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Vinyl Scratch - No Shades

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Okay, so I pretty much figured making a version of her with her newly revealed eye color was inevitable, and being that I was just tweaking my old version to give her proper colors and an updated tail tip, I figured I'd take the extra few minutes to take off those shades and give her some proper eyeballs.

/inb4 long debates over how magenta eyes are still sorta red or she's wearing contacts or they are red they just look magenta because it was a night scene. ([link])

Updated colors used from a very awesome person - :iconkefkafloyd: - who takes time to do proper color analysis on ponies and provide us with colors about as accurate as we can get without having direct access to official files. You should all show him some love and appreciation for his efforts, he deserves it and he thinks that not many people appreciate his guides so please prove him wrong!!

version with shades --->
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All I can think of is BASS, BASS, BASS.

Vinyl would LOVE this stereo:…
ok that is a good picture it help me a lot when i had to find out what color eye she was cuz my sister said they where yellow 
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is it ok if i repaint it with my oc and credit you?
Is it ok if I use this for my sig. on forums? 
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Go for it :) If you make a custom sig please share it here, I'd like to see it! :D
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Hi there, I used and credited this vector here if that's all okay with you…
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Vinyl is 4th best pone, I gotta say. She almosted passed Fluttershy... but that won't happen...

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Just like my profile picture
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- "Only. one Problem. She cleans them with. WUBS"

perfect vector for that video
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Are you aware of ?

It took me forever to find this since there's no mention of you whatsoever.
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Nope, first time I've seen it
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Holy crap finally I have been searching all day for this and I have finally found it woo hoo!
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Glad you found it :D
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Thanks again!
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WUB A DUB DUB MOTHERFU**ER !!!!! Vinyl ftw
Even without shades she still looks awesome.
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Used here: [link]

Thanks so much!
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I would just like to let you know that I use wallpapers made by =aman692 in my web project, from which one of is currently using your vector. I'm not sure if he asked you to get permission, but take this as my way to do so. I have a F.A.Q. on my site, where I'm going to include all of the used vectors with creator names and link-backs to the original images. Since you are effected, I just want to know if that's okay. I can always replace images, and can instantly take down any, too. So if you're not okay with this, feel free to tell. I have to go on a journey to find all vectors, so I'm done. Hoping for your reply :)
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used and credited [link]
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Great vector, used it here [link]
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