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Beach Time!



Winter has finally gone away and Spring is well under way with nice warm weather (at least where I'm living). Time to head to the beach!

Had fun working on this one since it's not actually a straight-up shot from the show. I based it off a scene where Fluttershy is peeking around a corner, so only her head, mane and front legs are based on that, although I gave her a different face and tweaked the mane a bit. Had to recreate the rest of her body (yes, her entire body is done, just hidden by the beachball. Maybe I should upload a version without the ball as well?) and the ball itself is based off of the one that the CMC were playing with and Twilight Sparkle destroyed. Lemme know what you all think! :D

EDIT: Just made an alternate version with a smaller ball and tweaked pose. Now with 75% more Fluttershy and 83% less ball!
Fluttershy Found a Ball by MoongazePonies
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She's so cute!