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Doe-Eyed Fluttershy (animated)

Modified to have big glistening doe eyes, because Fluttershy requires nothing less.
If you'd like a PNG version of this doe-eyed fluttershy instead of an animated gif, check here - [link]
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:giggle: That expression is AWESOME :D
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Maybe you could of animated her whole body, instead of just the eyes. That would have made it more appealing to the the people. But other than that it is great! :)
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How is that animated? The only thing moving is her eyes.
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Exactly, it's an subtly animated version of a non-animated vector I did. It doesn't have to be bouncing around the screen to be an animation...
Liggliluff's avatar
What is this? A gif? I'm sad =(
Please, make an apng, make the browser-teams add that function natively to browsers.
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The png is linked in the author's notes. Not sure what else you're asking about regarding browser-teams.
Liggliluff's avatar
I was asking for an apng, not just a static png.
And the browser-teams... well, those staff that makes all those browsers.
Firefox has native support for apng, but other browsers should have that too.
People need to use apng to make a demand for that support, else nothing will happen.
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Ah, I see. I'll see what I can do. Photoshop doesn't support apng natively, I'll have to find a good plugin. Apngasm seems popular.
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People need to start using apng and leave gifs behind. There's so many benefits, but mostly because it's lossless.
Yeah, Photoshop should be able to do this natively too, but there is no demand for that... We must demand native support for apng!

— oh and, thank you for listening and trying.
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Sure thing! I had actually forgotten about apngs, I thought it was a defunct format and I never see them anymore. I'm glad you mentioned it because I hate animated gifs as well.
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That my fine sir, is a pony.
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So, why did you call it a dog then?
DarthWill3's avatar
Just comparing her to a cute puppy.
SassySquid's avatar
That doesn't make any sense. 

You said "Aww a puppy" that is in no way comparing her to a dog. XD
dancinninjac's avatar
Awww, poor little filly. It's okay!
xXFeral-OneXx's avatar
omg! its adorable!
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Who startled Fluttershy?!
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