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Into the Labyrinth of Magic++Judar and Aladdin

Yay! Love this show and manga! >w< :iconirreeltal: and I cosplayed these two! Can you guess which one I did? XD This is one was created on the same paper as my Kill la Kill piece, and really hasn't left me impressed with maintaining heavy coloring. :\ The background is too watery and the copic coloring faded too softly. In spite of the outcome, it was  fun project to do! :heart:
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Nice coloring job!!!!
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Thank you! It was fun!!! >w<
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Well you seem to like the bellydance theme too! :D
Could you actually imagine to learn bellydance with the cosplay of i think Judal (or did you cosplay as Aladdin? :lol:)
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I really do love belly dancing! >w<

I actually can belly dance, and so can my sister. >///< You had it right! XD I cosplayed Judal!! XDD SUch a fun cosplay! 
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This looks amazing!!!
Love the details!
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Thank you very much! >w< :hug:
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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I love the series myself, though I let myself fall behind on the anime. I notice that Judar's pose seems a bit too rigid though. Aladdin's pose fits him perfectly too. A refreshing character design for a protagonist of his ability. The colors do seem far heavier in this piece than usual, so I think the paper is a no-go on airbrushing and markers. Might be better for charcoal or graphite though.
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Arigatou! >w< I'm behind on Magi too. XD I really need to get back to watching it, lol!

Revisiting this piece, I would like to have made Judar's pose more fluid. :nod: And yeah, this paper... *shakes head* I'm sticking with my Canson paper instead. XD
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