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Before You Sleep
White. Everything in this bloody place was buggin white. White walls, white floors, even the clothes they had made him wear since he was very young, were white. White like a shroud, like snow.
They said the Glade had color; emerald green grass, blue, endless sky, earthy browns.
It was so cold here, the icy touch constantly reaching through the walls of WICKED's stronghold, trying to run frozen fingers down his back.
They said the Glade was always warm; that you could sleep outside if you chose and that fresh food grew year round.
But, best of all, there was no Flare in the Glade. No madness, no danger, no cranks.
The Glade was a paradise, or so they said.
Newt sat on his bed, hands clasped together as he mentally tried to hold onto these ideals. He couldn't risk letting them slip through his fingers, because if they did; he'd change his mind.
The only reason he was going was because he wasn't an immune and he knew that. If he didn't go, if he refused, WICKED would send him to the neare
:iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 3 6
4th of July cake by MoonlightDewz 4th of July cake :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 0 0
Grape Soda and Japanese Spice
Well it had happened again, July 4th, Independence day was here. As she sat on the couch, her head resting on her paws and her five tails wrapped around her, Inari thought about all the fun she and her fukushin, her confidant, had partaken in during last year's 4th of July barbeque. She smiled softly as she remembered.
There had been good food, games, a beauty contest and best of all there had been the fireworks. Huge blasts of colored light that had filled the night air, Inari had enjoyed those the most. She felt that this year would be even better, for this year she fully understood what Independence day meant to her fukushin and people like her fukushin.
It meant they were free.
Of course, there was one other thing that was different from last year. One small, purple, excitable, difference.
“Inari, Inari!” said difference cried out excitedly, hopping quickly into the room. It was a bonbon bunny with violet fur and grape decorations at the base of her ears. The bunny twir
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To Breathe Again (Chapter One)
AN: Please make sure to read the prologue. The link is in the description. Takes place a year after The Death Cure.
It was dusk, if what Newt could tell from the windows was any indication. The fiery light shone in through a few sparse windows that were high up on the wall, near the ceiling, and the room was an off white color, the same color as the soft pajamas he was wearing.
After the man and woman had helped him out of the glass tub, they had dried him and dressed him before giving him a physical. It was very simple; they listened to his heart and lungs, checked his hearing, sight, throat, reflexes, and temperature, among other things. They were exceptionally gentle with him, being careful as they touched him and making sure to keep him informed about their procedures, not wanting to unnerve him.
Newt tried to ask them questions; where he was, what was going on, but they tenderly shushed him, telling him that his questions would be answered soon.
Once they were finished, the ma
:iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 4 4
Newt and Minho by MoonlightDewz Newt and Minho :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 7 8 Love in the Deadheads by MoonlightDewz Love in the Deadheads :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 3 2 Mr. Newton and Ms. Ross by MoonlightDewz Mr. Newton and Ms. Ross :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 1 1
B. Ross (Maze Runner)
Name: B. Ross
Title: Head Coordinator of the Blueprint Reconstruction Experimental Department.
Gender: Female
Race: Human (sub category: Immune)
Age (approx.): 25
Hair: Black, shoulder length, slightly wavy.
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 124lbs
Personality: Cunning, serious, sly, passionate, empathic, a bit short tempered, tidy.
History: B. Ross grew up with her father (Samuel) and mother (Rebecca) in Washington D.C. Her father had a high paying governmental job, later a board member of WICKED, and her mother was an opera singer. Her family was fairly rich and since Ross was an only child she received the best of everything including top schooling and care.
The sunflares struck the earth when Ross was 17 years old and away at boarding school. Ross was retrieved from her school by her father. On the way to collect Ross' mother, the opera house where Rebecca was singing collapsed duri
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To Breathe Again (Prologue)
AN: Takes place a year or so after The Death Cure. Spoilers beware.
He was floating, deep in a pool of cool turquoise water. Peaceful, so very quiet, soothing. He could feel the water flowing over his bare skin, caressing him, protecting him, and from way down deep, he heard their voices.
It was muffled, as if he had cotton in his ears, and he wanted to sleep but their voices were waking him up, gently, his mind swimming into consciousness.
His...memories, were trying to piece themselves together but it was like looking at a slideshow where someone had scrambled all the pictures. Young men, young women; sometimes smiling at him, sometimes angry, sometimes so afraid. He wanted to help them but... he didn't know who they were, as if he was looking at snapshots of someone else's life. Something had happened, something horrible, but he didn't...know what it was or what part he had played in it.
Nothing felt familiar and it frightened him a little, enough that he wanted to awaken, wante
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Zia's Bio (Maze Runner)
Name: Zia
Title: Keeper of the Weapon Smiths
Race: Human (sub category: Immune)
Gender: Female
Age (approx.): 18
Hair: Raven Black, mid back length, wavy, soft. Puts it in a high ponytail when training or working.
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Skin: Black
Body: Fit, lithe
Height: 5' 7”
Weight: 130lbs.
Personality: Spirited, tough, a fighter. With family and friends she is loving, loyal, dependable, playful, sexual (only for Alby). With everyone else she can be vicious, serious, cold, and distrustful.  
History: Before the Flare, Zia (then 13 years old) lived with her father (Beniah), mother (Miranda), younger brother (Mikhail: 9) and baby sister (Azzy: 2) in North Dakota. Her mother was a banker and her father was kickboxing instructor. As a form of self defense, Beniah began teaching Zia kickboxing when she was 7 years old, her brother soon following, and by the time she was 13, Zia was fairl
:iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 1 4
Maze Runner Girls at the Beach by MoonlightDewz Maze Runner Girls at the Beach :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 4 7 Kojijo, the Bladed Porcupine by MoonlightDewz Kojijo, the Bladed Porcupine :iconmoonlightdewz:MoonlightDewz 2 5


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