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Requested Stamp: Freedom of Speech isn't an excuse

By MoonGeister
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Requested stamp by BlazingDragonLord 

He's what he said:
I've seen lots of people posting rather rude comments on dA lately, but when I respond to them I get excuses such as "I can say what I want because I have Freedom of Speech!" or "You must be Anti Freedom of Speech!" Okay look, just because they're not fond of your words doesn't mean they dislike Freedom of Speech. They're unhappy at the way you're using it, as opposed to Freedom of Speech itself.

Alright, you're probably gonna get on me for not knowing what Freedom of Speech means. But I do, it's where you can express your opinion freely without any setbacks. But you're going to use this rule to say the most hurtful and disrespectful things you can think of? No, that's not how Freedom of Speech should be used and it makes you look like an arrogant jerk with absolutely no good morals.

Bottom line, there's no excuse for being mean, let's be more open-minded and respectful about what we say.

Yes this stamp is free to use, you don't have to ask
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Jojolantern2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with you.
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magshiHobbyist Digital Artist
I fully agree with this, while i do support freedom of speech, that doesn't give you an excuse to be a jackass to everyone. Freedom of speech
does not mean freedom from consequences.

Honestly, i see freedom of speech more as a privilege than a right. I know, i know, it IS a fundamental human right, but it's one we are lucky
to have. There are places in this world where freedom of speech doesn't exist, where you can be arrested or even executed for saying the
wrong thing. I am thankful that we never have to live in such horrible places, and as such, while i do fully support freedom of speech, i don't
abuse it, because i know how lucky i am to have that freedom.
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TrottingPerytonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone should be allowed to speak their minds and state opinions without harm. However how you use such a freedom can not only liberate you but also backfire. How so? If someone is applying for a job, scholarship, grant, loan, or for an interview and the seeker uses foul words, certain slang, or go off topic; that person won't get the job, promotion, loan, or anything offered if other better candidates. Heck, folks have been rightfully so thrown out of establishments and residences for profanity, telling specific jokes, and making threats. Some knuckleheads have to raise false alarms like saying fire in a crowed theater or bomb on a plane. Threatening others crosses the line because you committed a crime or are planning one by breaching someone else's safety. Plus jerks and liars aren't taken seriously by most honest folks.
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"I can attack someone and put them down 24/7 'cause freedom of speech !!!11 hurr dur" , "I can tell you to kys 'cause freedom of speech!!11", "I can spread hate speech about minorities or non-minorities all I want 'cause duuurrr freedom of speech !!!111" ...Riiigghhhtt. I can't stand these people.
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Hate speech is a dick thing.
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Rahula87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! I can relate to this stamp since it happened a similar thing to me, rudeness is not equal to freedom of speech, no need to be rude when you can be polite and can really use freedom of speech.
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Blue-Moon-Warrior General Artist

Tell that to NateFlazh1000
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sunnythefallercat6Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tank you!
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glovannasStudent Digital Artist
Tell that to Starrceline
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I agree with this SO much. +fav 
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The-Dorito-ButlerHobbyist Filmographer
Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of consequences.
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Thumbs Up  Agreed. 
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The-Dorito-ButlerHobbyist Filmographer
Heheheh, thanks!
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You're welcome.
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Pretty much.
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JoshAlmanacHobbyist Artist
Only through corrupting the most important amendment is it exploitable and therefore made useless.
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Believe it or not, contrary to the common belief, freedom of speech allows you to say what you want unless it leads to the harm of someone else. A bit of a slap to the face of the abusers of this freedom.
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Yokai-no-Red General Artist
Freedom of speech isn't entirely non-punishable, if you abuse too much of this, well, you can pay for the consequences.. sometimes, you need laws or rules to calm it.

Freedom of speech= used against a governement=/= random strangers aren't the governement.
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SpotpeltTheWarrior69Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is totally somebody I know at school.

My best guy friend (I have a crush on him :3) and I asked him to just leave us alone and he said "BAWWWW I HAV FREDUM UF SPECH F U FU" he kept saying that over and over again until I broke down. Right in front of my crush. How embarrassing is that?! If you keep saying you have freedom of speech over and over again even if I ask you to, then that's not making a point. That's bullying.
"FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU LOOOOOOOL Do I hurt your feelings? Well too bad I've got da beeotiful freedom of speech!"

That's not freedom of speech, that's being very rude by going full retard.
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starlightt1234Hobbyist Writer
freedom of speech doesn't excuse from being a bitch.
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rarkornProfessional Digital Artist
Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want without any consequences whatsoever, it means that you can say whatever you want without getting into legal trouble (so long as what you say isn't one of the few specific exceptions to that rule). People who try to use "freedom of speech" as an excuse need to learn that it applies to everyone, so if they can post a hateful comment to somebody on the internet, they have no right to complain about getting hateful replies in return.
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That depends... :/
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