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Discount Commissions Open

Sat Mar 10, 2018, 2:26 PM
Hello everyone! For the entire month of march I'm offering lower priced commissions! come april I'm putting up my new pricing so this'll be the last chance to get stuff at these prices! I'm doing these discount commissions as my birthday is coming up soon on the 23rd and I wanna be able to have a nice relaxing bday without worrying bout financial woes!

Also, if anyone wants to be extra amazing, I do have a amazon birthday wishlist. Anyone who gets me ANYTHING will get a complimentary sketch if you want one, and my undying love and thanks of course! (Also I will be taking pictures of myself hugging any gifts I get on my twitter so there's that too!)
--> Wishlist Link <--

If you're wanting to order a commission shoot me a note, or an email at telling what you want (make sure to have a good detailed description or references ready!), once we confirm what it is I'm drawing for you and how much it'll cost, I'll do the initial rough sketch, show it to you then once you give the go ahead I'll invoice you the cost via paypal. once you pay the invoice I'll finalize the picture!

For icon/pixel commissions I will show the rough start for that as well before invoicing the cost and finalizing the piece similar to above

 Now without further ado here are some of the things I'm offering and how much they'll be!

Pixel icons!
I Love making pixels, here are some examples of ones I've done and the average cost of them will be $10-25 dollars! 

(C) Ryla icon by Moonlight-pendent13  Menyssan icon by Moonlight-pendent13  (C) Kaiman123 Icon by Moonlight-pendent13 (P) Blakeroats icon by Moonlight-pendent13 (C) Ciel icon by Moonlight-pendent13  (G) Tiny Shellder by Moonlight-pendent13   Tiny Pixel Platypus by Moonlight-pendent13  Sloth by Moonlight-pendent13   Love Potion by Moonlight-pendent13

Speedy Sketches. These are very fast very rough sketches they're not gonna be perfect but I try to give them a good amount of personality! $10-20 dollars!

Too cool for school by Moonlight-pendent13When in doubt by Moonlight-pendent13

Sketches.  these sketches are ones I take my time more so on them, and get them looking as good as a sketch can look! $20-25 dollars!

Windy peak Sketch by Moonlight-pendent13  (C) Westah sketch by Moonlight-pendent13 (C) Good mornin Sketch by Moonlight-pendent13

Colored Sketches. Says what it is right on the tin, I do a sketch, and then color it in! no pesky wait time on super finalizing the lineart, just a sketch and then color! $40-55 dollars

Conversational Arachnid by Moonlight-pendent13(C) Good Morning by Moonlight-pendent13   More examples to come shortly*

I'm back!

Wed Mar 7, 2018, 2:47 PM
For good this time I think, lots of stuff has happened lately, mostly good! One not so good thing is that, I was laid off from my job. But when one door closes more open, so I'm taking this as an opportunity to refocus on my art, and also enrolling on college, working out if I can get decent financial aid first before I jump the gun on anything but I'm hopeful that it'll be a good experience even if I'm just getting a bachelors degree.

I hope you've all been doing well! I've missed everyone! I've still been fairly active on Twitter so always feel free to check on my stuff there if I go quiet on here again, I don't think I will tho I'm ready to come back and buckle down with posting stuff regularly and being more active

Update: July 19

Hey everyone, a lot has happened in the last month. First off I'll start with the very tragic news. about 2-3 weeks ago one of my uncles caretakers, Mel committed suicide. It hit everyone very hard. On top of that, the budget for my uncles care is not consistent enough to have him be able to stay at home it's looking like. There is only enough money to have his one Caretaker stay for 3 hours a day. Which is bad because if my uncle has to use the bathroom, it just happens he is not in control of those muscles. Not being able to be cleaned up right away can cause bedsores and all other sorts of horribleness

So it's looking like he will have to go into a home. The only places his insurance covers are not so great ones I'm afraid. But that is looking like what's going to happen Monthly care for him to have a 24 hour or even 12 hour a day care, paying the caretakers 17.5 an hour is 5880$ a month at least and we just don't have that kinda money.

Thank you to everyone who pitched into help, it was so kind of you to do so, and it gave us hope for awhile and it helped get him care.

I'll keep his youcaring up, as he still needs money for Medications, he takes a lot and they are not cheap so any help is appreciated

Also, I want to add the Youcaring for Mel, his caretaker's Family…

Update: June 26

Thank you so much everyone for the help so far! we are at 430 Dollars! But Daily care for my uncle is at LEAST 210 dollars ((12 hours, paying the caretakers 17.5 an hour)) So Please if you can, keep sharing or donating even just a spare dollar or two it makes a world of difference!

Update: June 22nd 2017

Thank you again everyone for sharing, adding this to journals. We are at 311 dollars so far. 
His nurses get paid 17.5 an hour so for 12 hour care that's about 210 Dollars. Please help us continue spreading this to try to get more assistance! My Aunt is already getting exhausted and very stressed from doing everything on top of working to provide for my Uncle and her kids.

Update: June 20th 2017

We are already more than 10% of the way there! Thank you so much everyone who has been sharing this on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Deviantart and whereever else! 

Hey Everyone! This journal is all about my Uncle Michael. He's in a really tough spot right now. He has MS, he is fully paralyzed and bedridden, except for some use of his left hand. Due to, a lot of bad circumstances my family can no longer afford his care, and without it he could die. We are all doing our best but the amount of care he needs is expensive, and my Aunt is already doing her best to be his 24 hour nurse while working and taking care of her kids. I made a Youcaring fundraiser to try to help the costs and it also goes into more detail about my Uncle's Condition and other details. If anyone can Donate, Share, Spread the word My family and I will be Immensely grateful.…

UncleMichael2 by Moonlight-pendent13  UncleMichael by Moonlight-pendent13

If you're in the Seattle Area

Thu Jun 8, 2017, 12:14 PM
I highly recommend you check out Chugs Root Beer store! I'm making a journal shoutout as well just cause, I want peeps to be able to more easily see it. My boss is super rad, and has a real passion for the store and root beer. They have the largest selection of root beer ANYWHERE and a huge selection of soda's as well.

Also if you visit you might be able to say hi to me if I'm working that day!

rootbeerstore by Moonlight-pendent13

Bonus edit, I posted a picture of the mascot himself, Chug!

Good Ol Chug by Moonlight-pendent13

Not dead

Mon May 29, 2017, 7:58 PM
I am horrible with keeping up with things goodness

Also, Journal and page will be a Little bit ... Bland for abit, my Membership expired and I'm a bit pressed to afford to renew it.

I just wanna let you all know, I'm not ignoring anyone, or abandoning the website, it's been hard to be as active here because I haven't had anything to really contribute yet. I got a job, a regular 9-5 type one. it's hard on my body and doesn't pay a ton, but I've had to pick it up.

My boyfriend got let go from his last job I posted about, he did find a new one not long after thank goodness, but things have just been very tight and stressful moneywise/living situation wise. That along with my computer being, Really messed up. Making art when you're in a really deep funk and dealing with piles of rl stuff is tricky, mad respect to artists who can ignore that and just do it, I'm not one of them

To the Three peeps I owe commissions, Haven't forgotten you, I see your notes, and I'm happy to mention they are just about finished. I'll even ((if I can)) try to throw in a extra quick sketch as thanks for being patient with me.

Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin guys, here's hoping I'll be able to start posting stuff regularly again soon

ALSO if anyone needs to reach me and wants me to see it asap PLEASE email me at

Oh Goodness Gracious

Mon Apr 3, 2017, 10:32 AM
Thank you for all the belated Bday wishes!!!! I'll start out by saying I'm sorry, I got hit with that LOVELY dA IP lockout thing. ((where the more you try to log in... the longer it locks you out)) and then follow that with computer problems, health problems and just, PLENTY of other stuff

March was NOT my month

I have about... 40 notes to go through right now and 5000 messages so I guess that's what I'm doing this week.... ;;

I humbly ask your forgiveness for my disappearance and I'll be getting back to everyone asap D: for commissions I was working on, I haven't forgotten. My tablet has also been having issues ((when it rains it pours argh)) or it might be my computers usb I'm Not entirely sure. But either way I'm working towards getting it fixed

and in really good news my Partner recently got the job at a local grocery store!!!! ;; which means hopefully we'll be less tight on money in the future, huzzah!

Cheap Sketch Commissions Closed

Thu Feb 2, 2017, 8:10 PM
Edit Feb 8th

Computer fixing goal reached! so no more discounted commissions

Also just to let everyone know, I'm taking a short break till friday, I overworked my wrist abit and it's still abit sore/swollen. Annnnd my wonderfully lovely cat... had a potty accident on my drawing tablet. It's not broken I just need to carefully clean it xX So I'll be emailing/noting everyone with updates on friday! D: I hope you understand!


1: :iconblakeroats:

2: :iconkbthederp:

3: (Pending)

Examples of my sketch work

Day Nine: Demon by Moonlight-pendent13Day Twenty One: Canine by Moonlight-pendent13When in doubt by Moonlight-pendent13Day Nineteen: Cyclops by Moonlight-pendent13
Day Fifteen: Dragon Girl by Moonlight-pendent13

Computer on the fritz (Update)

Mon Jan 16, 2017, 5:18 PM
Edit 1/21/17 I'm still only at 50/150 so it's looking like I won't be getting it fixed this month most likely, so all art is on hold till least the 3rd or 5th of Feb would be the soonest I can foresee getting it working ;;

Edit 1/19/17 I've raised 50/150 for the computer repairs so far! Any help is most appreciated, it's not life threatening exactly so there's no super rush but it will allow me to get back to work sooner the sooner I get it fixed. I'm trying to do some work on it but I can only work in 15 to 30 minute intervals to prevent overheating and it shutting off xX

I'm quickly typing this before my CPU fries or desk catches fire! Right now as some of you may know my computer has been making a HORRIBLE grinding noises. And Now it's been overheating right from being turned on, jumping up to 67C and that's before opening any programs. until I manage to scrape together the money to get it fixed (they quoted me at 150 Argggghhhh ;; ) I'll be away for abit D= terribly sorry to everyone!

((also before anyone suggests cleaning the fan, doing this or that, I have done everything I can to try to fix it myself, at this point I need to take it in to get it opened up and checked out))

Hello Everyone! it's been awhile since a feature hasn't it? Sorry for that! Here I'll be featuring Some Tutorials here plus a handy little trick when doing lineart ! I hope you all find these helpful! 

Incase you didn't see Part 1, it's right here! Fantastic Features: Art Resources and Tutorials

First up, a VERY important trick, have you ever been doing lineart and realized, it's too small! Now you're going to have to resize it but oh no that makes your beautiful crisp lineart all blurry, You're going it have to re-line ALL OF IT!


This site right here is a LIFE saver, so if you find yourself in that kind of pickle, use Waifu2x to resize your beautiful lineart to have it STAY beautiful and crisp :la:

And now on to the Tutorial Features! I made an attempt to gather up some tutorials befitting the halloween spirit as well!

Blood - Tutorial by NereiixPainting Pumpkins Step by Step Guide by CGCookiePendant Tutorial by AshantiArtHow to sketch up a city in ~15 minutes by shilin

How to draw skirts by jiugeHow To Draw Butterfly by jiugeteeth tips by boarbarianExercise 48 Practice Sheet: Blood by CGCookie
+Moon Tutorial+ by SpellHow  to i make a Night SKy by CloszBasic Background Tutorial by mapalJellyfish Tutorial by AvacyrCandle tutorial by TybayTutorial de Cicatrices by RedStar-Sama

Discount Commissions Closed

Tue Oct 11, 2016, 8:20 AM
I'm only opening 5 slots, seeing how it goes and going from there, gonna pace myself and get myself back into things. My migraine/seizure meds are working well so far but I don't wanna push myself too hard. but I do need to buy food atm, These are for Sketches and Colored Sketches Only!

The Full Body Character Sketches will be only $ 15 instead of the typical 20--25 and the Full body single character Colored Sketches will be $ 40 instead of the usual $ 50

(So long as your character doesn't have an astonishing amount of bells and whistles) 

If you're interested please shoot me a note with your commission idea!

Tho please do read my TOS… it is quite important to make sure to least give it a once over


1 (Private Nsfw)

2 (Private Nsfw)

3  (Taken)

4  (Taken)


Sketch Examples

Day Eight: Octomaid by Moonlight-pendent13 Nina BOF 2 sketch 2.0 by Moonlight-pendent13

Mature Content

Day Six: Spider Girl by Moonlight-pendent13

Colored Sketches Examples

Day Four: Naga by Moonlight-pendent13Day Ten: Succubus by Moonlight-pendent13(C) Cannabis Dryad by Moonlight-pendent13

30 Day MonsterGirl Challenge

Sat Oct 8, 2016, 11:39 AM
+ Inktober

Day 1 Harpy:

Mature Content

Day One: Harpy by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 2 Centaur:

Mature Content

Day Two: Centaur by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 3 Slime: 

Mature Content

Day Three: Slime Girl by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 4 Naga: 

Mature Content

Day Four: Naga by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 5 Mermaid: 

Mature Content

Day Five: Mermaid by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 6 Spider Girl: 

Mature Content

Day Six: Spider Girl by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 7 Plant Girl:

Mature Content

Day Seven: Plant Girl by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 8 Octomaid:  Day Eight: Octomaid by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 9 Demon:  Day Nine: Demon by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 10 Succubus: 

Mature Content

Day Ten: Succubus by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 11 True Monster: 

Mature Content

Day Eleven: True Monster by Moonlight-pendent13

Day 12 Zombie:

Day 13 Insect Girl:

Day 14 Dullahan:

Day 15 Dragon/Reptile Girl:

Day 16 Ghost:

Day 17 Robot:

Day 18 Alien:

Day 19 Cyclops:

Day 20 Satyr:

Day 21 Canine Girl:

Day 22 Feline Girl:

Day 23 Yōkai:

Day 24 Multiple Limbs:

Day 25 Favorite Monster Girl:

Day 26 Favorite Monster Girl Character:

Day 27 A Truly Gruesome Girl:

Day 28 A Group of Monster Girls Together:

Day 29 A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other:

Day 30 Celebrate Monster Girls!:

Pixel Commissions Open

Wed Sep 28, 2016, 11:18 AM
Rent 695/1100

Hate to be making this journal a bit late but medical stuff kicked me in the butt again, seizures/severe migraines/anemia/ all that fun stuff

I don't think I can manage full painted drawings atm so I'm offering pixel art to cover rent, I'm fairly short on it, going to try to do my best before just opening donations, if you want to donate by all means I'm just not ready to publically open them fully

If you're interested shoot me a note and what you'd want! I charge between 10-20 dollars for pixel works, 10 for simpler stuff ((bullets, tiny food)) and more for animated icons and detailed stuff!

I can do pixel tiny animals 10-15 Dollars USD

Pixel Robin by Moonlight-pendent13 Sloth by Moonlight-pendent13 Tiny Pixel Platypus by Moonlight-pendent13

Tiny pixel food 10-15 Dollars USD

Fried pixel egg by Moonlight-pendent13 Tiny Waffle by Moonlight-pendent13 Tiny Bacon by Moonlight-pendent13

Dividers  5-15 Dollars

Simple Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13
(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13

Bullets 5-10 Dollars USD

Leaf Bullet (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13  Autumn Leaf (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13  Pokemon Egg (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13  (G) Tiny Shellder by Moonlight-pendent13

dA Icons 15-20 Dollars USD

(P) Blakeroats icon by Moonlight-pendent13 (C) Kaiman123 Icon by Moonlight-pendent13 (C) Oralia Icon by Moonlight-pendent13 (C) Ryla icon by Moonlight-pendent13

Goal Achieved!!

Tue Aug 30, 2016, 9:13 PM
Edit: GOAL ACHIEVED THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE ;; I'm humbled by the overwhelming support thank you!

This is a bit lengthy, so far warning now and it makes me intensely uncomfortable to even put this ask out here but, I'm out of options.

I'll get straight to the point, I'm on the verge of homelessness, in need of help.

I’m afraid due to a multitude of things but mostly my health both physical and mental deterioration and the cost of which it’s put on me.I’m not going to make rent this month. I already live month to month and just barely and things have just gotten progressively worse.

I hate asking for help but I’m going to be evicted if I don’t, I have until the 2rd to pay ((with minimum late penalties)) If I pay later then that, it's 100 dollars extra per late day up to 5 days then I believe it goes up by 15 each day after that

 The only other place that I might be able to live is with my abusive family and that’ll most likely just be nearly as bad as being homeless (If I'd even be able to go there in the first place)

I’m $1000 dollars short on rent. Rent in the area I live is expensive (Seattle area, check it out yourself), I am unable to move out of the area and have nowhere else to go, I’m effectively trapped. Even the places that are cheaper, you need to be making a minimum of double the total rent cost, I don't make enough.

I’m unable to work a regular 9-5 job due to my health issues ((seizures, severe migraines, and other complications going on)) I've tried before, I would just get let go of or have to quit because of the strain, and then the stress it put on me racked up more doctor bills.

I’m trying to get on disability but there have been a lot of roadblocks with that, it takes a long time to get approved for disability and I was trying hard to get by without needing to turn to it as an option. 

I’m doing my best to work as much as I can, but the growth on the side of my head presses against my temple and has been giving me a perpetual headache/migraine the last two months, severity varies but it is usually very unpleasant and painful at best. 

If anyone can spare any amount I’d be intensely grateful. I’m sorry for those who have donated before and I promised something in return and haven’t gotten back to you yet. The medications, hospital visits, doctor visits and everything have taken a Lot out of me.

My paypal is

If you want to pledge to my patreon which also helps and you’d get access to some cool exclusive stuff too that’d be awesome as well.…

Thank you to anyone and everyone who took the time to read this, I appreciate it a ton and I'm thankful for your support, whether through a spare dollar here or there, a kind word, or any other random act of kindness

Able to log in normally + Updates!

Tue Jun 28, 2016, 8:18 PM
Well looks like the problem with logging in did eventually resolve itself, still pretty irritating while it lasted. But yay able to log in normally!

Things are still a little shaken at the moment, the death in the family, and I gotta go in to see a neurologist on Thursday. But besides that I'm trying to get back on track with working on those 2 remaining commissions I have, and then keep on tackling patreon prizes + other stuff

I got a lot of rad patron exclusive stuff going up lately, so if you wanna see cool things and get cool things just for you too throwing a dollar or two at my Patreon would be rad and most appreciated!

Locked out of DeviantArt Account

Wed Jun 15, 2016, 2:57 AM

After a few suggestions I got I managed to log in using a VPN, it's a temp fix, but it works. Only problem is now it takes Forever for pages to load =/ so the sooner things get fixed the better argh

Well partly

I had to log into xfinity wireless ((which costs like 2 dollars per hour of using it)) to be able to get in my account at all, I've been effected by the error seen here… and here  Login problems - solvedFirst of all, thanks for all of your support. Some people have accused me from thinking this whole thing up, just as some kind of sick way to gain attention. It honestly saddens me that some people think this way... but I guess people are just people. My only intention was to inform people why I wouldn't be posting messages/art for the next few weeks (or whatever time it takes them to get the issue solved). And maybe get some helpful feedback from the community. DA has become one of my main social media channels nowadays. Bigger than facebook, for me. So you can imagine it has quite the impact to be locked out from your main source of online interaction... as I have no other means of contact with many of the people here (I don't have their facebook or e-mail).
A group of people always knows more than I do alone. And even though many of the tips and tricks where things that I already tried myself, there were still some pretty useful solutions in there. 
As for now, the he
 I'm hoping this'll be resolved soon as I really hate having to pay like 2 bucks to use dA for an hour a day to answer messages and stuff. So my replies to my already growing number of messages/notes will be much slower till this is resolved D= sorry everyone!

In the meantime I'll be active and posting on Tumblr so if you'd like to see stuff, art and updates more regularly feel free to follow me here… or on twitter if you want more frequent updates/ramblings

Hello friends!

Sat May 28, 2016, 12:19 AM
Update update! Sorry again for not getting to notes ;; I now have 40 to go through, more hospital visits this month, medication adjustments. I won't go into detail but I will say it looks like that has evened out! Crossing my fingers anyway! Thank you on those waiting for commission replies ((I am 99% certain I haven't accepted any payment for the most recent sketch commissions because I had a feeling I was going to have a flare up and be out of commission myself for abit.)) I will be replying to you guys and sending the rough draft sketches for you to approve soon!

Many thanks for all the patience from you guys and well wishes <3 hopefully this'll be the last road bump, crossing my fingers!

Hello everyone! I wanted to start doing these bi monthly feature journals for awhile now, things have just been so very hectic that getting the time to do so has been near impossible BUT now that I have some I want to start doing them!

I feel this will be a great way to help people discover new artists, help unknown artists get some much deserved attention, and just in general share the love!

Today's feature is going to be all about References and Tutorials!

Using reference while drawing, is often considered cheating. it REALLY isn't and is BEYOND helpful. Drawing unique poses from memory on the first try is impossible for most, most people need to see how things are moving, bending, how the light interacts with them, and a lot of other little details that are hard to get the first time off of just vague memory. 

Using photo reference can be a great way to get a better understanding of what you're trying to draw, and eventually you WILL be able to just think up poses on the fly, draw cool and interesting poses without breaking a sweat! ((mostly)) But building up to that takes a lot of time and work! Even professionals who have been drawing for 10-20+ years still use photo reference!

Tutorials are also amazingly handy especially when first starting out with art. I go back to read through many of them all the time! It's a wonderful thing when a artist shares their insight into how they draw something for others to learn and grow from!

Without Further Ado, here are some great reference pictures and tutorials I think will help a whole lot!

((Update: I added a handful more tutorials and references!!))

Mouth Stock Pack by Danika-StockGribby's super-thorough Hair Tutorial1 by DeskleavesGribby's super-thorough Hair Tutorial2 by Deskleaves Let's Pixel: a Stone Column by Cyangmou Chenny's Fire Painting Tutorial by chenpathART Handstofoot by justmeina Wood painting process. by artcobainHair Shading Tutorial by Raelencia Curvy Hair Tutorial Step by Step by JePixel painting underwater bubbles on paint tool SAI by oddsocket Liquid on Skin Tutorial by blackdahliaFilipino Martial Arts pose by HumanAnatomy4ArtistTUTORIAL: Wings for Dragons by SammyTorres Desi Stock 09 by Malleni-Stock 2015 - Skirts References by rika-dono Katana 68 by ImperialStarletStock How To Draw Folds by wysoka Easy Lava - tutorial by ryky Marco Jump Smash with Katana by HumanAnatomy4ArtistManip T+T - Create your own Brushes by kuschelirmel-stockHow do I draw heels by AngieBlues How I draw long hair by NikeMVJust before a slash by HumanAnatomy4ArtistTip Jar 01: Filling in Linework by rtil
Goit Glade by colfranklandGarden Stock 24 by AsiaAndEric-StockTuto - THE MOUTH by Darwem0 Expression Stock - *Confusion* by Null-Entity Perspective 1 (XIV.IV) by theThirdCartelPlacing Objects In Environments by hibbaryvalley 01 by Pagan-StockMetall lesson by L1nkolnLSW Sprite Tutorial 001: Basics by BraddyApplesBody Reference - Sitting in Chair- Stock Pack by Danika-StockRest under the big tree. by Aenea-Jones<da:thumb id="602430974"/> Park Waterfall by DarkBeforeDawn23 Wind 01 by Fuchsfee-Stock

Birthday Thanks And going to ECCC!

Tue Mar 29, 2016, 9:13 PM
Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday! and a DOUBLE SUPER thankyou to those who made small little donations and even Gifts!!! I plan to take a picture of me with the gifts I got, I wanted to do an opening livestream but my health isn't good enough to do that at the moment! I'm trying to catch up with things best I can <3 Both Here, and with my MonsterGirlFans Group, Big shout out thanks to my mods there who have been amazing in holding down the fort. I am Extremely thankful.

Also, I will be at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in seattle, My friend who's visiting from Australia, My Boyfriend and Myself will be going to Comic Con the 7-10th of April! If you spot me feel free to come say hi! ((just please no hugs I don't do well with hugs)) A hearty thumbs up is ok tho! I am easily startled so don't sneak up on me either ._. also, what if it turns out to be someone else?? very embarrassing! I'll post a picture of me in the outfit I'll be wearing before leaving in my scraps here! So it'll be easier to come say hi/find me to say hi!

March Update

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2016, 12:37 PM

Hey everyone! it's your favorite disappearing moon here, giving a short update, I won't bore with details, Just in and out hospital visits, again. This time something physical, I may be having to get some major surgery this year, it's causing a lot of pain and unpleasantness, Plus quite a few other things. I'm abit overwhelmed with messages ((2000+ and 70 notes)) So I'll be trying to catch up this weekend and communicate with everyone who's been contacting me. 

I Hope i'll be able to post all those sketches soon and get back to regular updates! My bday is coming up so I'm REALLY hoping I can open commissions before then so I can buy myself a small cake or something. I long to be productive again ;-;  I hope you are all doing well! Thank you for your patients with me you awesome peeps you!

Calling all Nerds and Geeks!

Wed Feb 3, 2016, 1:24 PM
Do you like geek culture? Comic books? Superheros? Scifi? Well then I must HIGHLY recommend this channel a friend of mine runs! Click the logo here to go to his Channel!

He does a lot of videos focusing on DC/Marvel universes, but also has done videos on Doctor who, Steven universe, Star wars, LoTR, Comic Conventions and more to come in the future! 

Here is his newest video for those who wanna see!