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SA | Serora | Peacemaker | Midas  [RETIRED] by moonlightwalk SA | Serora | Peacemaker | Midas  [RETIRED] by moonlightwalk

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:new: Midas take two

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04/12/2016 -
Application reworked
02/10/2016 - Application finished

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Midas
Age || 35 (Born mid summer; 1665) - It depends which season we are now in chapter
Sign || Dragon
Sex || Male
Gender || Male

Herd || Serora
Rank || Ambassador
Location|| Currently residing in an inn in Aquore
Patron god(s) || Alya & Cascade

Talent || -
Blessing(s) || -

.:: Appearance ::.

Species || Hippocampus
Breed(s) || Marwari x Akhal Tekhe x Arabian x Russian riding horse mix
Color || Chestnut Pangare

Midas is an a moderate built stallion. He is long and lean, with a modest amount of muscle. He is rather light, his strength not lying in brute force but agility and speed. The feature he loves about himself the most are his ears and he enjoys it when others notice them too. You may find that he almost always can be found wearing his collar which is his preferred accessory. His taste of dress is rather specific and he won't wear anything that's unflattering or deemed unsightly by him, putting more weight on appearance than practicality. His movement reflect his confidence, being calculated and posed. He certainly isn't opposed to moving around with extra deliberation when putting up a show. His voice is deep and warm, being able to carry far and clear without needing to yell. If particularly wanting to, he can practically make it drip honey as he speaks.

Accessories ||
  • Travel bags - Only wears them when necessary
  • Collar - Gift from his mother; always wears it

.:: Personality ::.

[In a nutshell]

Midas is a horse who puts appearances high on his priority list, seeing how he wished to be liked and respected. Though he has his fair share of undesirable traits (from spending a little too much time on material things to downright manipulating others in doing what he wants), he still manages to be warm and genuine most of the time. His pride and passion for things are his main driving forces aside from his personal goals such as being respected and liked.

[The long version]

Confident - Fragile - Vain ||
Midas is a horse with many layers.  He usually has good confidence in his abilities and thinks himself attractive. That confidence however can fluctuate a lot. On one hand he can act borderline arrogant, on the other he can question himself, his worth and his mistakes a lot, his ego fragile in its core and protected by appearances and actions. He has a need for approval and has issues with believing others will grow romantically bored of him while hebhas so much love to give. He could frequently be found breaking off romantic relationships and hopping to new ones. It has earned him the reputation as player. Little do most know he usually breaks it off because he has convinced himself the other will grow tired off him and he's jumping a sinking ship. As a result of this all Midas is vain, spending much care on his appearance. If he can't look good, he doesn't feel well. A compliment on his appearance will make his heart swell.

Networker - Flirty - Self-indulgent ||
Another thing he draws his self worth from is not his looks, but his social status. He finds it important to appear likeable, spending much time networking. He likes being liked, but he also draws happiness from making others happy. You can often find him genuinely chatting to the most common of horses. He makes sure to remember details such a birthdays and other important happenings in others' life so he can come back to it to talk about later. When it comes to his work he'll even go as fair as writing down some things when it comes to important faces so he can use it for social relations. He is also quite the flirt both on a social level and a romantic. Compliments he'll give aplenty because he feels good when others smile because of him. Sportive flirting with horses he's attracted too is something that happens commonly as well, seeing how he likes a little play with words to kill the stress. The good things in life Midas certainly enjoys. For all the humbleness of Sedo's lands, he  certainly is a little more spoiled than the average Seroran, saving trinkets, enjoying a sweet snack and securing that perfect exta soft cushion for his home.

Diplomatic - Dishonest - Sly ||
Though he usually is genuine in his interactions, Midas certainly isn't above using his ties to others to pull some strings and get things done. He remembers his debts and favours owned to him and will gladly trade favours for favours. To do this he will even keep up relations with those he doesn't like, acting deceitfully friendly in the face off others. He's the kind off horse that will walk up and chat about the weather when really he hates everything you stand for. This is mostly to be seem as the good guy, but mighty handy in politics as well. Facades are his forte. His silver tongue is usually able to convince he is the right (even when he really isn't) and he can swiftly guide others around a problem with words. Midas is that annoying politician that butters up the crowd.  

Prideful - Biased - Fair ||
Midas has a lot of pride, both for who he is and what he does. He gets great satisfaction out off representing his herd, feeling import. His pride stretches further than just himself though. He has pride for his herd, his family, his gods and even Sedo itself. Insult anything off it and you'll find out how biting and snide Midas can get, expressing his anger to backhanded remarks and stinging comments on what you yourself stand for. Though it can fuel his temper his pride also drives him, truly happy to show the best of what he loves. That pride comes with a certain bias. Midas will always put what he loves first and it can cloud his judgement or make him harsh. He had for example little trouble when it came to his herd's predicament capturing Vagabonds. Even if it went against his morals, the survival of the herd was deemed much more important and he does not blame his superiors for accepting. He holds himself to a certain fairness though. For example he was fine with herd horses spreading the word to warn Vagabonds away. You'll find that fairness reflected in his little romantic adventures as well, always making sure his partner is aware of the terms of the relationship. Don't even dare try and accuse him of not being so. 

Passionate - Broad-minded - Detail-oriented ||
Spirit. It's something Midas has. He has a fire burning in him, driving him forward. He is passionate about something whether that be a lover, his job, a friend or he it just isn't for him. It can make him a little fiery, but also ambitious and driven. His open mind allows for a open views off things making it easier to understand new or to him weird aspects. Understanding is not agreeing though. Midas also has  tendency to order the world around him and when doing this he has an eye for detail, He's the kind of horse that will notice if you touched that little statue in his room because it moved one centimetre out of place and now he's itching to  put it back. He'll do a neat job doing stuff though. His letters are really to die for, nicely written and clean.

.:: History ::.

Bullet point version ||

  • 0: Born in Serora herd (1665; Mid summer)
  • 0-14: Midas grows as your somewhat regular foal. (1665-1679)
  • 14: Midas' mother suggests he is ready for the ceremony of the rising wind, but much to Midas' shame, his family disagrees. (1679)
  • 14-16: Midas takes on the job of caregiver to prove himself. (1679-1681)
  • 16: Midas passed his ceremony, but his sign isn't clear. His first love breaks up with him. (1681)
  • 16-25: With lack of direction, Midas starts working as a fleet foot, but isn't very happy as he doesn't feel in place.; When the opportunity arises, Midas starts working to become ambassador (1681-1690)
  • 25: Midas is officially installed as ambassador to Talori (1690)
  • 25-33: Becomes used to his stationing and the herd's customs (1690-1699)
  • 33: Retires from his position to come home to his daughter (1699)
  • 33-35: Resides in Serora as fleet foot; is however unhappy (1699-1700)
  • 35: His apprentice gets herself into trouble and is demoted; Midas is asked to fill in the role again; He accepts (1700; summer)
  • 35-Current: Just arrived in Talori herd; Will try to smooth over any hurt relations between their herds. (Summer 1700-Current)

[-| Pre-group history |-]

As a Foal||
I was born under the burning sun of Sedo. My mother was a horse of the desert such as myself, my father a vagabond.  You should probably know my family wasn't your ordinary mother-father foal one, no. It was big. Mother didn't love father, they just struck a deal. Who she loved was mama. Mama shared her love with many others, but while mother was fine with that she didn't want to share me. So she met father and finding him a suitable match, I was created.

It was in the mid of summer that I was delivered when the sun was at it's highest, my mother resting in the shade of her home in Osulas. For the first few weeks everything went as it would be in a relatively normal family, my mother weaning me and my father watching over me and my mother. Only momma was there too and my father was a vagabond, born and bred who only a week after I was born, he hit the road again. That's also when I was deemed strong to meet the rest of the family and boy, was it a lot of them. Turns out I had many more mothers and father. And with my brothers and sisters I was never alone. Seriously never.
It's not like I can complain. I had a mother who was, in her own way, loving. I don't think my mother has a Seroran heart like my father has a vagabond one. She worked as a planter for our herd, never straying too far from Osulas like most families do. She preferred the comfort of her home over the hustling off tents and the long days walking. When she was off work, she preferred her rest and own time, ushering me off to play with my brother and sisters and I was taken care of my momma and the other parents more often than not. It was quite a buzzy household. Sometimes too buzzy for me. Even if I was never short on love, it also could make me feel like one in a dozen and even a good family like mine was not without fight, the multiple relationships made everything just that little more complicated. I made a habit of going down to the river and waiting for other foals to show up as their families touched bases with the city. For them I was not just another member of the family and that made me feel more important and unique. From time to time my father would show up, bearing gifts for me and my mother. I lived for those moments, greedily taking what he offered, both in gifts as in time. My father was quite different from my mother. Whereas she was all aloof and refined, my father had a certain edge. A gruff kind of friendliness. He would talk to me about how to behave, share some stories as he sat down to have tea with me. Sadly as I grew older, the times he visited diminished in frequency. I was spoiled whenever he showed up though. His gifts I stashed away in my room. It were pretty coins and gems. I remember a play date when another foal had found it and I had gotten mad. My mother, who had their mother over, had been livid. Serorans  didn't behave like that. I was forced to let my play mate pick something from my collection. It was to learn me a lesson, but I was so angry I cried. They were from my father for me after all.  My brothers and sisters knew that, why couldn't the others? After that I kept them in a box, stashed away under my bed so I didn't have to share. 

Teenager ||
Once I got a small golden trinket, shaped in the form of an animal of sorts, which my father whispered to be Talorian in my ear. I was impressed thinking he had faced real barbarians to get it for me. It became my favourite treasure off all and I kept it on me at all times, safely hidden from others' eyes. It was proof how much my father cared for me, even when he wasn't always around. That trinket marked my first steps towards adulthood. While it would still be a couple of years before my ceremony and subsequent apprenticeship, I used to tag along with my mamas and daddies. It would teach me about the different aspects of Serora. Life wasn't all fun and games and sooner or later I had to contribute to my herd. To say I was less than thrilled would be an understatement. At first I had actually been excited. If there was one thing I, a young colt at the time enjoyed, it was feeling important. And what was more important than being a functioning herd member? I expected to feel the same warmth I got from looking at my little box of treasures. That sense of pride and satisfaction you get when knowing you mean something. I was sorely disappointed. I tried joining my mother under the sun as she tended to her crops. There where almost no other foals around to play with and watching or helping mother was very much boring. It took me less than a day to understand that it was nothing for me, less than a week to give it up and go find mama to tag along with. How she still manages to do such a repetive job, day in day out of doing the same thing, is beyond me. I followed her around as she showed me the so called art of gathering. This sounded a little more interesting. I got to travel around and collected things just like father did. It was far from treasure that I was gathering though. Herbs, certain plants and materials. It was slow and I was often left walking with my nose in the dust. It was better than planting though so I persevered. I often got sidetracked though, talking to other horses, studying interesting looking yet worthless objects or spending -according to mama- way too much time ordering what it was we gathered. Still I was only a fledgeling so she let me do as I pleased as long as it didn't interfere with my work.

My mother must have been the one who fed my ambition. At the early age of fourteen she was somehow convinced it was time for my ceremony of the rising wind. I was excited as word was passed and my father sent a bird flying towards us announcing his return to be present for the event. Mama and the other parents however expressed their concerns towards my mother and taking their advice the whole thing was postponed. I couldn’t meet father’s eyes as they explained the situation upon his arrival. He didn’t make a big deal out of it, but I felt like dying. I wasn’t mature enough. Not ready for such a step. So shameful. Not long after I came home with my first girlfriend. Adults had special relationships like this thus so would I.

It was short and fleeting my first venture into the treacherous waters of romance. It didn’t matter really, I hadn’t loved her and she had not seen much more in me than what could superciliously be seen. It wasn’t serious, but the rejection stung. Some more flirting happened, never serious. That was until I met him. I was almost sixteen by then, just a few months before my actual rising ceremony would take place. He was handsome, funny and didn't mind pointing out my lesser qualities. I had since taken up the duty of caregiver, eager to prove that I had that maturity that they thought I lacked. We bickered as he tagged along on babysitting duties and he would race me in an effort to improve our stamina and speed. A simple crush soon became more and soon I was in love. I courted and he accepted. It was bliss. The time for ceremony was approaching fast and father was once again present for it. This time I could be proud. Mother and mama made huge deal out off the clipping, inviting the whole of the family along to drink tea with us and discus what clippings I would receive. It was flattering yet a little annoying as five mares fussed over me, wanting to get the clippings just right. Father stayed on the sidelines for the most of it, not wanting to intrude on our Seroran tradition. When they were done, he stepped in and added one small thing upon my shoulder. A wave. "For our wave mother." He explained. "For she is part of who you are." I had never really thought about it. Yes, I was born with fins, but I barely got to use them. But there I stood with a sudden reminder of my heritage and somehow it clicked with me. After that day I would pray to Cascade as I did to Alya. 

The ceremony itself was exhausting, both physically and mentally. I spent many hours wandering, looking for a sign. I tried to look for patterns, for messages, anything really, but the longer I walked, the more futile it seemed to become. There were no clouds that formed symbols, no paths in the sand that led my way, no words whispered in the wind. I wanted to give up, but I didn't dare return without exciting news. Instead I felt my hooves carry me to the river where I had spent so much time as a foal. Angry I tossed my bag to the ground, sinking down and staring at its waters as if there the answers would be shown. "Please." Maybe there was no purpose for me here. Maybe I was not born to be a Seroran after all. The thought pained me, making me realize that I actually wanted to be. I imagined myself successful outside of the herd. Maybe a vagabond travelling alone like father or well known horse in the tunnels of Sirith. The thought didn't thrill me, didn't move me, didn't make me burn. I didn't just want to mean something: I wanted to mean something as a Seroran. I begged Alya as well as Cascade for a sign, any sign, however small. When  I opened my eyes something caught my eye. It lay there innocently a few metres from my bag, no doubt having been flung from it as I tossed it to the ground. A small golden trinket, shaped in the form of an animal of sorts. The same trinket that my father had given to me years before and I had treasured all this time. And I knew it was my sign. I just didn't mean what it meant. 

Adult ||
Upon my return my family was just as puzzled as I was. Nevertheless it's symbol as well as the waters of the river were added to my clippings and the ceremony was considered a success. Father suggested it maybe meant I was supposed to travel with him as he had been the horse who gave it to me in the first place. And as tempting as it was to spent more time with him, I knew it was not what was fated for me. Just like father was forever a vagabond at heart, I was Seroran. Fate would meet me when the time was right. That was my father's wisdom that was accepted by us all. As a gift in honour of my coming of age, he commissioned an updated travel bag, the trinket I first kept hidden now proudly presented upon it. It reminded me in times when I felt like giving up that the gods did have something in store for me, a task to fulfil.

I had wanted to continue as gatherer as that's what I had tagged along with most. I had always been doing my best thus it came as quite the kick in the face when mama ‘gently’ suggested I might be better suited for another task. I felt humiliated and rejected. Useless even. It’s around then my interactions with other horses kicked up a notch. I might have made for a bad gatherer, at least I could make others smile and listen to me. I took comfort in that as I tried for another thing. I wasn’t completely useless in combat, but I certainly wasn’t a heavy hitter either. Whereas the bigger stallions and mares used strength to beat down their opponent, I preferred to verbally hand them their behinds. Why yes, I would say in mental sparring I was a protégée, though of course that line of defence was not appreciated and I went to sleep with cuts and bruises on several of my nights. I felt smarter than them, above brute force and I quickly learned the error of such attitude in form off a harsh beating as the other apprentices didn’t go easy on me and started avoiding me after training altogether. Failing at both training and social life was unacceptable. Mother always told me that our herd thrived on just that: relationships. We were tight knit and that was our strength. And I knew it was a strength I could master if I just changed tactics. First my peers were sceptical, but with pleasant behavior I soon got those smiles and that attention again. And even though I was moved to lighter training to in the future graduate as screamer, I thrived. 

I struggled my way through the rest of training finding it hard to find motivation when I knew it was not a position meant for me. That fact was thrown back in my face when my heart was broken. I had no passion. I didn't even know how to interpret the sign I had been given. He needed someone with spirit. We just didn't match. I guess he tried to be gentle, but in the end all I heard is that he got bored off me. My inner flame flickered, in danger of going out, but instead of dying it roared. I'd prove him wrong. 
I soon graduated into the full rank of fleet foot, earning me a collar my mother had made out of materials she had demanded my father bring along. Running messages was my forte and I was quite adept at paraphrasing whatever needed to be said without missing important things. I had several relationships after my first break up, but all were short and fleeting. He somehow broke my ability to be successful like that and I grew... concerned time and time again of them finding me boring and without passion. I tried all manners of things. Entered in open relationships so they'd have the option to seek diversity in their interactions. It seemed less serious that way as well. Like I wasn't committed, and if I wasn't, it wouldn't hurt me if it ended. But it scared me still and I made a habit of chickening out after some time. I ran before I could fall in love or fall deeper than I already had. It scared so I dumped and ended it and told them it was over. I knew it was bad, I know. I have been called a player, a heart breaker, but in the end I never cheated, never lied, except maybe to myself. And who will judge me for that? Friends was the only thing that kept me going. It was as such that fate came knocking at my door in the form of a slightly drunken buddy who was sputtering loudly for everyone to hear about one of the most unwanted position in our herd. Apparently the current ambassador to Talori herd was preparing to retire from the position and, with all other ambassadors preoccupied with other herds, word on the road was that they were in search of someone to follow them up. But who would ever want to be tasked with living and working with barbarians? In memory my father whispered into my ear how it was Talorian and I remembered how I impressed I had been that my father had faced such barbarians. It had been my sign. The one which had remained not understood up till then. This was my chance.
Mother and mama were a little concerned about my plans, especially when I mentioned the herd of Aquore in particular. They however were also proud, the idea of their son filling such a position filling them with pride and they along with the rest of my family gave support. Father jokingly wrote to me that it was probably my vagabond blood that could not keep me contained in one herd. I presented myself as wanting to be an ambassador and yes, that I was open to following up in any position that opened up, even it were herds like Aodh and Talori which had a less than pleasant reputation within our herd. There was some scrutiny and discussion but I was determined and after telling them about my ceremony of rising wind and using my general charm to sway them my way, I was given a shot at the position on two conditions. One: I needed to show them I was diplomatic and mature. And two: I needed to learn how to read and write so I could communicate through letters. Determined I succeeded and by the time I was twenty-five, I was sent on my way to Talori.
It was quite the step in the dark. For a couple of barbarians, they were sure secretive and I had little to go on. What I lacked in knowledge, I made up for in spirit though. I was a child of the desert, of Alya, but also Cascade. My father had reminded me of that and I had to remember Talori was hers once. It was important to my people and an honour to get to represent them so I took the leap. I was in for quite the shock.

I was scrutinized at the borders and assigned someone to guide me -though it seemed more to keep an eye on me instead- before I was led off into the jungles. I remember wistfully thinking about my room at home and it's soft cushions while I prepared for a life in the damp wilderness. That was until we passed the first village and later when we made it to the city. It was vibrant, alive and above all cultured. Why was I not told off the beautiful mosaics that paved the streets? The performers that stood at the corner of streets?  The market that hustled and bustled with horses full of life? Why was I presented with the image of mere barbarians? Like the regular culture shock wasn't enough. The 'why' soon enough became clear as I was informed of how things would work. I was made to uphold rules and standards of what I could do in my position and whatnot. It was ridiculous and restricting, but with eye on peace and herd relations I was forced to politely accept. It was a challenge and I took it. At first it was hard to get up to speed with their culture and it's many expectations and rules, but I consider myself adaptable and adapt I did. I first thought their strictness in matters love and more carnal desires would be the hardest. That was until the first solstice came around. 
The term barbarian seemed suddenly so befitting. Why would one do such a horrific thing? Many of my friends were Pegasi and I couldn't help picturing them falling to their deaths. I didn't for a moment belief Cascade would demand such a thing. Sick I returned to my inn, my previous meal already somewhere on the side of the road, unable to hold it in after they cut the first wing. I had to excuse myself, made an apology by lying about eating something bad and retreated. I almost quit that night. How could I face horses who did such things every day during my stay? How could I stand there and do nothing? I wanted to quit, but I didn't. Because who would fill the position then?  I had signed up for it and I would do it. Besides I would never want to put another Seroran through seeing something like this. But in the end I did.

I spent almost nine years in the position in which things were relatively quiet. I say relatively because I deal in politics. These things tend to be lively to say the least. I personally think I have done great considering some stuff I need to put up with. I spent so much time in my host herd that it almost became a second nature. I knew the rules, could walk and talk naturally in their scene. Their ways still eluded me at times but I became habituated. Trips to home were near non-existent, but when I could go home, I could let loose. It was so that quite unexpectedly one of my lovers wrote to me. She was pregnant; I was going to be a father. For a bit I was thorn. I wanted to return, to be present for my first foal's birth, but on the other hand I also didn't want to leave my position. As if the gods herd me, I received word that a younger mare was interested in taking the job. It was somewhat bitter-sweet, because it would allow me that time with my daughter, but it would also take me away from the rank that was fated for me. Then I decided family came first.

[ Chapter 1 ]
After mentoring as much I could given the demands of secrecy -which just as my mentor did for me, very little-, I returned home just as Hana was due to give birth. I became father of a beautiful little girl who we named Phoenix. I could burst in happiness, but times turned harsh. Things in Sedo weren't going well. There was a prolonged drought and the herd had to eventually fall back to asking the other herds for help. The deal that came forth from Aodhian negotiations was off putting. We had to round up slaves for them. I didn't blame the higher ups though for accepting. The situation was dire and if it was them or us, I would pick us any time. I sent father a fair warning like I suspected most with vagabond family did. If there were no vagabonds to catch it'd be too bad for the Aodhians and we would have still kept our part of the deal.

[ Chapter 2 ]
I had since my return switched back to being a fleet foot, carrying messages as I once did. It was in one word dull. Don't understand me wrong, I was happy I could spent those early moments with Phoenix, but my rank and it's tasks did not speak to me. I was bored and no amount of romantic adventures could change that. I missed using my wit to gather intel, I even missed the political intrigue. I became incredibly unhappy even though I tried to keep myself upbeat. I started contemplating changing to crafter or maybe joining the council. It seemed however the gods tried to guide me on the right path once again as I received the request to be sent back into the field. It seemed that my former apprentice had gotten herself into some trouble, ending up being demoted by the Talorian emperor himself and being detained to their herd. Least to say our herds relations were somewhat shaken by this and they could use a familiar horse to try sooth it over. I saw the sign and took it for what it was, kissing my precious daughter good bye as I returned to Aquore.

[-| Group history|-]

In the future

.:: Relationships ::.

[-| Family |-]

Mother || Sayyida (biological) & Amira
Father || Qadir (biological)
Other parental figured || Taj, Farah, Aimir, Saida, Tariq & Raisa
Siblings ||
Karin, Nur, Idiris, Naila, Samir, Amin, Reis & Senna

Significant other || -
Offspring ||

[-| General |-]

Midas' relationships can be found on his relationships tracker (TBA).
If you are interested in having a particular (pre-RP) relationship with him, note me or drop a comment here.
Particular relationships I'm looking as well existing characters tied to him for adoption for can be found in this journal (TBA).

[-| Romantic |-]

Orientation || Pansexual
Relationship status || Single
Open to ||
( ✔ ) Long term relationship*
( ✔ ) Short term relationship
( ✔ ) Open relationship
( ✔ ) Quick fling
( x ) Unsure
*note that he hasn't succeeded at these yet
** Also note that these are Serora only with eye on his job

Preferences ||
( ✔ ) Playfully bossy
( ✔ ) Open-minded
( ✔ ) Massages
( ✔ ) Unique personality or appearance
( x ) Clingy
( x ) Sex only  He ain't a courtesan 'kay?
( x ) Horses who can't be pleased
( x ) Too aggressive/domineering He'll run, lol

.:: Additional information ::.

   [-| Views & Beliefs |-]

The gods || Midas' main deities are Alya and Cascade. He however also shows his respects to Ignacio and Kaia. Alya he always prayed to due to her being the patron god of their herd. He actively started worshipping Cascade ever since his ceremony of the rising wind. Actively means that they are the goddesses he prays to when thing grow harsh and the ones he will immediately thank when something good happens. He also feels respect for the gifts of Ignacio and Kaia, but it is more lowkey. Argus he holds next to no affiliation towards as the god is rather elusive to him and not well known.

Stigma || Seeing as how he is from Serora, Midas holds little stigma towards things. In terms of Talorian culture he is utterly disgusted by the treatment of pegasi and the solstice ceremonies. He also disagrees on matters such as gender and sexuality, believing in freedom of being and love. With eye on diplomacy however, he generally keeps these thoughts to himself, though he still can't make himself look at the offerings and will treat a pegasi as an equal when interacting with one.

Other herds || Midas has found Talori to be quite different from what he first expected and this has prompted him to doubt general views on other herds. He hasn't got any information on how they are like however, so they are the same as any standard Seroran, just with some critical thinking attached. No matter his views, he will always think of Serora first.

   [-| Other|-]

Likes || Social events, compliments, pampering, spoils, golden shinies, Tea
Dislikes || Humiliation, neglect, public arguments, Disorder, Warm humid 'heavy' weather

Drive || Pride & Passion
Goals in life ||
[ ] To be liked and respected by his fellow horses for who he is
[ ] To be important
[ ] To be praised and respected for his accomplishments
[ ] To be remembered when he's no longer around
[ ] To be the reason others smile
[ ] To improve his herds' relations with the other herds
[ ] To visit all important spots in Talori herd
[ ] To have the perfect house
[ ] To have someone who doesn't grow tired off him
[ ] To expand his collection

Facts ||
  • Brave in the sense that he does  what he thinks must be done and doesn't back down. 
  • He uses his acting skills to pretend to be okay even when he's upset. He fears appearing weak.
  • Longs for someone to be devote to him, bit doesn't actually believe it's possible.
  • Though he can be arrogant in his confidence, thinking he's more skilled than he really he is, he doesn't actually brag. He thinks like it, acts like it, but doesn't put it to words. Showing is enough for him. 
  • Usually walks around the problem with distracting words if he doesn't want to talk about it. He's great at distracting and sidetracking horses. 
  • Tends to  be affectionate when touching friends
  • Keeps a collection valuable items and trinkets. Most noticeably you'll find jewels and frequent appearances of gold within it. 
  • Has a habit of frequent tea drinking. It's something he has picked up on in his early years. His moth jokes it's his hippocampus blood demanding water as he himself drinks a lot too.

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
 * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
:bulletgreen: Notes: Preferred
Bullet; Green  Forum: Extra earnings, yay! - Poke me if I forget for a bit
Bullet; Yellow Comments: Depends*
Bullet; Orange Google docs: I tend to forget it exists and it doesn't work to well with my phone.
Bullet; Orange Skype: Idem as with docs. I'm willing to try if you poke me at times though!
Bullet; Red Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork/journal specifically for the RP or for group Rp's

[Maturity level ] I'd like to be able to submit things in the group. A heads-up before pulling anything would be appreciated.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from Starborn-Alignment

Leonardo looked on in amazement as the young Aodhian monarch spoke, presenting their herd with the legendary creatures of which he had only heard in tales and books. He turned away from the food stand, trying to get a better look, thinking the stall keeper would surely hand over the food to Ciel. Their king spoke, accepting the gift and filling Leon with thrill. This. This was it, no doubt. The start of peace, a moment that would go down into history and he was privileged enough to attend it. But it all ended in a moment. Gone was the excitement, replaced by confusion and just the slightest bit of panic as an ear deafening boom resounded and a bright light blinded him. It took a couple of moments for both his sight and hearing to return and by the time it did, horses were already pushing and screaming, panic taking hold of the crowd in the explosion's aftermath. Leon tried to keep his place, but was inadvertently swept away by the crowd, separating him from Ciel. He vehemently prayed the stallion would be all right in his current state. He took note of the pygmy dragons, who had escaped in the commotion, and the crumbled building, trying to make sense of what had just happened. A sense of panic again clawed at his heart, seeing the damage done by the explosion and he asked Argus to make sure that please no horse got hurt. He willed himself to stay calm, knowing panic would only make the situation worse. Looking around to see if he could find his old men, his eye fell on something else. A shadow between the nearby buildings, moving about in an awfully suspicious matter. His skin prickled as his eyes locked onto it, feeling himself moving forward. Something was off and as he steeled himself to push into its direction, his curiosity whispered for him to find out what was up.

Midas is mine
Design & Art by FaunaFawn 
Reference sheet belongs to the group Starborn-Alignment
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Ah, right, about that: I changed up my back-up plan a little. If he doesn't make it like this he'll be fused with another character concept (possibly genderswapped) and end up a Talori agriculturist.

How did your review go for Willow? Got her all detailed out by now?
KitoGryff Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh. Well my next character if I'm accepted will be Talori. I love the Talori herd.

I never got reviewed! I sent a note to the group and also posted a comment on the page, so hopefully it will be seen before the 5th! I put in my application just in case!
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Alrighty, maybe we could see about a relationship between those two then :D

Oh, Dry-Oasis will probably be buzzy then. I'm sure the mods will keep it in mind when looking over your character o/
KitoGryff Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I truly hope so! I am already so nervous! I had been considering scratching Willow completely and redoing a character, I'm so nervous!

And oh yes, definitely! I love the Talori lovebirds! :w00t:
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, don't do that! The mods are very considerate, I'm pretty sure they'll keep in mind you hadn't gotten a review yet and will allow you to correct stuff :D

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