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Cyber candy doll - live drawing - animated

So, this week i went to Montreal to paint live on a after party of a VFX event and that's the final result! :D
the whole process took about 3.5 hours, i didn't record but you can check out the process gif!
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cool, i like it)
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Simply put the drawing process is as follows:
- Apply layer of magic
- Apply layer of magic
- Apply layer of magic
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like her proportions and costume design.
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Ahhh I'd really like a tutorial on how to do the animation
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wow, I would take 3 x times more to do so, great work man
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It looks so easy :O
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great hips, cute as a bug in a rug.
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cool, .. i love how you Play with the light effects ^^
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Great work ! :D
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Thanks a lot for making this. This is really helpful and inspiring. :D
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Thanks a lot for sharing! I love your works and your processes are very interesting for me!
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Very interesting! I'll be looking at this over and over and see if I can learn anything. :D
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where did you find the texture? awesome piece ^^
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hey, thanks :D
the only texture i have is the noise from the .gif (only 256 colors) if that's what you are asking about.
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Love seeing your process!
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That is absolutely stunning. Great job!
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:O this is amazing!
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really cool to see the process like that, neat i like it.
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