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This needs an update in the worst way.

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time kjndjn
It's hard to fit all the stuff I want on here, but I think this is a good enough until I decide to do a new/neater one )w(

After seeing Shoucchi's and Izuneko's I was really inspired to put this together haha
You can find theirs below )w(

Is this supposed to be strictly persona or something I have no idea ahah 'cause clearly I don't have a tail and ears, though Wolf is one of my many nicknames and I'm fond of it more than the rest. Otherwise I do look like that just without the jacket and glasses//sometimes on the glasses

I do have pants I'm just on my camo booty short mode :iconimsotiredplz://wear them at home ok //sweats
//will update exactly next time

Additional Trivia

B-day: April 12th
Height: 5/10 {probably 5'11 by now) //didn't check

> Oreos or Brownies with milk are A++
>I have a cat named Clementine  and make fun of her triangle eyebrows
> TERA and Osu! Are two of my fave games
>My hair is the bane of my existence so I often throw a beanie on it and head out [Even when its 85+ outside ;;;;; ]
> 2 piercings //one for each ear //would like to get a bar in the future uwu
>PartiiNeko Takes care of me //Also tagging u so do this when you can mwahaha
>The lil' chicks are my sons eda-yuki and Fukamachi-kun :icondojimathumbsupplz:
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LucyTheTotodilegirlHobbyist General Artist
Wow your art is amazing I hope to see more of your art
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MoonLatteHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I'll be uploading more soon <3
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LucyTheTotodilegirlHobbyist General Artist
YAY:) (Smile)