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Solitude's Sea
We are as a lone isle in unknowable seas.
Ribbons of foam collect upon our banks of memories.
Pocketed, some rest among our rocky eaves,
Or else gently lap and release
Wisdom, tasted on the salty air, recoiling to asylum.
Chimeric tides face Psyche's distrust and corrode,
Their rhythmic motion too capricious for our sands to decode.
We fear this thief, seeing not the acceptance owed,
Instead its imperfections are to us a throbbing goad.
Fear governs the metamorphose shores, inviting only solitude.
Unless the cay fathoms the vast expanse of all,
And allows the horizon to embrace the beach's sprawl.
No Circe then are the waves, but frank and enthralled.
Lacking water on which to float, we would surely fall.
We are not alone, but isolated with help where least imagined.
:iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 0 0
Dialga and Mudkip by Moonlight-Everi Dialga and Mudkip :iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 7 4 Nintenda by Moonlight-Everi Nintenda :iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 1 6 Ocean_Cascade the peophin by Moonlight-Everi Ocean_Cascade the peophin :iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 0 0 Finneon by Moonlight-Everi Finneon :iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 4 0
Silent Flight
I sit perched on a limb,
Ready to take to the skies.
My destination is as of yet unknown;
I spread my wings and I fly.
I fly with confidence, for I fly alone,
I am as free
As the air will allow.
Soaring without a sound like an owl,
Both alert and in a daze.
I rise to the peaks of
The waving treetops of thought.
Puppets of the wind.
I descend down below
Near the rushing stream of dreams,
Constantly flowing with hopes.
The air cushions me with a warm breath.
I ascend into the wild blue expanse,
I am alive and I have a purpose.
Intrepid and secure, I am incomparable,
I am confident in my soundless voyage.
But as the friendly wind becomes fierce,
It turns against me.
I feel forces stronger than me, forces uncontrollable,
I spiral downwards, with thunder clanging all about me;
I am lost in bewilderment and sound.
The dreams below are distorted and shattered
By the raindrops in confusion of the gale.
The spell of my beautiful freedom is brok
:iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 0 0
Island of Silence
I am an Island of Silence,
Among a Sea of Rippling Clamor.
The sands beseech it, "Be still!"
But the emotions of the changing tides
Are never calm, never tranquil.
Because the cause is the moon,
Driven by desires and feelings.
They stir the gentle quiet of my sanctuary.
My soliloquy of silence is punctured
By ribbons of conversation
Lapping against the shore.
Others have been swept into them,
The currents of restless din.
But I, I am an Island of Silence,
Mindful of the predictable
Rush and lull of the ocean,
The ocean that can never be crossed.
But I refuse to be soaked,
Soaked by the waters of sound,
Unlike so many, who freely dive into them,
Never to experience my joy.
"Are you stranded?" they ask.
"Why do you spend your days alone?"
I stay here for none's pleasure but my own,
Contemplating the mysteries
That life is sure to present.
The waves of uproar and sound
Leave no room for silent thoughts,
Which need no medium to exist,
Freely exploring the depths
Of my pristine, isolated la
:iconmoonlight-everi:Moonlight-Everi 1 3


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