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War Down Under Ch 3

Chapter 3: Trouble at Mt.Boom Night time came and Ty had still not arrived back at Bush Rescue. He had not been answering any of the calls that Bush Rescue tried to send. They thought he may still be too busy to answer their calls. They decided that if he is not back by the following morning something bad had happened. They went to sleep. The next morning though, Ty had still had not come back, this made everyone start to panic. "Ty still hasn't come back" said Shazza in a very worried voice " I hope nothing bad has happened to my little possum" added Shazza. "Don't worry Shazza, we will find him" reassured Maurie. " I hope so" said Shaz

War Down Under

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The Shadows of Chaos

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Dust: AET - From the Ashes - Chapter 27

From the Ashes Chapter 27 Haley was delighted to leave the forge. From her rambling, he hadn’t left Archer’s Pass for a really long time. Dust tried to share her happiness, but had a hard time doing so. His stomach was twisting in his gut. It wasn’t like last time when he’d rushed to fight General Gaius. When he’d first found out who he was, he knew it was what he had to do, and he went without question, without fear. He didn’t even think about it, really. All he knew was that it was the right thing to do, and he was the only one who could do it. He ran to Gaius on instinct, without so much of a second th


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