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Sonnet 92
The chance encounter sometimes shapes the path
Of blessed those who cross the fated way
While gods above their subtle art did craft
They placed you gracefully into my day
And quickly as you came, my heart was gone
And locked in unreturned affection blind
So silently I'd sit, and carry on
Pretending just your friendship would be fine
But with the dying sigh of something old
Did come alive the birth of love anew
And when the words once silenced had been told
Then in our hearts and minds, the feeling grew
To supplement this sweet friendship of ours
With love that reaches out beyond the stars
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Sonnet 91
Deep within the crumbling chambers lies
The promise of a life condemned to death
And to the executioner replies
A lilting sigh within its final breath
The shadow never knew its tragic crime
For coddled in the arms of logic pure
It bowed its head and spent its lonely time
To never see the prison still endured
For time did carve the walls with ancient scars
Of secrets oft too cruel to ever speak
And though it stayed behind its rusted bars
The prisoner had havoc still to wreak
For though the being suffers long inside
Behind the guise of friendship it will hide
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DnD Backstory: Toahpt
Toahpt's childhood is a story of meager beginnings, in a tiny village in the wooded mountains to the east with a family on a path to total financial ruin. The youngest of four siblings and the son of troubled parents, he was born with nothing to his name but that which his older sisters and brother left behind. However, Toahpt, from birth, was no mere peasant child fated to labor in a field until the end of his days. His first memory, he says, is the knowledge that he was a sorcerer. From the age of four, he could consciously channel his innate wizardry to make crops sprout faster and livestock grow fatter. By the age of ten, he had turned his family's farm into enough of a success that he could afford to enroll in a prestigious school of the arcane arts.
Upon discovering the most illustrious school that existed on the continent, Toahpt presented himself unannounced to the headmaster. A mere child, the man said, would have no place in his school, which trained mature wizards in highly
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DnD Backstory: Lemaign
The son of a prestigious mercenary and a young elven woman, Lemaign grew up in the company of trained killers. His mother, despairing and regretful, departed shortly after his birth, leaving Lemaign to be raised by his father and the ruthless soldiers he employed. However, his father was no mere soldier: a natural-born leader who could command obedience with just his presence, he was an ideal role model for a young boy hoping to become a leader himself. As he matured, it became clear that Lemaign had inherited all of these qualities from his father, and so it was at the young age of thirteen that he was placed in a unit as a common soldier. For two years he learned from his father and his father's men, fighting alongside them in small skirmishes and embracing a commitment to true and outstanding ability with a weapon. His gifts on the battlefield did not go unnoticed, and he found himself climbing through the ranks with ease.
This era of Lemaign's life drew to a close, however, when hi
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DnD Backstory: Kael'dn the Shadow
Kael'dn the Shardmind was forged by time, coalescing from crystals left behind by the shattered Living Gate. An unknown force bound his being together, but over the course of thousands of years, floating unfettered through the Astral Sea, it developed a sentience all its own. But something went awry in Kael'dn's genesis: instead of crimson or ivory or even gold, his crystals glowed blue, a light blue reminiscent of ice or sky, and completely unknown to the Shardmind race. With his color, he too inherited a certain bigotry from the other Shardminds, a xenophobia that sent him into the shadows.
Alienated for his differences, which greatly upset a highly structured and rigid society, Kael'dn elected to withdraw himself from the other Shardminds and take to seeking knowledge, hoping that he might find a way to emerge from his dark hiding places. During his travels, he discovered a long-forgotten library: dusty, crumbling, but filled to the ceilings with books of history, science, and mathe
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The lavender of leaves that tremble soft
The humming Ancient's resonating sigh
The dewy grass and misty clouds aloft
Are unaware of battles drawing nigh
But those who know the imminence of death
The hope beyond the hope to stay alive
The fear of drawing one last quiet breath
Are those that gather, they the chosen five
They cling to worldly goods in desperate dreams
The branch, the potion; mantle, blade, and shield
And there beneath, though gallant all may seem
To Death's cold grip all know that they shall yield
So down their chosen wooded lane they wend
To certain death -- but brave until the end
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Sonnet 90
Serene the sorrow was that ate her soul
So quiet, yet with strength enough for ten
And though aspired he to keep her whole
Some wars endure that none could ever win
The Day and Night their final goal impart
To keep her safe from by the other's side
And at the center, she is torn apart
As hope and love continue to subside
And as the Night draws shadow over Day
Destroying all the Light has said and done
The conflict in her heart is underway
With wars so far from ended, battles won
But Anger won't consume her, try it might
For she has fallen into arms of Light
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Sonnet 89
With grim finality, she took the steps
Afraid of not the contact but the fall
To throw herself into the callous depths
Determined at the least to end it all
With indecision tearing at her throat
Resigned to liberate the ending breath
You are the oxygen, love's saving choke
Or she will gaze upon the face of death
She turned her head and faced the open sky
And felt the trickling water leave her toes
The flush of adoration lit her eyes
As far above the rayless sea she rose
And hope is never hopeless, as she'll learn
So long the absence, so sweet the return
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Sonnet 88
These weeks seem lifted from another's life
And challenge both my heart and barest nerve
But loving understanding through the strife
Is redefining what I could deserve
Whenever conscious feeling goes astray
My reckless heart my common sense supplants
To dwell on optimistic words you say
Not I don't want to, rather, I just can't
And still I wait in silence by your side
While wishing I were made of sterner stuff
I feign contentment, push my love aside
Pretending that your friendship is enough
And if a better life you wish for me
You must be brave and seek stability
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Shall I Compare Thee?
Shall I compare thee to an Engie's brain?
Thou hast less intel and less cleverness
Rough wins do shake the desert with their pain
And sentry's lease doth truly make a mess
Sometime too hot the eye of Egypt shines
And often is your bald complexion dimmed
But teleporters found behind their lines
Are known to have their winning chances slimmed
But thy eternal sentry shall not fall
Nor dispenser crash upon the ground
So Death shall greet the RED team in his hall
Where manly men with hats cannot be found
So long as fist can punch and wrench can fly
So long lives BLU, and this is RED's goodbye.
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All the Answers
looking back at pictures
memories captured to not be forgotten
your arms around me
your head in my lap in others.
we forgot them anyway
we were close enough to reach out
touch each other
love each other
we wasted our lives  with words and anger
all I can see is the distance in your eyes
even from the first,
there are no smiles there.
feeding you the answers one by one
mouth to mouth
to ear
to mouth again
slamming my head against that which will take it
needing your touch
your hand
your eyes
needing someone to tell me
I'd miss you if you were gone
I'd miss you if you left my life
taunting me
holding that which I desire before me
threatening, antagonizing
begging for attention
for a word
a glance
denied at every turn
doing everything wrong
needing everything right
begging for the bullet to bring it all to a close
I know all the answers
to the questions I'm forced to ask
I know all the answers
they never change
hours to days to years
and they have to come from you
I wish there w
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Knowing When To Fall
The depth of night consumes the waning day
As every straight new river someday bends
The greatest peak succumbs to sheer decay
A romance true must always reach its end
But as he ever finds himself without her
Standing in the breaking light of dawn
He waves the calling flag of white surrender
Telling life his reason now is gone
So arm in arm and hand in hand they wait
To hear the echo, the impending call
Offering their living souls as bait
The greatest wisdom, knowing when to fall
And as the tears cascade in waves of death
He promises to kiss her dying breath
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Take It Back
For months and days to have you by my side
And though it seems so many years ago
Awakening at dawn to see your eyes
This bliss was nothing else I'll ever know
But time did cause our memories to fade
The fights to overshadow all we said
For loss of everything we'd ever made
The tears to never fall again were shed
Restraint did perish by your hatred's hand
Embracing both the concepts, fear and flight
And knowing all the signs of death, I ran
Retreating into darkness, you the light
And in the darkness always I will stay
Until I prove my worth to you one day
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I can feel the darkness
It is mine, and mine alone
I am unworthy
I have no right to bring you down as I have done
Your love is not a contract to be my savior
I must carry this burden alone
No one will stop to help me, but never would I let them
I will save myself
I must save myself
And yet I bring this upon myself
Day after day
Night after endless night
     spent shivering in sleepless agony
     curled up on the cold tile floor
     nesting in my own sweat and tears
The soulless will keep me company
And the motionless will remind me that I am alone.
This is how I came into the world
     and so this is how I shall leave it
How can you rest when I suffer?
How can you allow me to endure pain by your hand?
You tell me you love me, but
I can feel my darkness.
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Sonnet M82
Man is trapped within a ceaseless dance
Creation of machines undreamt before
And while we prove our insignificance
The beauty of the cosmos goes ignored
For there inside the depth of blackest night
The grandest picture man will ever find
Composed aloft, austere in black and white
And free of comprehension of the mind
The laws of nature keep it from our hold
Synonymous with wishes out of reach
Regardless if the eyes are young or old
The canvas holds a message meant for each
And always as I gaze at grace above
To me the sky speaks promises of love
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Sonnet 81
When I wake to dawn's auspicious light
Forgetting all the wrongs I've done before
Something drags me back into the night
Always hurt by those who I adore
So as my lonely world comes crashing down
Repeatedly it's you who comes to mind
But in my hopeless anger I will drown
As you leave broken promises behind
For when I need a savior's touch, I choose
To come to only you in desperate need
Still evermore respect for you I lose
When in love's stead there's selfishness and greed
Since you're not there to catch me when I fall
I see no need to now be here at all
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