
Once very impulsive, Abe has learned his lesson in his time alone. Life is for the cautious, those who think stuff through. While he may still be impulsive sometimes, especially when it comes to his instinct to protect, he will consider his options better now and not always rush into things. He is also cautious of other cats, always trying to gouge their intentions before engaging with them.

Chivalrous ||
Your knight in charming armor, he may not be, but Abe surely carries some of their qualities. He has a strong impulsion to defend the weak as well as to treat others with great gallantry. He's the one we will shoot forward to help the damsel in distress or the one to raise his paw when there's volunteers asked in times of need.

Arrogant ||
Arrogance, a very unappealing trait indeed. Unconscious defense mechanisms are at play here, a safety measure to protect Abe's sensitive heart. He will act strong and confident as if nothing can come to him to hide and deny any insecurities and fears he might have. Admitting any negative emotion is hard for him, likewise voicing something akin to love or attachment is something he rather show through actions than words.

[-|Likes and Dislikes|-]

Likes ||
+ Water - has a particular interest in water
+ Working out - gets nervous when he's hogged up for to long
+ Being alone - needs his time alone to put his thoughts in order and rest
+ Kittens - Oh, how he loves them, they bring out the big mushy cat in him
+ Romance - he's such a romantic at heart, whether it's for himself or someone else.

Dislikes ||
- Heights - prefers to stay on ground level
- Bullies - loathes those who pick on weaker cats
- Too warm weather - he'll overheat due to his coat
- Death and sickness - for obvious reasons

.:: History ::.

Once there was a she-cat belonging to the North. She was a searcher of rank and she did so well, spending much time on her tasks. One time however, when searching outside their region's border, she met a cat which she first mistook as one of her fellow searchers. Upon closer inspection however, it turned out they merely looked alike. Out of cheer curiosity, the female went and started up a conversation with the male. He introduced himself as a loner, a traveler that made his way between the regions, discovering the land. The she-cat was beyond intrigued, meeting the tom again and again. The secrecy, as the tom and his stories were her little secret, was enthralling and soon the she-cat had fallen for him. Likewise the male took to her.

Not long after - as young and passionate love leaves little room for thought - she found herself pregnant. Her heads were in the clouds, but soon enough she came back crashing down. Before she could confess her situation, the tom had made known he'd be leaving this area soon and travel further, thus leaving her behind. Devastated she never told him she was carrying his offspring.

Now the she-cat had a friend, a male, and he could tell the she-cat was upset. It didn't take long for him to have her spill everything. And the good friend he was, he promised he would help her raise these fatherless kittens. They told the others the kittens were his and they lived happy for some time under this pretense till the female actually could belief herself that this was how it had to be, that the tom from before had been nothing more but a dream. Things changed soon after the kittens birth however.

Kit ||
You known fate's cruel sense of humor. It was but days after the kittens birth that the queen got the news. Upon doing his duty her friend went missing, his companion, a mouse, the only thing to be found. The kittens had not even opened their eyes to see the first light.

Now between those kittens, a set of three, lay Abraham. They grew under care of his mother, helped by his uncle and aunt and were told their father was MIA. It was what they would believe for a long time. Abraham grew up a healthy kitten, be it rather meek one. He'd sit aside when other kittens had play fights and rather did nice and quiet things. Not exactly the kitten you'd see grow up into a warrior.

Now this changed by the actions of one cat, who you might guess, was a warrior. Acting like he did, made is easy for other kittens to pick on him. He didn't talk back or put up a fight, always undergoing. Now said cat had seen what was going on when his brother was roping him into a game, he obviously didn't want and interfered. After putting the siblings in their place, he took the kitten aside, telling him to stand up for himself. Abe was in awe. After that he took to watching the warriors train.

Rookie ||
Now upon becoming rookie, there was no hard choice. He wanted become a warrior, to defend other cats and his region. He fan boy number one of them sort to say. Warrior training is rather hard however, maybe too hard for soft little Abe. He had it difficult at the start, but soon grew determined. This was what he wanted and he was not going to fail. And so it became to be that he made himself strong, hiding and repressing his 'weaker' sides in favor of succeeding, wanting to be the best warrior of them all. He succeeded, completing his training young.

Warrior ||
Abe took on his job as warrior with utmost seriousness. He trained, pattroled and what not. It was a bit of a miracle that his eye still caught a certain tom. Castor was his name and he was such admirable company, that before Abe even fully realised, he was in love. He couldn't get enough of him and the world pretty much seemed like sunshine and roses. Yet again, fate decided it would play a game with him.

Age of 18 moons, his mother came back from one of her searches ill and despite the healers efforts, it only grew worse. Death was lurking around the corner and their mother called him and his siblings to her. It was her wish to tell them the truth, that their father was in fact not who they assumed to be and the she-cat made a request. Go and seek him out and bring him back for them to see. Feeling like he does not truly know himself before meeting this cat, Abe decided to take on the task. Something held him back however, his lover, he'd leave him behind. Romantic at heart, he wanted to take Castor along on this quest and he started dropping hints about leaving the region and wanting Castor to come with him. A bit too subtle about it, Castor however does not pick up on them. Abe thinks he's being rejected, that the tom does not love him enough to follow. Dejected and hurt, he leaves the region at night with no goodbyes.

Now finding a cat that you've never seen without any lead is next to impossible. Two moons passed and he hadn't found no clue. Seeing how ill his mother had been, he was sure she had died by now and seeing as Castor had not wanted to follow him, he has no hearth to return to the place were such painful memories lived. He kept travelling through the neutral grounds, occasionally straying closer to terretory borders, but never coming close to North. He hunted for himself, but sew grew lonely, having always been in company. It drove him to linger around the borders, hoping for a random cat to meet. Whether that was smartest choice is up for debate, but t is due to this that he happened to be near East territory during a crucial time. A cat -obviously not a warrior like himself- screaming, caught his attention and he jumped in to help. The predator put up a good fight and Abe got himself hurt in the progress, the scar on his eye is a remanant of this.

For saving the cat's life, he was allowed into East's lands and treated there for the wounds he required. He lingered around while he healed, soon discovering that the region hosted multiple nice cats. There he was when things took a turn for the worse, the weather situation getting out of control and feeling for first in a long time like he can do something, he stays even when as good as fully healed. So it came to be that upon evacuation, he was among them as he once again returned to the North.

Once 'home' he discovered that his lover had no longer eye for him, much to his displeasure. But he also discovered his mother had been saved, recovered thanks to the healers of their region, who never gave up even when all seemed lost. Beyond grateful, he pleaded with Iorek to once again be let among their ranks. His pleads were heard and he was once again warrior of the North.

It came as a shock when East was driven out, his new found friends being turned away in time of need. He watched them go with much reluctance. But his mother and sibling were here and right then, they all needed to survive. He retook his position as warrior and soon found out that Castor in the meantime had found another to love. With a feeling of both betrayal and he watched the two until finally the she-cat who he had chosen her belly swelled and he could look no longer. Luckily -if you could call it that- for him, he was kept buzzy as warrior, not only extreme conditions but followers as well making life difficult. First they disturbed the gathering and soon after when he and his fellow warrior Lotus were the only warriors in camp while the others were out on patrol, they attacked there as well. Though he tried his best, there were just too many for the two of them to defend and their precious kittens were taken in the chaos, leaving Abe guilty and sick to the stomach. It turned out they had a traitor running in their mids, a young cat by the name of Cohen. A trial was led against him in which it was clear their leader, struck by grieve, wanted him gone. The cat's age however made Abe's heart soften for he heard and saw not an evil follower but a lost youngster in him. He called for the leader to see clearly without clouded eyes in the decisions which he feared was understood wrongly by him. Others joined in petitioning for Cohen to stay, under which Lotus who, after the vote turned out in favour of Cohen, was put in charge of watching him alongside another cat he didn't know. Their main priority after that was locating the kittens and Abe stuck to his duty.

.:: Relationships ::.


Bullet; Blue / Bullet; Blue Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Acquainted / Familiar / Buddy
Bullet; Green / Bullet; GreenBullet; Green  Friends / Close (Friends)
Star! (Like) family
Bullet; Yellow Admires
Bullet; White / Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Neutral / Uncertain
Bullet; Orange / Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Want to know better / Like
Bullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink Attracted / Crush / Mate
Heart Love
Bullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Discomfort / Afraid of / Terrified
Bullet; Red /
Bullet; RedBullet; Red / Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Would rather Avoid / Dislike / Hate
Death Dead/Missing

(Friends= automatically like)
(Like and Love isn't necessarily in a romantic way)

*You may always try out as one of his family members. Especially his mother, siblings, uncle and aunt I'd love~
His mom should have been young when she had the litter (24 moons = +- 25 human years) so she'd be around 59 moons now (=+- 37 in human years).

[-| The North |-]

Father (Biological) || Death || Whereabouts unknown || NPC

Father (Adoptive) || Death  || MIA || NPC

Mother || :heart::bulletyellow: || - || NPC
"I'm glad you're still around. I was so relieved."

Sister || N/A || - || NPC
"Long time no see."

Brother || N/A || - || NPC
"How have you been?"

Aunt || || N/A || - || NPC
"I'm sorry if I disappointed you aunt, you always cared for me well."

Uncle || || N/A || - || NPC
"My apologies Uncle. I hope you understand."

Castor - ex-boyfriend || Bullet; RedBullet; Red Bullet; Black Bullet; Pink :heart: || Advisor || liracal
"Was I never good enough, that you turned her eyes towards her? I never once let my own stray. Don't you remember all those happy memories of you and I together?"

Annora ||  Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red || Searcher || NPC
*hatefull stare* "How dare you, he was mine."

Glendower || :bulletyellow: || Healer || CallyKitten
"You helped safe my mother. I am in your debt."

Lotus || Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Orange :bulletyellow: || Warrior || PandoraRose22 
"You helped safe my mother. I am in your debt."

[-| The East |-]

*Abe spent a good while in East and would no doubt have had friends there, maybe even someone he liked a little more but kept himself from out of loyalty towards Castor. If you are up for a friendship of some kind, drop me a note or comment :D

.:: Other ::.

Facts ||
o His coat is almost completely waterproof.
o Can endure the cold well.
o Only his mother, uncle and aunt may call him Abraham.
o Is actually a good climber despite rather staying on the ground.

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
  * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
Bullet; Green Notes: Preferred
Bullet; Green Forums: Extra earning, yay. Might need a reminder from time to time.
Bullet; Yellow Google Docs: Very difficult since I work with mobile most of the time
Bullet; Yellow Comments: Rather not*
Bullet; Orange Skype: Idem as with docs, only worse
Bullet; Red Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork specifically for the RP or for group RP's

[Maturity level ] As long as he don't gets too traumatized/beat up, it's al right. Little heads-up though.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from KrosFox

Mao rubbed his snout with his front paw. This was difficult. He wished he was a better teacher. "What... -uhm- what it feels like is entirely up to you. You are your own energy. It matches your being, emotions and so on. It's in motion and it can change entirely in time. It might feel different in different circumstances, but it is and always will be yours. So I cannot define how it is supposed to feel for you. However, you are still trying to concentrate on different parts of you. It does not work that way." Mao frowned slightly. How did you explain something, you didn't fully understand yourself?

"Try not to puzzle different aspects of yourself together. There will always be pieces missing. They are unseen by yourself or just not discovered yet, therefore trying to piece things together will not work."
 Mao padded closer again, eyeing his sitting 'student' . "Now let's try it this way: close your eyes again and I want you to just feel. Try not to think. Just be calm and reach out. Don't panic and if you still don't get it just say it. I'll figure out another way." He smiled softly. It was strange to teach another aeniama, while he was still so young and inexperienced himself. He was acting and speaking in a way so unlike him. It was unsettling, but also thrilling.
 "You do remind me of Domino a little. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Now, can you follow what I'm saying?"


Art and Abe are mine
Abe's design was created by liracal with minor adaptations on my part
Reference sheet belongs to the group The-Brightest-Shadow
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