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Rainbow Dash Derping

I was annoyed that I couldn't find a decent shot of this scene, and the ones I *did* find were so fuzzy they were useless. So, I decided to make a giant vector of it. I didn't add the ropes and number tag, figured it'd be better to have Dash in all her glory without the distraction of context.

This was probably one of my favorite scenes involving Dash. The expression she makes is priceless.

Update : wow, I made her legs way too stubby. :|
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Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash : Cheer up, Derpy! Remember when you dressed up as me last Nightmare Night and called yourself Derpy Dash? And you painted my cutie mark upside down so everypony would know it was really you? Look! I'm Derpy Dash! But my cutie mark's right side up cuz I'm me! Derp!

Derpy Clapping Icon : (giggles) No, Rainbow Dash! I'm me! You can't copycat my eyes! Your eyes are purple! (falls over in laughter)

Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash: (chuckes) I love to see you happy, Derpy!

This drawing is priceless. :)
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Hey hey. Just wanted you to know, that I used your vector for the thumbnail of my video:…

Keep up the good work :D
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Also care to share the vector file please?
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I went through all 52 pages of this [link] to finally find it on the last goddamn page.
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Can I make a base out of this?
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I had fun with your vector. [link]
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Fall Weather Friends, Season 1 episode 13, just after Dash spins the sign and tricks AJ.

I swear, I'm not a super nerd. I only know that because I just today uploaded an image from that same episode.
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Dash, have you been learning from Pinkie? :iconpinkamenaknifeplz:
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Golly, it reminds me of Scootaloo's "HOO!".
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Oh wow, I'm sorry! A friend of mine sent me just this vector of RD and I said, "Thanks I'm gonna use this lol -had the same face as well-"
So yeah...its a bit late but...can I use this vector of yours? >///<
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If you still have the source vector for this I'd appreciate access to it so I can modify the pose and facial expression.
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I actually don't have this file anymore, as well as a few of my other older ones. They were on a harddrive that died. Sorry :(
Ok dint see that coming
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