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[ Edits LOG]

15/09/2018 - Application updated
New format, history tweaked and in-game added, personality rewritten

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Eyrin
Nicknames || -
Age || 23 (Born early fall; 1677)
Sign || The Nekomata
Sex || Male
Gender || Male

Herd || Serora
Rank || Savior
Home || Currently locked up in the Oasis
Patron god(s) || Cascade & Alya

Talent || -
Blessing(s) || -

.:: Appearance ::.

Species || Common horse
Confirmation || Belgian draft x Friesian x Quarter horse x Irish Cob
Color || Bay roan tobiano
Height || 203 cm (20 hh)
Weight || 1180 kg (2600 lbs)

Eyrin is one might describe as a gentle giant. Amongst other horses, his height is hard to overlook and his built takes up a lot of room. His mane is often messy, not tended to unless someone else suggests so and regurly adorned with beads, braids and ribbons as siblings and cousins experiment with it. In personality Eyrin is much more humble. His speech is warm if not sometimes nervous and his movement careful. Eyrin does forget himself at times though, being a notoriously clumsy horse, bumping into things and others.

Accessories ||
  • Ribbons & beads - Worn in his hair
  • Mobility gear; Wheelchair - Needed to get around
  • Saddle bags - Usually hung on his wheelchair
  • Cloak - Weather protection
  • Horseshoes - To prevent wear of his hooves

.:: Personality ::.

Big-hearted Emotional Good humoured Dutiful • Peaceful
Stubborn Trepidatious Fretful Reminiscent

Eyrin is one of those horses who's heart is too big for his own good. He wants to do good for others and he would help them regardless of what herd they're from if allowed to. He would even go as far as provide treatment for a horse he hates. He has a lot of love to give and is happy to give so in spades. He is known for being quite emotional, quick to tear up and to be moved by things. Happy or sad, both will have the water works going. The only time he doesn't is when he's forcing himself to smile to make someone else feel better. Eyrin tries and -sometimes fails- to be good of humor, cracking a joke left and right with the intend of brightening the mood. This is not always appreciated as his jokes can be not funny nor well-timed. When pursuing his work, Eyrin is quite dutiful. Eyrin always does his best with every task he is faced with. He takes his job very seriously and would walk through fire to get things done. Or rather stick around when a situation frightens him. When he is buzzy, everything else comes second to him. Generally peaceful in attitude, Eyrin is very much a lover and not a fighter, always there to try and calm things down when they get too heated. He can be quite stubborn in doing this. If he set his mind on something, he'll stick to it for better or worse. You can annoy, disgust or scare him to death, but he most likely won't back of completely until you at least compromise. Fearless Eyrin is not. If he had the choice he would stay as far away from possibly dangerous situations as well... possible. When taking risks (or perceived risks) he'll be jumpy and anxious, worrying that something will go wrong. Though he will carry on his duty under all circumstances, he isn't always eager to do so. With sometimes little resources to go around and the limits of their land, life has not been a walk through the park. With life regularly working against him and his whole herd, Eyrin can't help but complain under his breath about the circumstances. He frets a lot, seemingly always expecting for something to go wrong, a worry that is sadly not always unjustified. Perhaps his good memory is to blame for this. Eyrin doesn't forget. If you've been good to him or others he likes, he'll remember. If you screwed him over, he'll also remember and he will not easily forgive. If you did both, well, then it gets complicated to him.

.:: History ::.

[-| Bulletpoint version |-]

  • Early fall 1677: Born in Serora herd (0)
  • 1685: Runs off from his parents and gets caught in a wild fire (8)
  • 1685-1686: Slowly heals; finally back healthy (8-9)
  • 1690: Starts tagging along with different jobs (13)
  • 1692: Helps another wounded teen, the encounter changes his views (15)
  • 1697: Becomes a full-fledged savior (20)
  • Winter 1700: Drought strikes Serora, helps gather supplies (22)
  • Spring 1700: Tasked with helping finding new supplies; The oasis is discovered (22)
  • Summer 1700: Adhara dies during childbirth despite his best effort, the child Hanani is a kirin (22)
  • Fall 1700: War is coming; Tasked with finding out the alliance of the new kirins on their land (23)
  • Winter 1701: Babysitting is disrupted, finding the children toying with a weapon followed by Alya herself appearing (23)
  • Spring 1701: War is an ugly thing; Rushing to take care of a downed Golgotha, Eyrin sustains back injury (23)

[-| Pre-group history|-]


As a Foal||

Eyrin was born into the Serora herd and has never known any different. His father was a hard worker and his mother more of a dreamy type. The stallion taught his son to love his herd and the mare taught him to roam free and enjoy himself. As a foal Eyrin was still rather open in doing things, going wherever he liked and choosing to test different things. This turned out to be a bad thing though when on day the foal went in against his parents teachings and wandered of on his own, wanting to inspect his suroundings. Not heading warnings however, the foal soon found himself in a wildfire, his screaming allowing him to be rescued in the knick of time. In the end the fire did not kill him, but the damage had been done. The colt now obeyed every word, but he did also did not happily stray again.

Teenager ||
As Eyrin grew older, his parents saw how down their son had become. It was as if the burns left his soul injured, leaving him physically mostly healthy, but with a broken will. In interest in getting him lively again, they thought it was in his best interest to have him seek a place for him in the herd. A goal would surely spark that waning flame again. As always Eyrin obeyed his parents wishes and tagged along with many different horses, testing different jobs. The motivation though was not there and it was soon clear that their plan was not working. It wasn't until another teen presented themselves in his life, that things changed. They were wounded and so Eyrin helped them out as much as he could. Though he had always dutifully done as his parents had taught, he had never felt good about it, until he helped this one out. That little moment changed how he looked at things and soon the teen smiled once more, now finding joy in serving others. He would learn how to help others, how to heal. He tagged along with the medicine horses, studying fervently to become one himself, so if the need arised he'd be able to truelly help those who needed it.

Young Adult ||
Eyrin is a medicine horse now and though he has still a long way to go and a lot to learn, he's very much enjoying his works. He hopes, in the feature he will be able to specialize in poisons and cures, so he can prevent others having going through the same thing as him when he was little. For now though he's happy, serving his herd.

[-| Group history|-]


[Chapter 1]

As a drought stuck Sedo, Eyrin was tasked with finding herbs alongside their Prophet and fellow herdmates. After a long track and an attack by coyote, they finally found some hard earned supplies. With the news announced that they'd be rounding up vagabonds to get by, Eyrin and his family with a heavy and guilty heart, warned their family and acquaintances away.

[Chapter 2]

Time dragged on and the cost of their survival weighed down on them. Assigned to a group under the guidance of their Sultan, they sent out to find a miracle and it would seem that was what they found. They met a peculiar horse by the name of Ishmael who despite his quizzical ramblings led them to their salvation: the oasis. As tension rose with Aodh, the deal with them was broken, a choice that wasn't met with friendly feelings. Eyrin was happy they were free of said deal.

[Chapter 3]

With Osprey's child due, Eyrin was tasked to help deliver it. With birth going swiftly, it came as quite the shock when Adhara quickly started deteriorating in health. Despite their best efforts they passed, Eyrin feeling guilty for it. The child, named Hanani by Adhari before passing, turned out to be kirin, a thing that shouldn't have been possible at all. Though carrying no hate for Hanani, Eyrin cursed Ignacio for what had transpired.

[Chapter 4]

With war on the wind, the herd prepares for it as best as they can. With so little to go around they can't afford to have strangers around who won't be of help. Eyrin is tasked with confronting the newly appeared kirins on their land with a choice. Stay and help or move along. Though emotions get a little heated, the meeting is ended peacefully.

[Chapter 5]

A quiet day babysitting Pan and some other children quickly get disrupted as Eyrin finds the children playing with a weapon of sorts. Though to the dismay of the children, Eyrin confiscates the item and bring it to the mullah, who take it into their possesion. The day gets even more hectic as Alya herself decides to appear before them, showing them the horror of the kirin in the past. Eyrin is left shaken.

[Chapter 6]

War is an ugly thing and Eyrin is thrown in the middle of it. Working around the clock to save as many as he can, he ends up in a tent with saviors and clerics alike, all working together to help a downed Golgotha. As the trashing of the huge fury brings down a tent pole, Eyrin rushes to keep it up. The weight is too much however and he sustains back injury, further messed up by his healing regeneration as it kicks in and heals it wrong. He's taken to the oasis, right before his closes where he hears the verdict. He'll need a wheelchair to get around. His sadness is soothed by the fact he finds his family sounds and safe in the oasis as well.

.:: Familiar Information ::.

Name || Kiki
Age || 1 year 3 months
Gender || Female
Species || Sand cat

Personality || Playful | Needy | Wary | Noisy | Cuddly | Friendly

A kitten still, Kiki needs a lot of attention and she's not afraid of demanding it. If she knows you she will try and play with you, but if you're a stranger she'll be wary and stare at you from somewhere close and safe behind Eyrin. She's still rather helpless and gets tired soon, so she needs lots of sleep. She can be found riding on top of Eyrin or crawls into his saddle bags. She a real cuddler, probably Eyrin's doing as he keeps her close by all the time. When Eyrin is buzzy she always needs to know what's going on, there's no keeping her out of your business. Overall she is a friendly kitten.

The way we met ||
After the scouting trip during the drought, Eyrin ran into this little girl. He heard her mewling and found her completely dehydrated. He gave her some of her water supply and after finding the nest with no living kitten remaining thanks to the drought, Eyrin couldn't just leave her behind. He brought her along and presented her to one of the travelling merchants passing Osulas. When the merchant didn't want to take on such a needy and young kitten at the time, he requested she be uplifted and Eyrin took on the duty on raising the kitten himself after gaining the necessary information from the merchant.

.:: Relationships ::.

[-| Family |-]

Mother || Camilla
Father || Kyano
Siblings || Alexa (Older sister), The Twins

Significant other || Mordekai
Offspring || Pangolin (Foster child)

Grandmother(s) || Marigold (Paternal), Milène (Maternal)
Grandfather(s) || Sterling (Paternal), Brynjar (Maternal)

Aunt(s) & Uncle(s) || Delilah (Aunt)
Cousin(s) || Pangolin

[-| General |-]

Eyrin's relationships can be found on his relationships tracker [TBA].
If you are interested in having a particular (pre-RP) relationship with him, note me or drop a comment here.
Particular relationships I'm looking as well existing characters tied to him for adoption for can be found in this journal [TBA].

[-| Romantic |-]

Orientation || Pan
Relationship status || Taken
Open to ||
( x ) Long term relationship
( x ) Short term relationship
( x ) Open relationship
( x ) Quick fling
( x ) Unsure

Preferences ||
Be sweet, be good with kids, be passionate, be a little daring, protect him

.:: Additional information ::.

  [-| Views & Beliefs |-]

The gods || Eyrin is devout to Cascade most, but also prays to Alya and Kaia. His fondness of Cascade stems from the fact that her water saved his father after getting burned when saving him from a wild fire. He doesn't know much about Argus, but respects him. He's outright bitter towards Ignacio, but also scared of him.

Stigma || Nah.

Other herds || Aodh sucks. Breim is cool. Vagabonds also cool. Talori, hmmm.... Warforged???

  [-| Other|-]

Likes || -
Dislikes || -

Drive || Belonging
Goals in life ||
[ ] Being useful to others
[ ] Living a happy life

Facts ||
  • Kind of a touchy-feely horse. He enjoys being groomed too.
  • The stars calm him down at night, giving light in the dark, making things seem less dangerous
  • His manes curl if they grow out longer, they also grow at a rather high rate.
  • He can be a bit of a slob sometimes, having his manes stick everywhere.
  • Needs his mane to be cut back at least once a year or they'll get in front of his eyes :') Again: they grow way fast.

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
 * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
Bullet; Green Notes: Preferred
Bullet; Green  Forum: Extra earnings, yay! - Poke me if I forget for a bit
Bullet; Yellow Comments: Depends*
Bullet; Orange Google docs: I tend to forget it exists, doesn't work to well with my phone and I have no idea how to make one myself
Bullet; Orange Skype: Idem as with docs. I'm willing to try if you poke me at times though!
Bullet; Red Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork/journal specifically for the RP or for group Rp's

[Maturity level ] I'd like to be able to submit things in the group. A heads-up before pulling anything would be appreciated.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from Starborn-Alignment

Leonardo looked on in amazement as the young Aodhian monarch spoke, presenting their herd with the legendary creatures of which he had only heard in tales and books. He turned away from the food stand, trying to get a better look, thinking the stall keeper would surely hand over the food to Ciel. Their king spoke, accepting the gift and filling Leon with thrill. This. This was it, no doubt. The start of peace, a moment that would go down into history and he was privileged enough to attend it. But it all ended in a moment. Gone was the excitement, replaced by confusion and just the slightest bit of panic as an ear deafening boom resounded and a bright light blinded him. It took a couple of moments for both his sight and hearing to return and by the time it did, horses were already pushing and screaming, panic taking hold of the crowd in the explosion's aftermath. Leon tried to keep his place, but was inadvertently swept away by the crowd, separating him from Ciel. He vehemently prayed the stallion would be all right in his current state. He took note of the pygmy dragons, who had escaped in the commotion, and the crumbled building, trying to make sense of what had just happened. A sense of panic again clawed at his heart, seeing the damage done by the explosion and he asked Argus to make sure that please no horse got hurt. He willed himself to stay calm, knowing panic would only make the situation worse. Looking around to see if he could find his old men, his eye fell on something else. A shadow between the nearby buildings, moving about in an awfully suspicious matter. His skin prickled as his eyes locked onto it, feeling himself moving forward. Something was off and as he steeled himself to push into its direction, his curiosity whispered for him to find out what was up.


Character & art (c) me
Reference sheet belongs to the group Starborn-Alignment
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