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Alchemic Cyber Angel

This was my entry for Maron Media’s Anime Angels artbook! :3 All copics and airbrush!... And that… monster took me… waaaaay too long! DX Same with the stupids little runes symbols...

This was finished... last year... Around the 8th of December?
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Hello! Allow me to critique on this please!

I am a fan of detailed work, and as you can see here, you have done justice to make this a good work. However, be wary of what colors you use for the opposing end *in such case, the monster* would not turn out well, thus giving it a chaotic feel, which will appeal to a few individuals.

I have the slightest feeling that the head is a bit too large as compared to the torso. *ponders* Must be me.

Copic markers and airbrushing sure is something! You applied them with skill, and in the end, prevailed! For that, full marks for technique! It blends in so well, and that visual impact is very aesthetically appealing to me!

Thank you for reviewing this critique, and have a great time drawing! I hope you'll learn more in your journey of improvement.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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First, I'm gonna go ahead and say it is AMAZAAAGH!!! (That's a weirdo's way of saying amazing).
What I think is used probably the most effectively is the bright and vibrant colors. All the bright orange, red, pinkish and all, just jumps right out at you. The feathers of the wings are textures very well, to me they look like feathers that aren't exactly feathers, and they match her hair so well. Her outfit is unique and cool yet effective looking (though I see a pretty big weak spot, but at the same time I'm a bit of a fan of the weak spot lol). The runes are a nice touch and support the "alchemical" theme. And her sword is awesome. I've seen a ton of swords, and I don't think ive ever seen one like hers.
And after I was about to ask what the entity at the bottom is, I finally figured out that it was a monster. So, since the vague entity was going to be my one negative point, I have nothing bad to say ^^
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Thank you! >w< The theme was "Angel" so making the monster vague and part of the background was part of the challenge, so thank you! >w< :hug:
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Okay, as I see it, I feel that there's a little too much going on. Not that it detracts from anything overall.I love the lines you used, but much of the background imagery is hard for me to comprehend. Also, I have a hard time focusing on anything in particular, but the colors are wonderfully used and vibrant. I am rather pleased with the tone and harmony of most of the colors, and it's greatly appealing aesthetically. If you had not mentioned that it was colored with Copic markers, I would not have realized it. You have done a wonderful job in making the character stand out, though. The outfit is deliciously exotic, and tantalizingly revealing, yet not overly so. I am extremely drawn to the wings and animal ears. Very cute. Thanks for adding another wonderful piece for me to look at, Meg. Great work, as always.
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Thank you!!!! >w< I cannot see what you see, as when I draw I am pulled into the moment of the emotion of the character, so I can't see from the outward perspective. Thank you, for the criteria--I know see a lot more. :heart:
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Woah! So much awesome detail.
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Sooooooo STUNNING! (Huggles) Hiiii how are you? Please check out my newest chapter, chapter 8! Part 2 will be better!
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Your comprehension of effects are STUNNING! The floating and glowing symbols are amazing, and your coloring is great. I love the complexity and the shading as well!
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absolutely gorgeous!! :wow: really loving that monster!
Im so jealous of your coloring skills! xD
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Thanks so much! >w< hehe!
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Wow this is really beautiful. After being in a morning mood all day this really made my eyes open up :) I love the details too! Sometimes I can get lazy and do a half-good job which I should fix but, you didn't do that at all! Great job! The color scheme is also really fantastic :) You used your markers beautifully :) Copics right ?
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Thank you very much! :D I'm glad to hear that! And yes, copics and airbrush!
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Your very welcome! Beautiful job again :) It's cool that you used airbrush too :) Good thought !
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so many details, and those colours... its really good job! thought i think her head is a bit too big comparing to the whole body, its not seen so much because coloring and the awesomeness of whole concept well,... beats everything :) good job!
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Hehe, thank you!!! ^w^ I kind of have a thing for drawing big heads. XD
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ohmai~~ the detail is simply amazing! *^*
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Waahhh!! It's SO Pretty!! I LOVE IT!!! :heart:
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Hehe, thank you! >w<
Simply beautiful!
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Thank you very much! :3
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omg youre alive!!!! lol
so how hve you een dear?

lovely job as always!! your detail is still amazing xD and i feel for you drawing/coloring the monster >.> lol
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