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Published: March 3, 2020
    Name: Mike Lycaon
    Birthname: Michael Lowell
    Nicknames: Wolf Maverick, MoonlightStrider, Buff Wuff
    Age: 27
    Nationality: British
    Place of Residence: Japan
    Sexual Orientation: Gay (Bi-Curious)
    Height: 6'4 (Human Form)
                7'1 (Werewolf Form)
    Weight: 328lbs (Human Form)
                 525lbs (Werewolf Form)
    Hair Colour: Black with Red Highlights
    Eye Colour: Red with black pupils (Solid red when enraged)
    Occupation: Pro Wrestler, Bodybuilder
    Hobbies: Cooking, Gaming.
    Likes: Spicy food, his husband and family, his cats, moonlit walks on the beach, Lycan Brew Ale.
    Dislikes: Well Done Steak, Depressing Songs on the Radio, Wasps, Being told what to do, Being told what to wear.

    Family: Woody (Husband)
                Logan (Elder Son)
                Fenn (Younger Son)
                Aiko (Only Daughter)
                Gerald (Father)
                Reina (Mother)
                Eiji Chono: (Human Friend from the Dojo)
                Roberto A Falkoner (Fellow Wrestler from Spain)

    Background: Mike had a fairly normal childhood, growing up on the surface at least, his father worked in warehousing while his mother worked as a teacher at various high schools in the UK, Mike meanwhile spent most of his time watching wrestling that his dad recorded for him and working out in the school gyms, though over the years his teachers had held several concerned reviews about him, they noticed that he was noticeably more muscular compared to the other pupils often times scaring them, by 15 he was ripped to the core, Gerald, Mike's dad mostly waved it off as being down to genetics passed down from his side of the family, he was also taught Japanese by his mother Reina which helped him when they occasionally went on holiday to Japan during the summer to see her family it also helped when he watched Puroresu tapes that his dad managed to acquire, this caused Mike to fall in love with the Strong Style art of wrestling.

    When Mike turned 18 and had left school he ended up moving to Japan with his parents after both of them found work after they were laid off, which to Reina was a blessing in disguise as she wanted to spend more time with her family after her mother fell ill, moving to Hokkaido, Mike was thrust into a new world, what helped him love the country even better was that he was able to watch Puroresu live, during a live show, he noticed a flyer advertising for a wrestling dojo offering places for aspiring wrestlers, it didn't take long for him to sign up, once there he went through the vigorous training and elimination processes until only he and one other student was left, a young Japanese local by the name of Eiji Chono, throughout the months they became quick friends, Eiji sharing an interest in Mike's native country, after 3 years of training Mike and Eiji were thrust into the world of pro wrestling, teaming up as OkamiRyu, they had their ups and downs but there hardwork paid off and soon became multitime tag team champions.

    One night, after Mike had finished wrestling a match at an event in Osaka he decided to cut across a park when he was ambushed in the dark by what appeared to be an immensely large dog, the beast sunk its fangs into his left forearm and would've killed him had Gerald not saved him, rushing him to the hospital Mike floated in and out of consciousness until falling into a coma for a week, waking up, he felt dazed but yet energetic, after discharging himself from the hospital he returned to his concerned parents, his mother in tears as Gerald approached him, his only words were "I'm sorry son, I'm so sorry!" Mike was puzzled by the apology.

    Next month Mike started to feel strange, looking up at the moon made him feel anxious, like something was about to happen the next time it was full, his father was acting strange too, taking Mike to a log cabin in the woods that for some reason had a holding cell in the basement, his father told him to go in on the night of the full moon, Mike did as he was asked, as his father watched, Mike suddenly felt a scorching pain shooting through his body, he began to transform into a beast, his dad watched as his son changed before his eyes until he completed the transformation, before leaving the room, Mike was left alone to ravage and rage within the cage until the next day, later his father revealed all to him.

    "Son, you're a werewolf just like me" Gerald confessed as Mike reeled in shock, when asked about why he didn't tell him his father responded "I wanted to keep it a secret until you were ready, sadly I never got the chance to bring you in myself, my whole side of the family are werewolves" he explained how he met his human mother and how her giving birth to Mike meant that his lycanthropy was dormant, requiring a bite from a wolf to awaken it, as penance for not telling the truth he offered to train him on not only controlling the wolf within but to work in a symbiotic relationship as well as how to hunt and to use his abilities for good.

    Choosing to embrace the wolf within rather than fight it, Mike's life started to change, he noticed how many citizens in Japan lived their lives as werebeasts, befriending several of them, including Roberto, a luchadore from Spain and most importantly, his future husband CJ "Woody" Wood, who he met in a gym one-night training to become a wrestler too.

    Mike and Woody eventually married and had kids by way of a polymorphic collar invented by a wererat friend of Woody's called Gideon, allowing Woody and Mike to change into anything they desired, they used the collar to change Woody's gender, allowing Mike to impregnate him, giving birth to three kids on different occasions, Logan, Fenn and Aiko.


  • Enhanced Senses: As a werewolf, Mike can smell, hear and see things from further distances.
  • Night Vision: He can see clearly in the dark, even in pitch black places
  • Accelerated Healing: Mike's body can heal injuries in seconds, minutes or hours based on the severity of the injury
  • Increased Strength: Mike can lift heavier objects, which works really well with working out and wrestling


  • Weak to silver: Due to him being a werewolf, touching objects that have silver in them will burn him as though he was touching flames, any injury caused by silver object (Bullets, Knives etc) will leave permanent scars
  • Easy to Anger: Mike is caring to his friends and family, if they were to be mistreated or abused in any way, Mike would become a rampaging beast with the potential to cause injury or death.
  • Spheksophobia: Mike is deathly afraid of wasps, even the thought of them causes him to go into a panic, often triggering a transformation.
Here is my new, up to date profile of Mike Lycaon, I'll be working on a reference sheet soon, I hope you like it.
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this is awesome mate, wasps in germany are lazy and don't bother you, so Mike should be fine
Well done mate on these stats! :)