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SA | Cecillia [PERMA RETIRED] by moonlightwalk SA | Cecillia [PERMA RETIRED] by moonlightwalk

Reference sheet || Astral Tracker || RP meme

:new: September 26 2017 - Cecillia is NOT dead, nor living. She's simply being replaced by a more Breim geared version. Cecillia was originally intended for Aodh, but I reworked her at the time because Breim needed horses and Aodh had too many and it's something that's always kept bothering me because when I though Cecillia, I think gold and diamond and white and daisies and light and everything Aodh aestethic. Also her personality totally took another turn than intended. She was supossed to be a lot more self-centered, taking advantage of her weak demeanure and being all gossip queen, but that changed as well. Inari will be closer to the Cecillia I've been roleplaying while Aodhian Cecillia's concept will be incorporated somewhere else. All existing relationships with her are very free to be moved over to Inari~

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Cecillia
Age || 13 (Late Fall; 1686)
Gender || Mare
Breed(s) || ? (Mixed breed; I seriously have no idea)
Color || Ivory Champagne

Orientation || Unknown
Mate || -

Herd || Breim
Rank || Royal family

.:: Personal Information ::.


Optimistic - Dynamic - Bright  ||
Cecillia is not one to let life drag her down. Even though she was born blind, she almost always manages to find the silver lining or see the bright side of things. She's foolishly optimistic in her endeavours, always starting with the best outcomes of things in her mind. Her energy is optimistic and high. She's adaptable in nature, not afraid of challenges and always seeking out new thing to learn and experience. She's rather bright, alert and quick to pick up on things. She loves and craves for things to keep herself occupied, be it work, talk or novelties. If one thing is sure is that Cecillia can't stand to keep still.

Adventurous - Foolhardy - Impulsive ||
One might think it would be best for such a... impaired horse to stay in one place and keep to the known, but Cecillia would have none of that. She loves to go and explore, more than once getting her into trouble and having both her family and the help worried sick. Even though she knows she would better not do certain things, she stubbornly tries to do them anyway, denying her lack of sight to be a reason not to go out and experience stuff. The idea of staying forever in the confinement of the palace is downright dreadful to her and she feels like she has been cooped up long enough. Foolhardily wandering of is not the only thing one needs to worry about though, sadly little Cecillia is impulsive to boot, often deciding things on whim. To say that does not always end well is needless to say. Girl just can't stand to make people's lives boring.

Generous - Spontaneous - Confident ||
Socially Cecillia is pleasant enough. She's eager to talk to people making little difference between who they are, qualifying them rather by terms like 'fun' and 'like' than ranks or gender. She's eager to share, but expects the same courtesy in return. Nobody is judged or turned down at first sight - like she could anyway - and she most likely is to approach a horse as 'possible friend' than 'suspicious stranger'. She does not fear approaching others either, quick to greet and start conversation if she notices anyone around. She likes to laugh and make other laugh with her. Rather confident in herself she does mind telling what's on her mind and fears no question. This makes her sometimes a little blunt, touching topics that may not always be appreciated or declaring opinions that not everybody may like. Her heart is in the right place though, she's just confident in her own being 'right' and wanting to pass said views and knowledge on to others.

Dependent - Inexperienced - Self-centred ||
Good qualities aside Cecillia does have some major flaws. Having been cooped up in the palace for the most of her life and having overbearing parents, the young mare did not went unscathed by the experience personality-wise. Despite her want to do things by herself and despite wanting to experience life to the fullest, Cecillia is both dependent and inexperienced. As hard as she tries, her lack of sight stays an obstacle, making it more difficult to do things on her own. She also has grown sort of grown accustomed to getting help when needed, almost excepting it. If she gets lost, someone will come find her, if she is hungry someone will feed her, if she is tired someone will help her go to her room. It is so baked into her routine that believing she is completely capable of being independent at this moment in time is nothing but wishful thinking on her part. Only recently having started to rebel against her parents as well and actually going outside, she lacks much of experience as well. Life might be a little more complicated and harder than she thinks it is. Last but not least, Cecillia is rather self-centred, her life mostly revolves around her own want or needs, that is not to say she could care less about other horses, it is just that with everyone always taking care of her, she has little to worry about them. She also is slower to pick up on other's moods if they try to hide it, a downcast gaze, an angry scowl, a hunched posture or a sad smile are all lost on her unless it would verbally seep through. Therefore it is much easier to get absorbed in her own mind, her own wants and needs.

[-|Likes and Dislikes|-]

Likes ||
+ Music and signing - she loves listening to and imitating it
+ Talk - She can chatter your ears off
+ Adventure - Let's go do this, see that, hear about those
+ Being praised - makes her swell in pride
+ Her herd - Your herd is you family, such she was thought

Dislikes ||
- Silence - An awful thing, she will talk to herself to avoid it.
- Getting spooked - Stop that!
- Feeling incompetent - I can do this myself!
- Staying still - She really needs to move, only asleep or deep in thought she's somewhat calm
- Notions as looks - She can't see it, she doesn't care, so stop with the hours of brushing already...

.:: History ::.

As a Foal||
Cecillia's foalhood was rather uneventful and aside from my healer visits there's little to tell. Born into the royal family, she stayed inside the chambers of her castle, being taken care of by her fretful parents and the help. Her parents, Helen and Ichiro, were horrified to find their newborn foal to be blind. What had they done to deserve this? They were quick to seek help from the healers, their visits a near constant in the coming years of Cecillia's life, her parents never giving up their hope on a miracle or cure. Cecillia cared little about it all, mostly because well... what did she miss? The foal had no idea. This was all normal to her, the only thing that somewhat reminded her of that she was indeed missing something, that indeed something was really wrong with her were her parents. And she hated it, the sad remarks on how they wished she could see this or that, the hopeful questions to see if her eyesight was improving anything and the never ceasing fuss of what she could not do. And so little curious Cecillia would wander around the palace, sneaking of when nobody was looking to listen up on gossip, to explore the many chambers and for awhile she was content enough to do just that.

Teenager ||
But the palace was only that big and at some point there was nothing left to explore, every chamber discovered, everything in the garden inspected and no new voices to be heard around. Cecillia was bored again. Over the years, her parents had grown desperate. With no cure in sight from the healer's side and their prayers falling on deaf ears, they did the unthinkable: they turned towards the new generation for help, their doctor. Now that may not sound all that drastic, not unless you knew what kind of people her parents were. Old generation through and through, the two carried an extreme suspicion towards the new one. The reason Cecillia was kept inside was not only due to her blindness, though a exquisite excuse, but due their fear of their daughter being tainted by the new generation as well. With the doctor's arrival new gossip reached the young mare's ears, of the city outside and her curiosity grew until it could not be kept bottled any more. Arguing with her parents, much to the poor horses shock, she declared she was tired of living in a cage. She would go out whether they liked it or not and so her habit of 'sneaking out' was born.

.:: Familiar Information ::.

Name || Aiko
Age || 4
Gender || Male
Breed(s) || Akita x Shiba Inu
Color || Red Ujaro

Personality || Protective | Independent | Sassy | Adventurous | Stubborn | Loyal

Not exactly the most obidient dog in town, but loyal nontheless. Though he may indulge more in Cecillia's get aways than her parents would like, he does his job of leading and protecting her well. In behaviour he is quite sassy and he likes to think of himself as a royal too, though quite more spoiled so than Cecillia is. Yes, that includes his royal cushion.

The way we met ||
Once it started to become clear Cecillia was no longer being able to kept indoors, her parents sought out an animal trainer. He was tasked with training her a service dog for guidance and protection. After her little get-away to Argus' temple her parents had had it and requested the dog be 'graduated', thus providing Cecillia with a new friend.

.:: Relationships ::.


Bullet; Blue / Bullet; Blue Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Acquainted / Familiar / Buddy
Bullet; Green / Bullet; GreenBullet; Green  Friends / Close Friends
Star! Like family
Bullet; Yellow Admires
Bullet; White / Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Neutral / Uncertain
Bullet; Orange / Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Want to know better / Like
Bullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink Attracted / Crush / Mate
Heart Love
Bullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Discomfort / Afraid of / Terrified
Bullet; Red /
Bullet; RedBullet; Red / Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Would rather Avoid / Dislike / Hate
Bullet; Purple / Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple / Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Weaker/Stronger/Equal
Death Dead/Missing

(Friends= automatically like)
(Like and Love isn't necessarily in a romantic way)

Note: Cecillia is open to more family and friends, just comment or toss me a note if interested and I'm down for plotting :)

[-| Breim herd |-]

Ichiro - father || :heart: || Royal family || NPC
A strong minded figure. It is safe to stay Cecillia has her opinionated nature from him. He wants to keep his daughter guarded at all costs, something that the young mare does not like about him at all. He can give quite the scolding, stressing how vurnerable she is and how they are looking for a cure if she gets herself into trouble. Despite all Cecillia does love her father.

Helen - mother || :heart: || Royal family || NPC
As outspoken as Cecillia and her father are as quiet is Helen. A strong and gentle soul, be it a bit of a follower type. She relies a lot on Ichiro herself, letting him decide what's best and backing him up in what he does. The only time you'll see her get really mad is when you touch her family which is in first place her own family and in extension whole of the herd. She is not a lady who you wanna mess with, though she passed her values of family on to her daughter, she would also rather keep her baby locked up to keep her safe and away from the danger that is the beliefs of the new generation. Cecillia loves her even though she hates her mother's fussing over her and her need to assist her in everything.

Ciel - Doctor || :bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: || Doctor || fossature 
Cecillia likes Ciel since she's always hoping for him to have something interesting to tell on his visits. Even though his given task is finding a cure for her blindness and keeping an eye on the development of her eyesight, she's not really expecting anything of it, rather treating the little visits as talking time to an interesting person.

.:: Other ::.

Fears ||
o None as off yet...not so smart, huh?

Facts ||
o Likes to hum or talk to herself when alone
o Doesn't like people commenting or asking about her sight
o Has keen hearing, mostly relies in touch and hearing to get around
o May somewhat be able to discern between light and dark, though only if intense enough
o Will try to get the help to do stuff for her, like smuggling her out
o Likes eating stuff, she sometimes tries name up ingredients which she is quite good at
o Is able to pick out horses not only by voice, but smell as well. 
o Touch is important to Cecillia as well as personal. Every touch has a meaning and she does not like random contact.

Checkpoints ||

Memes ||

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
 * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
:bulletgreen: Notes: Preferred
:bulletyellow: Google Docs: Never done this before, but I am willing to try
:bulletyellow: Forum: Willing to try, but with note reminders
:bulletyellow: Skype: Maybe, but probably slow (it glitches)
:bulletorange:  Comments: Rather not*
:bulletred: Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork specifically for the RP or for group RP's

[Maturity level ] I'd like to be able to submit things in the group. Please don't up and traumatize/mangle my horse too badly.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from KrosFox

Mao rubbed his snout with his front paw. This was difficult. He wished he was a better teacher. "What... -uhm- what it feels like is entirely up to you. You are your own energy. It matches your being, emotions and so on. It's in motion and it can change entirely in time. It might feel different in different circumstances, but it is and always will be yours. So I cannot define how it is supposed to feel for you. However, you are still trying to concentrate on different parts of you. It does not work that way." Mao frowned slightly. How did you explain something, you didn't fully understand yourself?

"Try not to puzzle different aspects of yourself together. There will always be pieces missing. They are unseen by yourself or just not discovered yet, therefore trying to piece things together will not work."
 Mao padded closer again, eying his sitting 'student' . "Now let's try it this way: close your eyes again and I want you to just feel. Try not to think. Just be calm and reach out. Don't panic and if you still don't get it just say it. I'll figure out another way." He smiled softly. It was strange to teach another aeniama, while he was still so young and inexperienced himself. He was acting and speaking in a way so unlike him. It was unsettling, but also thrilling.
 "You do remind me of Domino a little. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Now, can you follow what I'm saying?"


Art and Cecillia by me me
Reference sheet belongs to the group Starborn-Alignment
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