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"There seems to be some chaotic energy in Hireath. What strange things are happening to your character?"

+4 AP (Same character, prompt, 323 words) For Midas

"Have you seen her?"

Pitiful glances

"She's black."

Sad silence

"She has a necklace, gold."

Sullen looks.

"She worked as a masuese."

Sorrowful shaking of heads.

"Her name is Ivarrá."


Midas had been asking for days. Asking strangers who rejoined with their families. Using whatever free time he had -which wasn't much to begin with- in an attempt to find her back. She had to be somewhere. Anywhere. But he always got the same answer. Nobody had seen her. Worries popped up in his head. Had she died during the attack? Starved in Torrine? But even under the accounted dead, he couldn't find anyone and slowly he had to accept that she was no longer there.

In the evening he lay in his room, wondering why things had gone this way. He couldn’t believe these flight members for causing so much destruction. He couldn’t believe these Talorians for murdering so many again and again, only because they had wings. He couldn’t believe his people for accepting murderers as their own. He couldn’t believe the gods for allowing this all and he couldn’t believe Cascade for only speaking up now.

What disturbed reality.

He couldn’t believe his own mind had managed to forget as much. He had always thought he would be able to recall when times called for as much, but recent times had proved otherwise. His head sunk down heavily, eyes falling closed.


He didn’t know, but he was glad it was no longer his sole knowledge to carry, even if he was still stuck in the middle of it. Some days he wondered why he had left home. He thought about Phoenix, but then he remembered he had to make sure their deal was honored. Did he really want to put another through this hell? He couldn’t.

He was tired, but he lifted his head and turned it towards the sky, asking one final time.

“Have you seen her?”

Why do you need chaotic energy when your life is chaos. Ever since he decided to step back in as peacemaker his life has been one ridiculous chaos. As is standard his memory has been messed with, he had to deal with patching up things after Selora. Nearly died in the attack, had to hide personal stuff from the emperor and co while in Sedo, had to try help get an alliance, nearly saw that alliance drown when it turned out the emperor lied and had to help resettle it with new terms, is now overlooking things are in fact upheld and found out his girlfriend is MIA. He’s tired. He just wants some love, he wants what’s good for his herd, but he also just wants to go home and cuddle his daughter.

Character & writing (c) me
marinedoq Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww poor Midas ;W;
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