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I honestly am astounded and amazed by the sheer amount of GREAT AMAZING ENTRIES! My artwork doesn't ever stand a chance against all this beautiful artworks! I also tried but in no way does it ever comes up par with all these entries! Here is my entry and I promise you the next artworks after this will me a million times better! I just want to show off my artwork and how it compares to hundred of other great entries! I want to feature it as well because it may not be part of the top 50. or top 100. top 200 or top 500 I am happy with the time I spent designing and creating her. I like Lightning she's totally badass although I haven't played the game yet because I dont have a console so I just watch scenes from youtube xD Anyway Ahh I'm ranting Lets continue on to the features!
Kimono Lightning Customization Banner by moonlight-fox

In the beginning I was thinking of featuring my very own top 50 but after looking at my collection and being heartbroken and getting my mind blown because off all the awesome and I can't choose, I decided to feature majority of my collection! I only removed a few because of slight misformatting caused by them not using the prescribed size of the image. Anyway I am proud to showcase my top 154 amongst the thousands that submitted! I am proud to say I looked at all the entries from the beginning until the deadline! Thumbnails are in no particular order (Just the order on when I placed them on my collection so the thumbs that came first are most likely the people who submitted their entry early on)

My message to everyone featured here! you may or may not make it to the top 50 and the finals but consider yourselves a winner! I think all your entry are majestic! I know everyone put a lot of effort into their work and it clearly stood out! I hope Tetsuya Nomura notices your skills! I guess if he could do a sketch for 154 of you he probably would! Thank you for listening to my ramblings! Onwards! Check out the great Lightning Returns Banner Customization Artworks!

Fallen Angel by C-Yen ''When I awoke from my dreamless sleep..'' by BlckFeatHeR LR: FFXIII Contest Entry by Uty-Bacalaito Bride Ver. by hayashinomura Contest Entry - Crystarosa by WinterCupcake Dark Lightning by LitoPerezito Lightning Returns Contest: Rising Phoenix by Dark-Arya One Day More by DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3 Contest Entry by Prosaiska<da:thumb id="433601719"/> Contest Entry by Qvi by Qvi Pink Thunder (+ Lightnin) by Demachic<da:thumb id="433775540"/> Lightning Banner by amarashworth Goddess by petit-galaxie Classic Lightning by BramLeegwater
<da:thumb id="434354918"/> The Lightning Fist. by Wenart<da:thumb id="434241650"/> FF XIII - Warping Realities by pika LR Contest entry - Beowulf Suit by Dzoan Contest entry - Etro by eikomakimachi FFXIII: LR Contest by SushiyamaArt Odin God Armor by spirapride Warrior Goddess Reborn by Alrynnas Her Final Fantasy by breevey10 FINAL FANTASY XIII Contest by Shadow2810 Contest Entry: rider by Sawitry<da:thumb id="434851618"/> Prophet of the Rising Sun (contest entry) by BloodyRosalia Lighting Returns Contest Entry by Abremson
Stormchild by gwen-di Lightning - Sirene Battle Armor by Tiearius<da:thumb id="434828871"/><da:thumb id="434827065"/> Lightning Returns: Checkmate! by lacelazier<da:thumb id="434302710"/> Odin's Gift by kurimja
<da:thumb id="435116186"/> FFXIII - Lightning Returns by KennyNumberOne Lightning Returns: FFXIII Contest Entry by Sing-sei<da:thumb id="435108916"/> Lightning by Nyamesiss<da:thumb id="435100720"/> Lightning Returns FFXII contest by mannequin-atelier Final Fantasy XIII contest - Celtic huntress by Rhagrim
Lightning: Fallen by Luigigurl Lightning Returns - Yggdrasil savior by ZeronolighT Forbidden Gateway by ArisT0te Lightning Returns : Eastern Niramit Style by DAI-SAMURAI<da:thumb id="435054227"/> LR Contest Entry by ruina Lightning Returns: FF XIII Contest by SaraFabrizi LR Contest - Angel of Valhalla by Nyanfood
Lighting returns - FF XIII Contest by CristianaLeone<da:thumb id="434761747"/><da:thumb id="434759268"/> Lightning Returns by voncedie Lightning Returns by WesleyChen Lightning Returns Contest Entry by lanonenineninetwo<da:thumb id="434667143"/> Lightning Returns - FFXII//ThornGirl by Mala-Harpia
Majestic Black by nururuateka LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII by AlexandreMorsilla Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns by RickSamas<da:thumb id="434505839"/> Bodyycoo by bodyycoo FFXIII - Lightning Returns Contest Entry by chocodragon LR Contest entry - Thor's Cloth by Dzoan
LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Contest by Senhoshi lightning returns contest flattenFinal2000x550 by AlNiCo-ism Spirit Lightning by CatCouch Lightning Returns by GoldenLionofRa<da:thumb id="435225723"/> Lightning contest entry by naoguiarts Lightning Returns - Cherry Blossom Design by Sorina-chan
Lightning Returns by Allnamesinuse FFXIII - Lightning Phoenix Design by queenofeagles Lightning Returns Contest Entry by Sanctif1ed Final Fantasy Lightning Returns Contest Entry by MaxGrecke Our Saviour - Lightning Returns contest entry by ElinTan Lady Justice Lightning by Kashuse Lightning Assassin Outfit by Zooeel
Lightning by yagaminoue Lightning - Bavarian by blancaJP Lightning - Summon Master by phamoz Or else... by milyKnight Victory and Death by NaekoAshira LR Raijin suit by Aseo Character Spread. by SamMuk1R1
<da:thumb id="435275844"/><da:thumb id="435272573"/> Noble and Renegade by illusivecompulsive TIME KEEPER by Eddy-Shinjuku LR: Chocobo Hunter by ChrisBjors Knight by Heeeunee Lightning Returns : FF XIII by Innervalue Lightning Strike by blu-ion Battling Goddess in the pool of life and death by galgard Crystal by rintsuki0811 Blossoming by SaraCuervo Lightning Returns FF XIII by purplewurks LR: Queen Crystallis Garb by Artipelago Lightning Returns - FFXIII by LouiseBentsen
Lightning has returned by david-sladek Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII : Golden Rose by Caelumimensus<da:thumb id="435425472"/> I became a survivor by RinRinDaishi CONTEST ENTRY - Paradigm of the Wild by Zummeng [Contest] Dark Queen by komicfans Lightning - Guilty suit by tommasorenieri
Lightning Forever by Huue Phoenix - warrior of Light by Tai-atari Final Fantasy 13 Concurso1 by Murilo-Araujo Light of the Future by Ethlenrain Lightning Returns - Gran Pulse by AkiDead Knight ninja by longai<da:thumb id="435401456"/>
Dilemma by ilaBarattolo Steampunk Goddess - Lightning Returns Contest by Joliet Lightning Returns Contest - Undertaker by NarutoLover6219 Zantetsuken's Lightning by liark2z Lightning Returns: Contest Entry by Beth-Gilbert Lightning Returns: Pulsian Warder by courtneyuy LRC: Eventide Waltz by kishi-san Dragon King armor by elartwyne
Sword Waltz by Overweight-Cat :: Fire Flower :: FFXIII Lightning Returns by Sangrde L i g h t n i n g by Pearlpencil Blues and Roses by Dopaprime FFXIII Lightning Returns: Legendary Rider by Futago-KawaiI Oriental Fury Lightning by FCNart<da:thumb id="435628459"/> Lighting Returns... by Seojinni
Lightning Odin Rose by kadejp3 Save my soul by yuerise Lightning Da by Quikewuff Thundering Light by Wonderlame FFXIII - Lightning Returns by R-ena Crystal Stasis by haru-naru Lightning by AnthonyFoti<da:thumb id="435626095"/>
Lighting Return-soul Eater by JIRO-ODD<da:thumb id="435597214"/>
© 2014 - 2021 moonlight-fox
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i cannot believe the amount of utterly gorgeous submissions!!!
thank you so much for featuring my entry, i'm really glad to know you enjoyed it!
love your entry too! yes, if only Nomura could pick every one people liked ;;u;;
moonlight-fox's avatar
Thank you! :D
and no problem! XD
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thank for feature, moonlight-fox. 
feel honor that have people feature me.
moonlight-fox's avatar
No problem! Its an honor to feature you wonderful people! :D
milyKnight's avatar
Great collection! Thank you so much for featuring my artwork! :hug:

Good luck in the contest! :)
moonlight-fox's avatar
No problem its my pleasure!
and Thank You! :hug::glomp::cuddle:
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Thank You for the featureLove

I agree that there was so much good art work entered that while it was inspiring and fantastic to see, it was a little saddening to compare my own art work to them and thinking I got no change. None the less I had fun and I'm I'm happy I made something, now I also feel encouraged and honored that some one took the time to notice my work, your fantastic and I wish all the best of lock to everyone that entered and hope encouragement and support  to all to develop their skills and make more art w00t! 
moonlight-fox's avatar
No problem :thumbsup:

The amount of comment and feedback I got in this journal is already a reward for me in itself! Its really a great pleasure to showcase the artwork I enjoyed and in return also be thanked by the artists. I think that is a great honor!

I'm really hoping there would be more Square Enix related contest :3
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wow, what a wonderful collection! you really saw every entry? that must have taken quite some time! Thanks for adding mine :hug:
moonlight-fox's avatar
Well I think I did except for those that submitted beyond the deadline xD
I heard about the contest the first time it came out and everyday I stalked the submission category hahahaha~

It did take quite sometime but it was worth it to see all the awesome entries :D  
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I'm actually surprised for featuring my Work, somehow I'm out of words  :happycry:. Thank you for the noticing my work, which is even it is not par & distinct to others. :thanks:. Just continue to do things without fear, and discouragement.. as long as you have Imagination and give your Passion towards it. :nod:

moonlight-fox's avatar
Thank you for creating an artwork I can thoroughly enjoy! :D
and also thank you for the kinds words!
By now I already know I am not "technically" or "conceptually" a good artist. I really just draw for fun and amusement and hobby. I want to improve and become great someday but I still have a long way to go! I need to practice and study more! and I would like to believe that although I'm a late bloomer when it comes to art I'll get to my goal someday!

Thank you and no problem! 
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Thank you for the feature~~:)
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Wow.Your journal gave me feels I haven't felt in a long while >_< Honestly,your words are such an inspiration to artists everywhere,and what you say is true. Practically everyone who joined gave it their all~ I can even see the amount of work you put into your entry as well. And the part about Tetsuya Nomura...haha if only he could xD 

Anyways sorry for the rambling,but thanks for the feature :heart:
moonlight-fox's avatar
No problem I'm glad I made people happy <3
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aww thanks you for including my work in your top :hug: means a lot
moonlight-fox's avatar
no problem! your art is really beautiful!
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wow thanks for including me. Now it's really easy for me to check out some of the best entry. :)
moonlight-fox's avatar
No problem! and I'm glad my feature could be of some help to you! :D
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 Thank you very much for the feature! :iconmonkeyshyplz: I feel really honored !! :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:
moonlight-fox's avatar
no problem! Its also an honor and a pleasure to feature everyone :D
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