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Scared Fluttershy

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Since Season 3 episode 1 aired today, I decided to make a vector of Fluttershy from Season 2 episode 1. This makes perfect sense, rite guise? :iconhurrdurrplz:
Oh Fluttershy, why are you terrified of stained-glass windows?

Animated, doe-eyed Fluttershy can be found here -
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Diesel 10 Angry Emoticon  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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smoker (discord):I SEE YOU!
zoey (fluttershy):uh oh! there's a smoker around here!
francis (rainbow): oh no! SMOKER!!
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I used this for a brief moment in this video as well as added appropriate links and credation where necessary:…
2ButterBall3's avatar… Thank you for this vector, its so cute!
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Your not a coward Fluttershy.
You are very brave.
I hope your not afraid an animal called a Bear Owl are you.
It's Part Cat Part Bear and Part Owl.
You'll always have Courage Fluttershy
no matter what.
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Aww, don't be scared, Flutters. I'm not going to hurt you.
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She's so cute when she's scared!
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Me: Hello!
Fluttershy: WHAAAH!!
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aww darn, this is one of the vector i never get to finish
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It's alright, 9 out of 10 vector traces I want to do these days, I am already beaten to as well. :)
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that is fantastic
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