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C-9 leg repair - illustration

the animated version is here in case you are wondering: C-9 leg repair - animated by MoonlightOrange
So, as I promised here is the first illustration with my 2 new cyber candy girls, and guess what, they have names now:

blue haired one is C-9
yellow haired one is Nee-lo

I'm working on their personalities but I'd rather show them in illustrations than write it so be prepared for more illustrations of these 2 :D (Big Grin)
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You're stuff is great! :D
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This is stunning :D xx
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I think It's interesting that 
the shoes dont glow when she isnt 
wearing them.
this need to get high res , i want this as my new wallpaper!
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Wow this looks really good ! I love the lines on the anatomy. I agree the the foot resting on the leg doesn't quite read, you probably need a cast shadow or some occlusion.
but that's a detail, easily corrected, the piece looks great !!
Watching !! :dummy:Shocked 
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the tip of the left foot from c 9 stay for foot Nee-bot, I think this is an error ,sorry for my english
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Very nice. Love the glowing parts.
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you, sir, have forced me to start writing a cyberpunk story (don't worry, i'm building my own characters).
this drawing is just making the writing urges a lot worse. :)
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Amazing work !! :)
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Freaking awesome (like always) =D
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Totally love it !
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Your works are so amazing!
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WOAH!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic work! Awesome design, perfect anatomy, great colors and really well detailed! Awesome work!
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Your work shows so much originality and personal style. Love Neelo the most, shes bae :3 Please make more!
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ice work on the overall setting.The tech details are gorgeous, as are those 2 girls. Do you plan to show some steps on how you made this art? I'd be really interested
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