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The Great And Powerful Trixie

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This poster was a collaboration I worked on about a year-and-a-half ago with MaximillianVeers. Due to personal reasons he has since removed his account and artwork; I thought it a shame that this poster was no longer available anymore, and since I put quite a bit of work into this poster I decided to re-upload it to my gallery.

A horizontal version is available here -

Please do not use, sell or redistribute this without permission. If you want to use it for anything, all you need to do is ask. :)
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Pure awesomess.

Was there any doubt? :P
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only the best entrances can please the great and powerful trixie
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This is an amazing poster! You two did an excellent work! Too bad he left=(
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Yes, it's unfortunate. He wasn't a bad guy, just made a mistake, but the fandom lambasted him for something they had little knowledge of except for antagonistic posts from opposing partisan sides. It's too bad they decided to run him out on a rail when he hasn't even been charged with a crime, let alone convicted.
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I totally agree with that! Mistakes can be made, hence, we all do them! But they also need to be forgiven, never thought that something like that could be seen within the brony community... But then again, there's also PurpleTinker, she also got f*cked:/
Times like this I wonder why we are special? Or at least why we WANT to be special.
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Having spent time with both Maximillian and Purple Tinker for two days, I can say that they both are not bad people; they made mistakes like any human does. The level of hatred directed at both of them is asinine and made me want to distance myself from the fandom.
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Yeah, thought about it myself. But I realized something: I don't care what everyone else thinks, if I want to draw something I like I will draw it=)
Too bad Max just decided to leave cause of all that 'stuff' :/
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