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Come Out and Play....

Come out and play, Piglet.
Come out and play...

I've loved all of ~jeftoon01's twisted princess' and so I decided to make an evil pooh. Not the exact story of how I came up with this but close enough for now. this is one of the most detailed vectors I've done to date and I'm really proud of it! ^_^

The story I thought of while making this piece is that the bees had had enough of pooh eating all their honey so they stung him with some potion that made him crave meat instead.

Pork to be exact.

Pure vector done in Illustrator cs4 then tuned up a bit in Photoshop (auto colour/tone/levels).

ps-yeh it's not a very good back story but I'd be glad to hear if you have any better. Critique appreciated and any tips with illustrator too! :D
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It doesn't matter!! I still love him!
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I like this version of Pooh, than the child friendly version. :D
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Thanx! and thanks for the :+fav: :love:
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You're welcome :)
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you will never know how much this made me laugh. it is truly epic.
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lawlz- i'm glad it made you happy :D
Thanks for the :+fav: :hug:
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This reminds me of something I came up with a long time ago when the Pooh dolls first came out(the ones where Pooh spoke).
My idea was that Pooh's head is on backward and as it slowly turns around to face forward, it says, "Hello friend".
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sounds awesome-you should do like an animation for it or something! :la:
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If only. I don't have any program to make animations with.
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Wow, pooh's gone hardcore. Definitely not the Pooh from my childhood but kinda hilarious all the same! Lovely :lmao:
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Haha! XD

I don't like the real Pooh. I prefer this version of him by far!

And whose idea was it to call him Pooh anyway?? That's just gross. Hey everyone, I'm named after something you find in a toilet... :unimpressed:

Anyway I love your drawing, it's brilliant :D
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aw i LOVED pooh, he was my favourite character lol :P

i'm sure when AA Milne thought of the name, the connotations to excrement weren't there yet? but what do I know? :dummy:

anyways thanks for the comments, glad you liked it :la:
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Haha, maybe :XD:

You're very welcome :aww:
MoonGryffin's avatar
ps: thanks for the :+fav: :love:
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I never liked Poh, but I really like this vector of him :D
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you are welcome ^^
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Well I'm going to see that coming for me in my sleep, I should go hide my honey stash and maybe my blood.

All my delusions aside, that's a great picture. Really love the presence and proportions it all flows really nicely. I really could see that one a T-Shirt. Well done. :)
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evil pooh isn't interested in honey anymore nor human flesh....yet... :dummy:

so for the moment you're safe :la:

Thanks so much for the comments and :+fav:

if i WERE to submit it for a t-shirt, do you reckon i should keep or scrap the background? :O
Marklar-Von-Spanky's avatar
No probs at all with the Fave and so on it my pleasure. :)

Well I think I would drop the background personally, I think on a t-shirt it would make a much stronger image. Pooh would stand out a lot more and like all good t-shirt designs the message would be there straight away. The message being pooh is one scary mofo. ;)

Keep up the hard work.
MoonGryffin's avatar
lolz...scary mofo :lmao:
thanx dude- i'll try :la:
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