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Lux:Sketchbook Sketch Page #4 (Sketchbook Page #9) by Moonfirewolf1 Lux:Sketchbook Sketch Page #4 (Sketchbook Page #9) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 9 0 Sketchbook Doodle Page #4 (Sketchbook Pages #8) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Doodle Page #4 (Sketchbook Pages #8) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 1 0 Sketchbook Sketch Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #7) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Sketch Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #7) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 0 0 Sketchbook Doodle Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #6) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Doodle Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #6) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 0 0 Sketchbook Sketch Page #2 (Sketchbook Pages #5) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Sketch Page #2 (Sketchbook Pages #5) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 2 0 Sketchbook Doodle Page #2 (Sketchbook Pages #4) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Doodle Page #2 (Sketchbook Pages #4) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 2 0 Sketchbook Sketch Page #1 (Sketchbook Pages #3) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Sketch Page #1 (Sketchbook Pages #3) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 0 0 Sketchbook Doodle Page #1 (Sketchbook Pages #2) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Doodle Page #1 (Sketchbook Pages #2) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 0 0 Sketchbook Cover Page (Sketchbook Pages #1) by Moonfirewolf1 Sketchbook Cover Page (Sketchbook Pages #1) :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 1 0 Galaxy by Moonfirewolf1 Galaxy :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 0 0 Witch Girl Rory by Moonfirewolf1 Witch Girl Rory :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 2 0 Art Trade| Pretty Boy by Moonfirewolf1 Art Trade| Pretty Boy :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 2 2 Amelia Taylor by Moonfirewolf1 Amelia Taylor :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 5 2 Bunny Girl by Moonfirewolf1 Bunny Girl :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 1 1 Madeline Hatter Fanart by Moonfirewolf1 Madeline Hatter Fanart :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 1 0 Draw This Again Meme: Dragon Girl by Moonfirewolf1 Draw This Again Meme: Dragon Girl :iconmoonfirewolf1:Moonfirewolf1 1 2


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Lux:Sketchbook Sketch Page #4 (Sketchbook Page #9)
So this is Lux's new redesign and I'm actually very happy with how it came out. I am adding the bio to this but I plan to relocate the bio once I make a proper character page. For people who don't want to read the bio he's a dragon and his shirt is one of those check-mark lists that says Single, Taken, and Burdened with Glorious Purpose.
Warning the bio is really really long as since this character has no written story to go with it (I mean it does in my head but like I'm busy with another book right now) so I inserted lore and stuff as it was needed to understand what the information means to the world Lux comes from. I tried to keep out any useless information but since this is an entirely different type of world, it might come across as useless. I think the most useless stuff I added was a couple notes on the biology of dragons in this world.

World/Universe: Lux exists in a world where supernatural races have always existed and once had a ‘war’ with humans where the supernatural races were driven to near extinction and now hundreds of years later, the supernatural races have built themselves back up but they have been forced away from human society, forced to live in small self-contained towns or witch covens with many laws governing their day to day existence. However, humans are slowly beginning to lose their hold over the supernatural races as the European witch rebellions begin.

Name: Lux Bonito Vulpis (Formerly Merikh Mazin)

Nickname(s):  Runt (Only typically used by other dragons as most supernatural races don’t tend to notice when dragons are smaller than normal due to them still being quite large in dragon form), Flightless (a derogatory name used by dragons)

Age: Nineteen

Sex/Gender: Cis Male

Physical Ailments/Illnesses/Mental Disorders/Disabilities: Lux’s wings are too small to fly with even in his dragon form due to his mixed heritage and since he was four he has been completely mute with severe anxiety

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Species: European and Middle Eastern Dragon mix; Fire-Breather

Sexuality: Homoromantic Asexual

(Side Note: Most Dragons are actually asexual due to the fact they are oviparous mammals, laying eggs in which the embryo develops outside of the mother’s body and while this does involve internal fertilization much like birds, it’s not seen as something inherently sexual among the Dragons nor do they do it as anything more than reproduction. Dragon breeding seasons are very spread out and sparse with small birth rates leading them to be on the verge of extinction mostly due to the fact they often can’t breed with other species of dragons without producing children with defects such as small wings, inability to regulate temperature, loss of ability to produce fire, non-existent horns, etc.)

(Extra Side note for those curious on the biology I have created: Dragons don’t have nipples and females only have small breasts as, like most supernatural creatures with the ability to shift forms, their human bodies are just an imitation of humans and they don’t actually need to nurse their young in human form as Dragon young stay in dragon form for their first year like most shifter races so in dragon form, mothers instead secrete milk from glands on their soft dragon underbellies that babies lap up)

Birthday: August 25th, XXXX

Birthplace: A small middle eastern dragon village

Current Place of Living: Briarwood, Ohio, one of the few witch covens that accepts any supernatural race

Occupation: Librarian at the local library

Hair Color: White (This carries over into his dragon form where he is completely white)

Eye Color: A normal amber dragon eye on his right side and the blue eye of the prophet on his left side that gives him the curse to see the future but never change it

Distinguishing Marks: Four deep gouging scars stretching across his left shoulder to his left-wing base from where he was chased as a young child of barely six out of his village (and you know the giant wings and tail with matching ram-like horns)

Personality: Unlike his adopted sister Luna, who is brash and outgoing, Lux is much more a shy homebody who prefers to be around very little people and avoids loud places. While Lux tends to be quite withdrawn due to his mutism and anxiety, he is quite a bubbly and inquisitive person who is always willing to help people no matter what might be happening in his day. His mutism and anxiety are believed to be connected to his ability to see the future, often resulting in vivid and violent images playing in his head and sending him into panic attacks but after so long being plagued by these images, he has managed to more easily bounce back into a state where he can stand being around other people instead of being more sullen and unhappy as he was in childhood. However, under his happier exterior, the things he has gone through do still weigh on him leading him to often act as though everything before being adopted and moving to Briarwood never happened. Lux is also quite clumsy, often tripping over his tail or catching his horn on a doorjamb or nearly toppling a bookshelf with a wrong flick of a wing.

Style of Dress: In contrast to his shy personality, Lux often tends to dress in light and ‘skimpy’ clothes because unlike most supernatural races, European and American Dragons (which Lux derives a majority of his internal biology from) have difficulty managing their body heat even in human form. Instead of regulating their body temperatures naturally through homeostasis, European and American Dragons, being natural fire breathers or acid spiters, produce such massive amounts of heat through fire and acid production that they must find various ways to cool themselves off, often opting to use their wings as built-in fans and the least amount of clothes they can get away with to allow them to live a normal life. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for them to flee into air-conditioned buildings when the weather is especially hot and even in colder weather the most they will likely don is jeans and a light jacket. Lux personally often prefers lighter colors and simple clothes and has been known to cross-dress.

(Pictured in jeans shorts, a long-sleeved hoodie that I wish I had made short sleeved in retrospect, and a red tank top with the words Single, Taken, and Burdened with Glorious Purpose with a check mark beside the third which his sister totally bought him)

Likes: Being Outside (often goes Camping with his best friend Rory and her dads), Witches, Magic, Sweets, Chilled Coffee, Window Alcoves especially with a good book and a nice glass of chilled coffee

Dislikes: Tea, Summer Weather, Swimming (does a number on his wings and his tail is super heavy), The Oh So Dreaded but necessary Wing Upkeep, Most Dragons, His Visions

Hobbies: Stargazing, Reading, Painting (even though he’s not very good at it), Journaling 

Special Abilities: Like all of the supernatural races under the shifter category, Lux has the ability to shift between a human like form and his true form which in his case is a white dragon. He also has the unique ability to see the future through a special eye known as the Eye of the Prophet which manifests as a blue left eye which has a cloudy and glazed over appearance to it. Although it gives him the ability to see any future event that is going to happen in his lifetime, it doesn't allow him to directly change anything. However he is free to tell people about their futures so they can change it as changing the future can only be done those who can't see it due to the exchange of magic that exists (You must give up something to gain so because Lux has the power to see the future, he must give up the ability to change it or have any say over his own destiny). The other downsides to being a prophet is often that the prophet can see the deaths of whoever they meet as long as it happens while the prophet is alive because another downside is that the prophets can't see the future past the point in time where they are meant to die which also means they know when they are going to die.

Greatest Fear: Being Abandoned


    ·         Debria Gale Mazin- Birth Mother; Middle Eastern Dragon

    ·         Oscar Burchett Durand- Birth Father; European Dragon

    ·         Amara Katherine Vulpis- Adopted Mother; Latin-American; Fox Shifter

    ·         Everett Jonathan Vulpis- Adopted Father; American; Fox Shifter

    ·         Luna Hart Vulpis- Adopted Younger Sister; Eighteen; Latin-American; Fox Shifter


    ·         Rory Ashling Wilks- Best Friend; Nineteen; Irish; Witch; Raised by a Djinn and Werewolf (Her bio is coming at some point)
    ·         Onyx- Friend; Rory's Familiar; Cursed Witch Boy/White Snake with purple eyes (his whole deal will be explained in Rory's bio cause it's not really important to Lux's story)

Backstory (Buckle in folks because this is long):

            Lux’s parents first met when Oscar Durand, under the Religious Freedom Act for Supernatural Beings that allowed them to freely practice any religion, was allowed to travel as a missionary to supernatural towns and witch covens outside of his home country of England. Him and his small entourage of two other European Dragons, one Witch, and a handful of Werewolves arrived at young Debria Mazin’s village to spread the good word of their religion, leaving the eighteen-year-old girl starstruck. Despite her family’s views against it, Debria spent more and more time around the group, fascinated by not only their cultural differences but also in the physical differences between the races. She had been born and raised in a dragon village so had never met Werewolves or Witches but she had a particular interest in the European Dragons. Unlike her and her village with their feathered wings and furry tails, the European Dragons were harder, more scale than fluff with ribbed and leathery wings and Debria nearly fainted in awe when she first saw one of them in true Dragon form.

            Even though she knew she shouldn’t, Debria took a particular shine to Oscar who she found attractive in his alienness, and overtime Oscar took an interest in her as well, a relationship beginning to blossom between them. They kept their relationship as secret as they could until the time it came for the group to move on to the next village. Debria begged Oscar to take her with him but the fire-breather was adamant with her staying with her own people, stating he didn’t want her to abandon her whole life for him. This led to her changing her tactics and instead asked him to return for the breeding season because in her culture Dragons mate for life to which Oscar agrees, knowing the implications for her.

            Oscar did return for the breeding season, already in full dragon form, dwarfing the smaller Middle Eastern Dragons and easily staking his claim. However, despite what Debria expected, Oscar told her he could not stay after it was all done with and he left after breeding season, leaving Debria to deal with their unhatched child.

            However, unlike the other two children conceived during that breeding season, Debria’s child was not celebrated because in the eyes of her people she was unmated and would likely hatch a child with defects after breeding with a European Dragon. When Lux’s hatching occurred, the village’s fears were confirmed with the white dragonling being only half the size he should have been and his wings being underdeveloped. Even in her situation, Debria was prepared to raise and care for her child among her people but those plans changed the second the dragonling first opened his eyes, flashing the clan with that dreaded Eye of the Prophet, marking the child for despair and the village refused to go down with the dragonling.

            Debria’s child became an outcast branded with the name Merikh meaning disaster, referring to the tales and superstitions surrounding the Prophet. The Prophet could be born into any supernatural race after the death of the previous one but they were considered cursed, having the ability to see the future but never directly change it. Since the job of the Prophet was originally to predict disasters and threats to the supernatural world, it became a common myth that it was the Prophet that attracted the disasters and so over the centuries, they have gone from being seen as blessed to being cursed. Debria’s little dragonling was the first Prophet to have been seen in more than fifty years and now he would never be able to grow up in the life he should have had. She knew that for his own safety, she had to get him to another village, another country if she could.

            Debria began by first attempting to find Oscar to take his son in but unfortunately the fire-breather denied that he even had a son or had ever been with Debria, leading to the young Dragon having to look to other sources. However, this was made difficult with the discovery that she was dying from scale rot, a dragon disease where the scales begin to degrade away, and there is no known cure because they aren’t sure what the cause is nor do they possess the resources to find out and while humans have the resources to look into it, they have no interest in doing so. This discovery undermined her ability to protect her son from the other dragons and before she could get her son any other protection, the village decided to take matters into their own hands with the six year-old-dragonling. They attacked the child to chase him out of the village, gouging the dragonling’s shoulder to his wing base and nearly taking off his left wing. After the attack, Debria located her son not far from the village, curled in a ball and bleeding and decided she could no longer keep him with her as much as she loved the dragonling. So, she gave him up the government, realizing that nothing they would do to him would be worse than what the village would do to him if he stayed.

            The dragonling was placed into the foster care system for the supernatural races and after being bounced around between families for three years due to his eye, he was adopted into the Vulpis family, a Latin-American family of fox shapeshifters living in the witch coven of Briarwood, Ohio. The child, not ever really having been truly given a name, was named Lux, meaning light.

            Lux grew up pretty uneventfully with the Vulpis’, having a happy life and bonding closely to the Vulpis’ daughter Luna. Only a few people in Briarwood feared the fact he was a Prophet as they are a more progressive witch coven, being most known for taking in outcasts and people with nowhere else to go, and the few that do fear him would rather just avoid him. His life after age nine was looking up even if he is shy and not able to easily make friends.

            When Lux was almost ten, he met his first and future best friend, Rory, when she was adopted by the family living next door. The Werewolf, Parker, and his husband a Djinn named Amasis had moved to Briarwood a few months earlier, looking to make a new life and start a family and Rory had recently been orphaned when a spell preformed by her elderly great aunt backfired and killed her, leaving the nine-year-old needing a family.

            The two grew up together bonding over both their status as adopted children and their displacement from their home countries, Rory having been sent to the U.S when the witch rebellions in Ireland made her parents decide it was best for her to go live with her great aunt.

    As they grew up their interests differed with Rory wanting to become a doctor and Lux developing an interest in teaching and he is currently working to get into the Briarwood college, having to work to overcome the hurdle his mutism creates when trying to get into a field that generally requires verbal speech instead of the sign language he has gotten by with so far in his life. However, his plans were not meant to last as overtime his visions became more and more focused around one event, one catastrophic battle. A battle that has Briarwood and its inhabitants at the center.

    The supernatural world is uneasy. The humans are slowly losing their grip over supernatural society as humans begin to go against the rules of the truce; the witches are rebelling over being denied needed herbs, the zombies and wendigos are stirring as humans give up less and less of their dead to satiate them, the sirens are beginning to escape to the sea they had been forced away from. The boundaries set up by humans are being tested and pushed every day and places like Briarwood have become a melting pot of the anger of so many races at the injustices.

            A war is coming and this time the supernatural races are ready but the scariest part: for the first time in his life, Lux can't see past it.

Sketchbook Doodle Page #4 (Sketchbook Pages #8)
I recently got a poser app on my tablet so this warm up page was me roughly tracing over poses I had screenshotted because I want to do more dynamic poses so yeah. That's all about this page
Sketchbook Sketch Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #7)
This was my first failed attempt to do a really late Draw This In Your Style character thing where I tried to draw the creepy-cute character of @gialigammari on twitter and I decided I wanted to try again because I just feel like this didn't capture the character so this character will appear again in this sketchbook.. hopefully in a finished project I will actually post on twitter for the whole thing.
Sketchbook Doodle Page #3 (Sketchbook Pages #6)
So this was three really quick doodles of three stuffed animals I had on my bookshelves as cute bookends, The top left (which came out like crap cause the toy is so limp) is my really old and battered but well-loved wolf pup plush. The bottom is my very stubby and plump otter plush. And finally the square on the right is a little Nightwing kawaii cube I have because I'm a nerd so my parents get me superhero themed things for Christmas now apparently.


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