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Hi, I used your artwork in a movie I made recently. It's live on YouTube right now under the name "Rise MLP Style (Fan Art Contest Winner Request)". You have been properly credited in the description for your wonderful work! If you don't want your art used in my video feel free to let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks!
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Used for a wallpaper:…
Hope you like it!
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More like a skateboard with a handlebar.
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IKR. If it was life size you could probably even add a small engine.
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is dat a scooter???
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eeyup. wing power bro xD
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Hi there! Very nice.

I used the scooter to make my own scooter in these places, and linked to you and this image in the notes:……

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Can I please make a base out of this? it is very cute, and i like scootering also.
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Please link back to this original in the author's notes if you do so. :)
Scootaloo, you forgot your helmet! (j/k)

I'm really digging your gallery as well as your technique. You've inspired me to view art in a different way ^^
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my stuff! :D
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If I didn't have =GrendoPony I would've used this for my theme :3 But we have bigger plans, much bigger :D
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I look forward to seeing these plans come to fruition. :)
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I wanted to make a handsketch. To make the proportions correct I gotta print the screencap first, but I'm all out of ink D:

If you've seen the images on Grendo's poll you'll notice it needs some finishing done in there :3 I'm actually just as curious in how it will end up xD
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very cool!!! :)
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Scootallo! Scoot Scootaloo!
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Dammit I was gonna say "SCOOT SCOOTALOO" but you beat me to it.
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Awesome! Scootaloo is my favorite CMC!
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