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Lyra Heartstrings


This is pretty old; I had made it for KefkaFloyd's great color charts but never got around to uploading it to my own gallery. I was going through and found it so here she is! :)
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Hi there!

I hope you don't mind, but I just recently joined deviantart and I was thinking about posting some of the vectors I've created for some of my OCs over time. They were private up until now (so I just pulled whatever parts I wanted from the internet since the images were only going to be for me), but since I'm sharing, I wanted to ask you if you mind the fact that I used your image of Lyra as a base for one of mine.

Here she is:…

I'm going to assume it's okay unless I hear otherwise - I did link back to you as credit for the original image. Thank you for creating this image of Lyra! :D
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Is it alright if I use this as a base for one of my OCs? I'm trying to make a canon style version of my own mane six and I'm having a really hard time finding a unicorn base with this eye shape!
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Wow, nice work! I don't know whether or not you already have a  lot of work to do, but do you think you could make a picture with most of the familiar background ponies sitting together? I'm really wanting something to use for my laptop background. I apologize if this is the wrong time to ask of this favor.
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Wow Q! beautiful is she muy good :squee:
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Um..... I know that this is your vector and all, MoongazePonies, but would you mind if I used it to make a base for an oc I'm going to make?
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Sure and I'll make sure that none of them lack effort
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Your so nice about letting others use the vector, unfortunately someone decided to repost it:…
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Thanks for letting me know. I've pretty much given up reporting these as DA doesn't appear to care about art thieves.
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Hello!!!! MoomgazePonies....I used your Lyra and make your a crystal pony!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  Thankyou so much for the base Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] BTW,don't worry...I gave you credit Love in the Air 
MoongazePonies's avatar
No problem, glad it was useful for ya :D
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I mean,make HER a crystal pony
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Mind if this is vectored?
MoongazePonies's avatar
A vector of a vector? :lol:
Knifedera's avatar
Hmm? I mean like have this picture made to look like my OC...? :p
(Basically a recolor, since he was based off of Lyra.)
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Someone edited it w/out credit nor permission... [link]
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It's alright. I don't really worry about amateur MS Paint recolors, they aren't really doing any harm. It's the people who take my stuff without authorization or credit and sell it on merchandise to make a profit that annoy me.
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Used ;) will upload shortly
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