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Sorry I've been so inactive. I either don't feel like drawing or the file gets corrupted or something. If I woe you art, note me, along with the proof. And if you know any vector artists that do point commissions, tell me please!
  • Listening to: clint eastwood by the gorillaz!!
I want to play sims 3 really bad D: But I can't :iconfluttershycryplz:
Tell me about your favorite saved sims game!
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Streaming here :…

Taking art requests!

(btw also posted to my other account!)
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Sorry about it - I lost my tablet pen when I moved, and I've been using my "organized" account BallJointedPony (for dolls and photos).
I'm gonna upload some picture that I need too, some I drew a while ago.
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Who do you ship? OTPs? I am a hardcore Twilee/Cheerilight and AppleDash shipper. And there is a sad amount of Celesity...
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The basics:

1.first name: Grace

2.last name: ...

3.Birth Date: April 22

4. Special talent: I like to draw subject in school: Meh

6.Worst subject in school: Gym

7. Ambition: What?

8. Hair color: Dirty blonde, but a lot of people think its reddish..

9. Eye color: Blue

10. Skin color: White (Caucasian)

11.Country: USA

12. List your pets: 2 Pigs named Horace and Carrie. And a cat named Ketchup

13. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nnnnnope

14. Do you have a crush: ...Maybe..

15. Allergies: Pineapple?

16. Do you work: Nope


17. Film: Anything by Tim Burton, The Help

18. Food: Sushi and chocolate (not together, separately)

19. Drink: Water..?

20. Color(s): Depends

21. Singer/Band: Skrillex, Daft Punk, C418 >u<

22. Ice cream flavor: Chocolate peanut butter

23. Actor: erm.. i dunno.

24. Book: Harry Potter! <3

25.Item of clothing: Tee shirt, skinny jeans, baggy pants, FUZZY PAJAMAS

26.  why is this blank?

27. Celebrity: gross.

28.Boy name: Nero, Aiden,

29. Girl name: Zara, Kel, Luna, anything weird.

30. Animal: Kitties! ^>w<^

31. Song: erm.. anything by Skrillex, Daft Punk, and C418 basically

32. Quote: "It needs to be about 20% cooler" and "Eeeyup"

33. Word: Cucumber!

34. Number: 7, 22, 64

35. Eye color: Pale blue (like white), blue and brown, green, yellow

36. Hair color:  Blue!

37. type of music: Dubstep, house, techno

38. Online game: herm.. none :P

39: Poem: Roses are red, violet are blue, I like bagels.

40. Video Game: ZOO TYCOON 1!! And sims 3!

The insides

41. Your worst fear: Death, getting my left arm/ hand cut off, injuries, falling

42. Biggest Secret: nnnope.

43. Annoying habit: Making faces randomly, talking to myself (haha im not insane)

44. Most embarrassing moment: e.e

45. Best memory/moment: Opening my first (g4) pony! (Pinkie Pie!)

46. Made up word: bloop

47. Had an online crush: what?

48: Had an online girlfriend/boyfriend: lol what.

49. You'd die for your friends: nah. Lol! Y'all are still mah buddies tho...

50. Tag some poor people:  AwkwardVampire, , Gloomsdale