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Basic Figure Drawing
Digital Art Week In this tutorial I'll show you the process of drawing people, using a base of basic shapes which can be used to draw different types of figures. The Base First, we'll create the base. For this, remember that in their most basic form, every person is composed by a head, a torso, and two legs and arms, so we're going to create a structure composed of simple shapes resembling these: Draw a circle, this will be the head. For the neck, simply draw two little lines at the bottom of the circle.For the torso, draw a rectangle beneath the neck. It doesn't need to be a perfect rectangle, in fact is best if it's slightly modified so
Focused Practice
Community Week Every artist has moments when they feel like this, and that is okay. Wanting your art to be better is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. And you can use this feeling to improve and push your artwork to the next level. Hello! I'm Kiki-Tayler, and I aspire to be a better artist. In my journey of becoming a better artist, I've come across something known as 'Focused Practice' or 'Targeted Practice'. Focused Practice is a versatile form of training used by many artists to better their art skills. It works if you're a beginning artist or a seasoned professional, branching out into a new medium or deepening your understanding of
Staying healthy while creating art
Community Week Addresing Hand injuries Hand injuries are one of the many nightmares that haunts every artist, not only for the pain but also for the amount of time such injuries can take away while an artist heals before continuing to work. Make no mistake, they can be treated, but of course it's much better to prevent such injuries before they become real problem that can cripple you from making what you love to do. After everything, nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams. A HEAVY HAND… Drawing in a prolonged period of time and wrong way can lead to tiredness and pain in our hands and back. With time, this can lead  t
An alternate method to expand your comfort zone!
Anthro Week Everyone has probably experienced something similar to this: you consider yourself being fairly good at drawing this specific thing and you enjoy it too. But you want to get good at drawing something new, and hope that you can start this subject off with equal ease and experienced intuition. However, upon tackling this new thing, you suddenly are met with feeling like a beginner all over again and quickly lose your enthusiasm. After all, it's not enjoyable to be bad at something while knowing what your best can look like. I'd say this is the common artist's dilemma of the "comfort zone", and broadening it is a struggle most arti
All the Little Helpers
Traditional Art Basics "Where do I start?" That’s probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to drawing or painting. There is no real general answer to that, as the starting point depends on what you would like to sink your proverbial teeth into - landscapes, still life, portraits - and how much exposure you have had thus far to traditional mediums. Most people are comfortable with a pencil and paper, so usually, that is the first thing everyone goes for. And that is perfectly fine - in fact, it is ideal. Why? Because they are easy to handle, and easy to work with. At the beginning stage it doesn’t even matter what t
10 Easy Ways to Up Your Color Game
Traditional Art Week Here are 10 ideas to try to have more fun with color in your art! All the examples used are works by the members of the Deviant Art community. 1. Make your OWN color wheel. Use only primary red, yellow, and blue to create all the shades by color blending or using premade colors depending on your preference. Using your own medium to create your own reference will give you a realistic spectrum of the colors you have at your disposal. 2. Create contrast with complements. Opposites attract attention! Red/Green, Orange/Blue, Purple/Gold. There's a reason that complementary colors are often seen on logos, sports jerseys an
#02 Improvement and Critique
ProjectComment ( is a Group of many projects centered around comments, but more importantly, constructive comments. Every week, one admin from ProjectComment ( will write an informative article on commenting that will hopefully be useful to you! Please help support us by :+fav: the article and contribute your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Hi everybody! Browsing the wide range of artworks here on dA, you may have carefully pondered about writing a critique on a piece that had caught your attention, but did not quite know how to communicate your analysis of the piece that would have helped the artist to improve. Likewise, you may
A Brief Discussion On Limited Palette
A Brief Discussion On Limited Palette            We all know that temptation when we see a pretty new colour in the art-shop, or the urge to create a mesmerizing colourful artwork while planning a painting. We then use our favourite colour(s) in full force - by means of as much as we want - and we often have more than one favourite colour.... Aftermath: A muddy or unreal canvas! Colours do not look right and did not turn out exactly as it was in our mind - not even close and harmony is far away! It turned into a visual cacophony!            What might get wrong? A lot of things! But specially all those pretty colours you put at will! It i
Precautions While dealing with Sketches
Traditional Art Heya! my lovely deviants and watchers! I'm back with another article to present to you! This time it is about sketches. We all make sketches that we love of fantasies, fan art, or portraits. But, while drawing, if we reach a certain point and then make a mistake, our sketch is destroyed forever! (Unless you have a personal time machine and you go back in time to tell yourself not to make that mistake again ) So, until scientists invent the time machine, I will present and discuss three very common mistakes that we all make and how to prevent their occurrence. This is what we will cover: Introduction Mistakes and Prevention
Hints and Tips #1
Hello and welcome to the first instalments of 'Hints & Tips' and I hope these short and simple Tutorials will help boost and inspire YOU to learn and create your own works in the many forms and mediums that you may work in. SO... The first Hint/Tip is - FIXING WARPED FINISHED WATERCOLOUR PAINTING (lumpy or uneven surface) STEPS 1- The warped painting 2 - Turn the painting around and cover the back with plenty of water from corner to corner 3- Place in a large hardback book between blank pages 4- Close the book and place something heavy on it and wait 30 to 50 minutes so that the pages absorb the moisture 5- You open the book and th
Project Educate: Natural Still Life Photographs
Using Natural Lighting and Outdoor Environments in Still Life Many wonderful still life photographers use indoor setups and lighting for their photography. But, since I started out as a nature photographer, I like to utilize natural light and shoot my still life photos outdoors. However, taming the outdoor world can be a little tricky, so I wanted to write an article discussing several tips for improving outdoor still life shots and explaining how I shot several of my own still life photographs. Here are several tips... 1.) Try different angles. Outdoor lighting environments can look widely different depending on the angle, since the angle
Tutorial - Your Own Avatar
Many deviants wonder how to have their own personalized avatars, or icons - if you prefer. I have already created a tutorial showing how I made many of my customized avatars - you can check it here - but since it's very old, I decided to create a new onel. : ) It is big, since I tried to put as many information as possible. Also, bare in mind that this tutorial is explained in a simple way, so even beginners and newbies will understand it. I hope it will help! :love: :star: How to Set your Avatar :star: Firstly, I will teach how to set your avatar. If you already know, feel free to skip this step. This step is for the new deviants that
Project Educate: DeviantART-Related
[deviantART related] AVATARS Avatars, whether for a Personal Site or a Group, can say a lot about the Deviant or Group by how the Avatar appears on the profile page. All Deviants and Groups can have an Avatar, as long as the Avatars are within certain parameters. Many Deviants keep the same avatar for years, often becoming known by their Avatar. Others will change their Avatars as the seasons change, or to match an upcoming holiday. Some Deviants have their names on their Avatars, some have flashy Animated Avatars and some have classic, simple Avatars. Since Avatars can be easily changed, there are Deviants who change their's as their mood
Beginning Your Professional Artistic Journey
Art in the Professions So you're dreaming of the day when you can stay home and draw the hours away, without a care in the world.  You're looking at artists who have made names for themselves, with a pit of envy in your stomach.  You know you could make it as a professional artist, if only you knew where to start! But the idea seems pretty daunting at first.  But with a bit of planning, you can begin your journey as a professional artist.  Be ready for long hours, daily drawing, and lots of marketing!  Being a professional artist takes more than simply opening up commissions and waiting for clients to shower you with money.  It takes planni
The Art Theft Discussion
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes Twitter Facebook Google+ StealingArt theft can be stealing.TakingNot all copying is wrong.CopyrightYou’ve got the power!PermissionGet or give a license: Even “free” stock requires a license.Fan ArtFor love or for money.Moral RightsProtecting your integrity and the integrity of your art.ProtectionIt starts with what you do for yourself.Resolving DisputesBe open to hear each other out. The DeviantArt community has always been deeply concerned about art theft. We are committed to providing a completely open conversat
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes Twitter Facebook Google+ Just because your work appears on the Internet does not mean you have given it away. Access should not be confused with ownership. You still hold the rights and can exercise control over your work. The realities of the Internet may make it seem like a futile task. Not true. There are a number of measures you can use to protect your rights in the digital space. These options range from the simple to the sophisticated. Some cost money, but a great deal are free.  It is helpful, when you are weighing the various
Stale pizza, a story about commissions.
Art in the Professions    Imagine, if you will, eating the same food for years. Is it lobster? Is it macaroni and cheese? Pizza? Sushi perhaps?  Now imagine it on the first day. Imagine it on the fourth day. Imagine it on the forty-forth day. Then the ritual turns into months upon months, until finally the years are a blur. Would pizza be a prize or a punishment, after years?    My thirtieth commission was what they had all been, women in peril. The stage and script were identical: elbows tight, chest out, a nefarious beast with the damsel sporting an occasional look of panic or pleasure.  The money was good, the clientele nice and the at
Getting Involved on DA, Vol. 1: Features
Community Week Many of us want to be involved in our DeviantArt community beyond the act of submitting artwork to our galleries. We may want to get more deeply involved because we just love art, because we want to make friends on the website, or even to just generate more traffic to our profiles. Many people have asked me, HOW do I get more involved? My first answer is always: JOURNAL FEATURES! Why? Because, what better way to say "your work is awesome" than to plaster their deviation in your journal for everyone to see. Even after over ten years on DA, I still get a little thrill at seeing my art in someone else's journal. Taking the time t
Professional Art: The Day to Day
Art in the Profession The most important part of being a professional artist is being able to advertise yourself and your art. Being able to market yourself is immensely more important than any amount of talent and artistic experience you have.  Even the most talented artist ever known would not be able to make a living as an artist if they made absolutely no effort to promote themselves.  In fact, advertising yourself and promoting your art will make up for a very large chunk of your day to day life as a professional artist. Think of your art as a product to be sold -- no one will know what you can do, unless you show them! But how should
A small talk about pricing your art
You're creating art. You have the passion, you have the skills. Why not make some money out of it then? It's a good idea, right? A lot of people live from creating art, and even more earn some money on the side by taking commissions. You should give it a shot! So... How much money is your art worth? It's a hard question to answer for those who are just starting their adventure with selling and creating art for money. Is its worth equal to the price of the materials you used? Is it equal to the value of the time you've spent on creating it? What about the emotional value you put into it? Should your education influence your prices? No matte
Learning Experience #1: 10 Ways To Better Your Art
This is my first News Article, and why not start out with something that will benefit not only myself, but others as well!  I welcome all types of feedback, though there is no way to go about bettering your art, I am in no way claiming to be a professional, just spreading some tops I think myself and some of you could use as well!  I'm sure most of you have probably done many of these tips already, some might not have!  Overall Enjoy! 10. View Many Tutorials! I can't stress this option enough, I love going onto many art pieces and profiles of deviantart, and going to see if they have tutorials or not.  A well formed tutorial can be SO benef
Your ATC Tool Box
Let's talk materials!  I work in many different media including: drawing,  painting, collage / multimedia to photography.  Here are some of my favourite and best art supplies: ◙  Heavy papers including Bristol board, Paris paper, 140# and 300#watercolour paper, Canson XL multi-media paper. ◙  Rubber cement to mount drawings on thinner paper, paintings, photos, etc. on a 2.5" x 3.5" piece of heavier board.  I usually use cut up chipboard [like a cereal box] but heavy Bristol board also works. ◙ Acrylic gel medium or dry flat bookbinding glues like YES! Paste Stickflat Glue and acid free glue sticks. ◙ Digital image
dA Bonus V9: Customize your Profile Page-Part 1
Hello everyone. Welcome to Volume 9 of "dA Bonus". Today's topic is "Customize your Profile Page". The purpose of this article is to educate the community about how to customize your profile page in a creative way, with the use of various options and resources that deviantART offers. In the first part we will learn how to customize the profile without having a Premium Membership. In the next part we will see how to leverage the features Premium of dA =D Customize your Profile Page:Part 1-Tips for Free Members As Free Members we are limited for some functions of DeviantArt we can not use because they require a premium membership. However, t
Introduction to ACEOs
Traditional Art Forewords Wouldn't it be awesome to own a collection of original, handmade artworks from various artists? Unfortunately having a large collection of big paintings or drawings is not often possible because original artworks and their shipping around the world cost money and they also need lots of space at your home to be presented in the best possible way. However, this does not mean you couldn't own a piece of art from your favorite artist: the solution is artist trading cards, also known as ATCs or ACEOs. At the beginning of this article I introduce what these little cards are. To trading and creating ACEOs in DeviantArt u
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