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Dragoness full body final

This is more like it.
This is a better ref lol.

Name: Moon Dragoness
Gender: Asexual or Androgenous (though often referred to as Female)
Eyes: Like a cat/snake/velociraptor, yellow with thin slit pupils

Description: Her body is very equine/utahraptor'ish, equine shaped hindlegs, human-like forearms, bird-like wing muscles over chest and sternum. Wing arms sit above and slightly forward of forearms.

Spiked plates along back/neck nose bridge, and along neck and underbelly, becoming tighter and smoother near crotch and tailbase.
x4 horns on head with x3 spikes curving up jaw and x3 spikes along cheekbone.

Velociraptor dewclaw with four toes, hands are padded and clawed with slender fingers, she walks on the flat of her palms.
Her tailbase is chunky with a med length and a rounded tip.
Her nose/muzzel is a mix equine/deer/velociraptor, soft and very pale.

Her body is like an Arabian stallion's, very clean lines and pronounced wither, her neck curves upwards like a swan/arab horse's with a tucked in throat, not bulky or reptilian.

She has smooth skin like a horse's summer coat, and its a light silvery blue-pearl colour, she is lighter on her undersides and has whiteish underbelly and limbs. She is not scaley except on the tops of her fingers, toes and hands, the undersides have soft sensitive padds.

She's kinda like an opal/pearl/liquid silver or whitegold
Her body colours change with her moods as does her eyes.
Her claws are a darker hue.
Dragoness mooners horns are light almost pearl white colour.

Loves Grassy medows under leafy trees like willows or eucalypts, mayples, near water like a beach or river or waterfall, surrounded by natural crystals and or bubbles. Amongst a herd of horses quietly watching over them.

Personality: Quiet, like to hide, chase, play tag, roll in grass and laze in the shade of trees on hot days, splashing about in rivers looking for shinies and stones for her collection, loves food, very protective over friends to the point of insanity, can get hurt feeling easily so is quite sensitive, doesnt like conflict, doesnt like being cornered and will lash out if she is, doesnt like being poked or prodded, loves crystals, singing, summer rain, autumn, watching the clouds, flying over beaches and skimming over the foam of the waves. Likes stargazing and collecting things.

Crystals she likes; turquoise, lapis lazuli, quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz. Loves gemstones, loves smooth round wishing stones especially black ones.
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are you going to colour her???
moonfeather's avatar
Nah, her body/face wasn't quite right. I do have more reccent coloured pics of her though :)
SeverusSnapeIsMine's avatar
You've done the best in portraying the dragon's body correctly. I absolutely love it! Especially the facial detail.
moonfeather's avatar
Depends what one thinks as correct. It wasnt quite as correct as I saw her in my head, my later pictures of her are better I think :)
SeverusSnapeIsMine's avatar
it's amazing nevertheless. :)
AguaRush11's avatar
oh i love this :) very pretty.. and or handsome :P
Kigerwolf's avatar
love the raptor claws and the wing anatomy :D
DragonChuu's avatar
This is so amazing! One day i will draw dragons like this XD Mine looks more a weird mix of a dog with a reptile :|
Durin-Skulblaka's avatar
* smiles and noses your wing , grinning happily *

So , whens the next river dip * wiggles * ?
FlyPunkFly's avatar
SHe is so pretty.
Your very good at drawing the dragon figures.
Dragoniade's avatar
ohh. Sickle claw :)
moonfeather's avatar
yes *hugs claws* :)
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