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+3 AP & 2 CS (368 words, contest bonus) | For Linnea

Since the old days when horses first set foot in the tunnels, the horses of Breim developed a tagging method for tunnels. Different symbols are used to bring different messages, each tells something about the tunnels;

General signs are used to instruct those who use the tunnels. They are always placed right of a tunnel opening when possible or otherwise above so they're easily noticeable for horses. Signs may never overlap and are often placed in a subjective order of what the applier finds most important first and so on.

- Death end - A simple T
- Warning: unstable - An ^
- Due for maintance - An /
- Gems discovered - A filled O
- Empty- An O
- Exhausted tunnel - A filled O that's slashed (//) twice
- Danger, do not enter - An X

With the development of the new generation, they have started marking routes to take with a color code system to make navigating easier. These paths will be marked in one particular color or color combination for one particular path upright stripes || mean continues the path, while horizontal stripes = warn for easily mistaken routes to avoid. These path markers only exist between main villages in Breim and there's only ever one path marked. Even so horses unfamiliar with travel are better off with a guide, who can anticipate changes and unexpected circumstances by taking alternative unmarked routes. The paths were made so horses don't stray from the relativity straight main paths and into dangerous areas of the labyrinth. Marking paths are always painted left as to not to interfere with the traditional marks and old generation horses generally prefer to relay on more traditional methods of travel if they must do so than the system the new gen set up.

Markers in general are set and erased as needed, both done with special solutions which need authorization to use. The application paint carries lumiscent particles, making them easier to notice. Misuse of paint and the messing with these marking is considered a severe crime as it can endanger the lives of horses. The markings are generally well maintained by the horses of the herd for similar reasons.

Writing (c) me
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