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Tron Pony

I created this off of a Fluttershy base that someone else had made. Again, I don't know who created the base that I worked off of to make this, so if you know, please let me know. :)
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TROT; LEGACY soundtrack by Wendy Marelos
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I was hoping there'd be a Tron pony in here somewhere!
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ok thats funny and histerical on so many levels, ive seen tron calamari (star wars tron) but this takes the cake xD
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what is the font that says PONY? I want it c:
its so pretty!
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It's based on the TRON font. I actually just traced the letters off some concept font sheet I found via Google that never actually made it into a font as far as I know, but I guarantee you you could probably find fonts just like it on fontfreak or a similar site.
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As a fan of both MLP;FiM and Tron, this is awesome!
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Thanks, glad you like it :D
"uhm, im a pony, soooooo how do i throw this disc thingy?"
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I imagine she'd twirl it around on her horn and let it fly with deadly accuracy like a
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She has no horn. I'd imagine that if she did, she'd levitate and throw it. :3
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wow, totally derped on that one! Dunno why I thought she had one...I guess it's been that long since I made it. I've done a bajillion new things since this one. :P
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lol nice one XP
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I guess she throw the disc with the mouth...
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