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Still no Cutie Mark

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Yet another old lost vector. How many of these freakin' things do I have floating around on my hard drive? -_-;
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beautiful drawing

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not anymore. watch the 5th annivversary ep. your mind will blow
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Somepony needs a hug. :hug:
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:iconkafkaplz::iconsaysplz:Where's your cutie mark?
:iconscootalooplz::iconsaysplz:I didn't get one yet, Franz Kafka.
:iconkafkaplz::iconsaysplz:Dashie, Scootaloo didn't get his cutie mark yet.
:iconrainbowdashplz::iconsaysplz:Scootaloo! Franz Kafka told me that you did not get your cutie mark yet.

Maybe that could go well with this picture!
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*Face palm* Why does everybody think when scoot grows up she still doesn't have her cutie mark.. but still a good vector.
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I only did it this way because we don't know what her cutie mark is. That's the joke.
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Wooooah, i see a strange resembalence! [link]

This is an ace vector, well done! ^^
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Hehe, cute! I like the sad Dashie, and thanks :D
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Don't cry you don't need a cutie mark your special just the way you are
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hey I just noticed how cool her wings look
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Thats okay Scoots. It's taking a while til' they can find the best cutie mark for you!
Ask---Scootaloo's avatar
*gasps*i grow up with no cutie mark???
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Well if the time ever comes, I will definitely have to make an update of her with whatever cutie mark she might earn :)
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thank you ^^*huggles*
Ask---Scootaloo's avatar
*gasps*i...grow up to gave no cutie mark???
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Damn..... SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!! :D
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Guess Scootaloo is going to be shoveling dung for a living... lol
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Wanna have some Hugs?? <(^-^<)
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Ride that scooter.
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u need 2 party with me ok miss Scoot [link]
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