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Life is War
Is there ever a stable place in life?
I jump from one fire right into another,
There seems to be no time to rest.
No time to recover from the previous battle.
My armor just has to grow thicker along the way,
No matter what there will be dents, cracks, holes.
There will be wounds.
Some will heal
Others won’t.
I get ripped apart and torn into shreds.
There is no rest for me.
Never enough time to recover.
All of us have our trials,
We are never ready for what is thrown at us.
Most of the time we aren’t strong enough for what is coming.
Yet we keep fighting.
With time we either break or grow stronger.
Sometimes we grow stronger because we break.
It will get harder and harder to keep going,
But it is worth it.
No matter what we believe.
No matter if we can see the light.
Just keep fighting.
The battles will get harder,
But what we get out of them is worth it,
Even if it isn’t what we fought for.
Don’t give up,
Don’t lose hope,
Don’t give ground.
Life is w
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Leaving me shattered
Like broken glass
Just to be swept up
And thrown away.
Never to be put back together again.
Broken and wasted
Nobody bothered to look
At the crumbled pieces
Of the heart they could
Barely recognize.
A fine young man
Not much older than I
Found me in the waste,
And fixed me.
All the pieces put together,
Showing me kindness and compassion.
Only to break me again.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 0
I feel myself slipping
I'm losing my grip.
There's no one to catch me.
I'm breaking.
I cry for help
But I am shattered.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 1 0
Dark Clouds Linger
Dark clouds lingered dangerously low as they blocked out the warmth of the sun. The city streets were deserted, the park even more so. All except for one girl, here dirty blonde hair hung down just past her shoulders in its natural loose spirals. Her hands rubbed against each other as she looked down, walking along a small hard dirt trail in the park. She made it to a small wooden bridge that had reached its way over the river and finally stopped in her tracks and went to the edge, her elbows against the railing as she stared into the water.
All she wanted to do was cry out all her pain, but the tears just wouldn’t come. It was maddening. “What’s wrong with me,” she murmured to herself as she stared at her reflection. Her eyes that usually shone with warmth and happiness had the dullness of despair.  The water rippled from the gentle breeze that caused her hair to brush against her cheeks. Inside her was the chaos, she felt like her heart had been ripped in
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Please please PLEASE don’t hurt me.
I’ve already been hurt enough.
I’m still in the healing process.
It all has been going good for me.
Good grades,
Good job,
I have good friends,
And a fantastic boyfriend that I know I belong with.
I fit in somewhere for once.
And you come by and tear all my hopes down
All my happiness fades away
Why do you do this to me?
I loved you, I still do,
And there is nothing that can change that.
I thought you supported me
I thought you loved me.
Is that love not strong enough?
If not, then is it even love?
I thought our bond was a bond
That was never to be broken.
I told you everything.
I trusted you.
We did so much together,
Even though you weren’t the richest,
You made sure we had fun
And we enjoyed our time together.
Spending time with you was all I wanted,
I didn’t care for the objects,
The fancy toys that everyone else had.
I miss what we used to be.
What I thought you were.
Now all I want is to be away from you
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Your Life, That Means You Are the Main Character
Life is a story and you are the main character. You have a choice in what to do with your life. You choose right or wrong. You decide what to do.
It's okay to be skeptical in your beliefs, it's okay to have questions. Sometimes you just have to look at the evidence, don't go and follow what you feel.
The more important the question, the more devastating the answer. Think things through with logic and God first. Be wise in what you do.
God did not create evil. Evil was a perversion in the world. It is an absence of shalom. Evil can come to the world in all sorts of ways, but good can come out of it. What is a perfect world with all good and no evil? When or if evil comes, they will not be prepared to handle it.
Can God make a rock bigger than he can lift? No. Because the most powerful being cannot create something more powerful than Himself. God cannot make a contradiction. It's all about your attitude on the doubt.
Take this to heart, it is valuable and important. This will help you mo
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Why Do People Dream?
Why do people dream?
Escaping the chaos of reality,
Dreams drown the pain we hold.
For broken hearts,
There is love.
The lonely
Will find company.
The hurt
Will find comfort.
People get what they don't have
When they dream.
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The Ocean
I asked the ocean to welcome me,
she came to me,
engulfing my senses to the core.
I asked the ocean to comfort me,
she wrapped her arms around me,
soothing my soul.
I asked the ocean to take me away,
she swept me off my feet
and swallowed me whole.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 1
My Pain
It is more than one can bear,
But somehow I can live through this
Though I doubt it will never
Bring me peace
In the end.
Emptiness claws at me,
Wanting to tear out my too full heart.
Knowing all I desire is attention.
To be loved.
Sad endings may never be told
To the young.
Though the tragic ending happens much too often.
My knight in shining armor never came
to save me from what I suffered for much too long.
My story begins and ends
The same way.
With loneliness.
How about you?
Did your hero come?
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 0
The Present
We live in the moment,
Every single one of us.
No matter what we think,
it's not the past,
nor is it the future.
All of it is from our mind,
an illusion we live in,
centuries before
or eons ahead
we crave to be.
This is now,
the present.
Yesterday's tomorrow has come
to be today's today.
We all live it.
Whether we want to or not.
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Nowhere to Go
I weep tears I cannot cry
What I have has been taken away
Leaving me here alone
With no true home.
There is work to be done,
But I can't do it.
I am without belonging
I can only do nothing.
My heart has been stripped away
Everyone has abandoned me.
With nowhere to go,
with no one to give me a second thought.
I lie here alone
In this empty field
With everyone gone and nothing here
I cry the tears I am unable to weep.
I am worth nothing,
I am no value to this world
I have never been accepted,
People have shunned me for the person I am.
I weep the tears I cannot cry,
Drowning in nothingness
As I wait my upcoming death,
I die with no one caring,
I died alone.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 1
Every time I look at you
All these feelings
That I have never felt before
Erupt within me.
My heart soars
Just at the presence
Of you in my thoughts.
My stomach flips
Whenever I hear your voice
Or look into your eyes.
My eyes shine
As I see the smile
Creep upon your lips.
A smile appears on my face
When I receive that text
Or we just have a conversation.
My mind is plagued
By the presence of you,
You never leave it.
When everything goes quiet,
I wonder,
What do you think of me?
Are we just friends
Or something more?
Because I think
I have fallen in love with you,
And I don't know how or why.
I like this feeling,
At the same time,
It is devastating.
What if you don't
feel the same way?
In fear of rejection,
I keep this my little secret,
The one I want to share with you.
Please let me know soon,
If you feel the same way, too.
It hurts to hide,
But I enjoy the feeling,
Of being in love.
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If you asked me where I was,
I wouldn't know the answer.
The me I know has been gone
For a long time.
I can smile
Not like I used to,
It doesn't reach my heart,
Not anymore.
No one can know,
There is no one to trust
No one to lean on,
No way for comfort.
There's this mask on my face,
One that used to be real,
Happiness. Joy. A smile.
Where am I?
Can I trust you
To bring me back?
I guess not.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 2
Behind a Smile
Let the clouds cry
the tears I can't.
The loud thunder be my gasping sobs,
lightning be what
I've held in for so long.
The rain can do what i can't.
Show itself to the world.
Instead, I bury myself
deep within
and there's nowhere to go.
Behind a smile I remain.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 0 0
The Heart
It can be as soft as snow,
sensitive and feeling
whether it is truth or lies.
It can be as hard as ice,
uncaring and cold,
whether it is another's or their own fault.
It can be warm
as bright as the sun
lighting everything it touches.
It can be cold,
only caring about themselves,
ignoring the world around them.
It can be hurt,
it doesn't matter how soft or hard it is
or how hard or cold it is.
They all get hurt,
there's a reason they act this way,
to hide the pain in their hearts.
:iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 1 0
Eager Eyes by moonlight117 Eager Eyes :iconmoonlight117:moonlight117 1 0

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